Dewey and friends, FALLing in the Leaves

Yes, you are seeing things right. Yes, I already did a post today, Tuesday’s Thoughts, but do you remember what I said in the beginning of that post? That maybe some surprises would come your way today. Here you go! It is not Saturday, but I decided to do another Dewey story. I didn’t think anyone would mind. Why early? Consider it a bonus feature. Saturday’s story will still be coming. Enjoy the surprise today and find out what surprises Dewey and his friends have coming their way. Nice surprises? Guess it depends on which character you are, eh ? πŸ™‚

The man-servant had been watching Dewey and Jaxon intently as they finished their breakfast. He had overheard them talking last night abut how they had plans for the day. That suited him just fine, for he had plans as well. When he saw them sneak out the door that he had purposely left partially open, he smiled and went about getting ready for his outing.

Jaxon was excited! They were headed into the woods to hunt for squirrels and to jump into hugeΒ  piles of leaves. Fabulous Fall was here once more.

“Jaxon LOOK OUT!” Dewey’s words were a little too late. SMACK! Jaxon ran straight into the tree.He saw rainbow colored bubbles as he fell backwards, landing on the ground. He laid there for a little bit as Dewey watched him with concern in his eyes.

At last Jaxon spoke as he struggled to get up.”Did you see that Dewey, did you see the tree jump right in front of me?” Dewey nodded, although he really hadn’t seen it happen that way. The next thing he knew Jaxon was pointing at the tree and saying some strange words. POOF! There was red smoke all around and then the smoke cleared. Dewey stood there wide eyed looking at where the tree had been. It was gone! All that remained was a small stump. Dewey had heard Jaxon speak about his magic powers, but he had never seen them up close like that.Β  Jaxon smiled and with a gleam in his eye said how that tree would not be jumping out at him again! Always stay on Jaxon’s good side, thought Dewey, as he made a mental note of it.

Meanwhile back at the house the man-servant was ready to leave. He chuckled and smugly smiled as he thought of how he out-witted Dewey and Jaxon once again.

When he walked out to the back yard he saw Odessa sitting on the gate with her wings fanned out. The man-servant wondered if this was really going to happen, he was excited.

He walked over to Odessa and she asked if he was ready. He said definitely! He was going to fly for the first time ever! They were only taking a short trip this first time, had to see how it would go, but who knows where all they could go eventually. The sky was the limit.

Picking him up with her claws she took off. The man-servant was speechless as they got pretty high. The sensation he felt from looking down over everything was incredible. Yes he was nervous, but this was so very fun! Who else could say that theyΒ  went soaring with a Wise Owl before??

Yippie! Woo-Hoo! We are having a blast ,thought Jaxon and Dewey, as they jumped until their hearts were content. Suddenly Jaxon’s ears perked up and he sensed something. He told Dewey the time was drawing near, that they had to prepare. Dewey was all ready for it and he joined Jaxon as they silently walked further into the woods.

They piled a vast array of colored leaves into a grand pile that looked so inviting. Standing back from it they gave one final look. Shared a conspiratorial wink and moved behind the tree.

Odessa loudly spoke so that the man-servant could hear over the wind. “And now we will come in for a crash landing!” The man-servant’s heart skipped a beat but he knew Odessa was only joking. At least she better be! Yes, she was, they landed very smoothly. The man-servant didn’t even stumble as he landed on his feet. Nope wasn’t until he tried to walk that he fell forward with his face landing in a mud puddle! He stood up sputtering and Odessa tried her hardest not to laugh, but he did make quite the funny sight.

The man-servant tried to clean up as best he could and Odessa regained her composure ,though she was still silently laughing. Dewey would have loved to have witnessed that she thought.Β  While smiling she heard the man-servant shout, Oh No! Now what did he do?

“Look at that!” The man-servant proudly pointed to the largest pile of leaves he had ever seen.Β  “Well what are we waiting for,Β  let me get on your shoulders and you can take the big jump!, said Odessa. The man-servant let her land on his shoulders and with a 1-2-3 he jumped!

“Now!” shrieked Dewey and Jaxon pulled the magic cord by the tree. Instantly a net dropped over the man-servant and Odessa. As it snugly held them it carried them high up. When it got high enough it stopped and just swung back and forth at a pretty fast rate. The man-servant felt like he was back at the fair again on one of those spinning rides. This was not good!

Dewey and Jaxon were doubled over with laughter. They got to the point where they couldn’t stay standing anymore and fell on the ground. Oh Yes, the man-servant and Odessa should have known how they cannot outwit a clever cat and a magical jackalope! What were they thinking??

They saw Odessa’s flashy wings trying to flutter, but the net was snug, so she couldn’t spread them far. They heard the man-servant sputtering. Jaxon turned towards Dewey and said, “Should we feel sorry for them?” , Dewey shook his head with his cat grin and said, “Nah!” They think they are so wise and sly, let’s just give them a little time to see what they do.

At the same time Dewey was also thinking at how when they do figure a way out, it would be best if Jaxon and him were nowhere in sight! So waving good-bye to their dear friends they turned to leave. Dewey remembered a saying he had heard the man-servant say recently. “The secret to humor is surprise!” Hmm….the man-servant definitely had a point there, for Dewey was pretty certain that Odessa and the man-servant had been very surprised as to what just happened.Β  By them being caught completely off guard it sureΒ  did give Jaxon and Dewey quite a wonderful laugh!!!Β  Yes, that was a very wise quote, wise INDEED! With that thought Dewey ran to catch up with Jaxon and his laughter was echoing back to his dear, trappedΒ  friends as he went.



70 thoughts on “Dewey and friends, FALLing in the Leaves

  1. Attebtion readers! i want to give credit where credit is due! I have been reminded by Colin that he actually told me how it would be cool if Odessa could take the man-servant flying witb her
    So please thank him for the crestive idea that sparked the GREAT story!
    Don’t think hr expected to end his flyong advebture by being in a net but welll……..anyeay help me by thankimg him πŸ˜‰ He is crestive as well as you all havr seen.

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    • Ah………… when confronted with a charge of plagiarism, how condescending can a creative writer become? I can well imagine the next story will be really good, but the question on all our minds may well be “Did she create it on her own, or did she get input from ……. the man-servant? Odessa? Jaxon, or even Dewey? Will we ever know with any degree of certainty?


  2. “You know how it is when inspiration hits. You just have to do what a writer has to do!” (Plagiarise?)

    “As I told Jodi, when inspiration hits a writer has to do what they have to do.” (Plagiarise?)

    Perhaps she should be the campaign manager for Donald Trump?


  3. Oh My! Oh My! What happens to someonr when they know that one was pulled pver on them! A big one! They aren’t satisfied witb the credit that they did get.
    You can rest assured that all these Dewey stories are originals /) Does Dewey and Jaxon offer input? Perhaps but that is OK. Now what about the 2 real people behinf Odessa and the man-servant? They give the incentive fpr these stories BUT not the ideas! Except for the flying.
    The net and the fall in the mud puddle were proudly my original ifeas What can I say ……like Jaxon says …..Beware if you try to mess with me! Poor man-servant hasn’t learned that yet πŸ˜‰


    • Credit being offered AFTER being confronted with plagiarism is hardly satisfactory! I really think that it is time to review some earlier emails. Who knows what will be found? Exciting new adventure eh!


        • There are so many possibilities but, as plagiarism is clearly established, it would not make sense to offer anything to do with the story ending. From a mathematical perspective however:

          Time trapped in net + other negative incidents = amount of old data publicised


      • Question about this math formula. The new story isn’t due out until Saturday, you know that. Today is only Tuesday. I can’t help that there are 3 more days until Odessa and the Man-servant can actually get free from the net!


  4. On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 4:23 PM, Carolyn Shelton <> wrote:
    Many thanks for that quote last night my friend (“β€œThe secret to humor is surprise!”) You were right it is a Wise one!

    Surprise! That was also included without any credit given to its origin!

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    • LOL! It is called using your own words against you! πŸ™‚ more like Brilliant!
      But hey I will be nice, HEY dear READERS, Colin sent me that quote, as you see from above, Go ahead and thank him for how it added so well to the story πŸ™‚ Hahaha!


  5. Must be read from bottom to top but, to summarize – Carolyn is creating misfortune for the poor man-servant based on “BUT….you know the answer would be different for me”. In other words she is being vindictive based on her belief on what my answer would be to a question yet to be defined. Creative? Absolutely! Logical? Yeh right! Delusional? More like certifiable!
    Carolyn Shelton
    8:19 AM (12 hours ago)
    to me

    OH yes it would be only be fair and yes you would do it for my 2 lovely daughters! BUT….you know the answer would be different for me! Which is why misfortune seems to befall the poor man-servant so often! Though he has been lucking out lately!
    From: Colin
    Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 8:10 AM
    To: Carolyn Shelton
    Subject: Re: Good Morning!

    Of course. That would only be fair. The same would apply to your two lovely daughters. πŸ™‚
    On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 7:22 AM, Carolyn Shelton wrote:

    I should have known you would have a “logical” reason to excuse him! Of course you would have given the same reasoning if it was me who had set the clock for a hour later, right??


  6. Oh look! Here she is asking for story ideas!
    On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 7:02 PM, Carolyn Shelton wrote:

    Would you like to suggest what kind of adventure the man-servant should have with his dear friend Odessa as well, you know, since you think it would be so nice for them to have another one. And AS ALWAYS I am so willing to please.


  7. Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 7:56 PM
    From: Colin
    It would be sad, REALLY SAD, if their good luck ended so soon. πŸ™‚

    Oh yes my friend, you aren’t the only one with emails. It is hard to win sometimes, isn’t it?

    For my dear readers the above email was talking about Odessa and the man-servant and the good luck that they were having. Remember the Dewey story where you all were wondering about my change of heart. As you can see it is intimidation plain and simple! Notice the emphasis put on “REALLY SAD” in the email. He was not talking about being literally sad for Odessa and the man-servant, NOPE! For since when are you really sad, but yet put a smiley face after those words???
    Is he Confused? Was it a just a mistake? Or the better question, Is that supposed to be a “menacing” grin, a “you go ahead and end their good luck, and you will see what happens…grin?” I think we all can figure out the answer. So see if he tries to show you more evidence of plagarism or examples of me asking him for suggestions,, well you now know why. I was drawing him in….I was determined to show him that I was not going to give in to ” blackmail”…..remember that old poem, “Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly..” πŸ™‚ Hook, line, sinker….He gave me the suggestion of a flying adventure and yes I was eager to please. Eager to prove that no matter the intimidation, the adventure will go as planned….and I may be opening a big hole but I can go down it laughing πŸ™‚ Thank you for enjoying the stories my dear readers, you all are great πŸ™‚

    For Colin, Such a pleasure to “work” with you my friend! I am ” so sorry” if I ruined your plans to fill my blog up with emails like I described above, while I am at work. I beat you to it. You win some, you lose some, eh? πŸ™‚


    • You’re a comedienne as well! He! He! He! I cannot believe that any of your readers would swallow that story. I have read many of their comments and they are smarter than you are giving them credit for!

      **REALLY SAD = REALLY SAD = it would be terrible if the man-servant, and especially Odessa (what did she ever do?) came to an unfortunate end. You are reading things that are simply not there!
      **”He was not talking about…… ” – Presumably you know what “talking” means so that is magical thinking on your part. Also, by inference (and given the distance between us), you are now claiming to be a mind reader, being the only way that you could know what I was thinking!
      ** A simple Smiley becomes a menacing grin???? poor Smiley! You really need some help!
      “”Creating threats about the future of fictitious characters created from your own imagination. REALLY?

      Carolyn, it’s a pleasure to work with you also, but you must try and separate your imaginative world from the real world. You must try and read a text and understand what is really there, rather than going off into LaLa land with weird interpretations. I can understand your desire to use the man-servant as the “black sheep” of your stories, as will anybody else who has been involved in basic psychology, but Odessa???? She is an Owl, and a very nice Owl at that! What did she ever do to you? Hopefully, given that she is another figment of your imagination, the answer is “Nothing!”.


  8. Email question from Carolyn – “Have to add , before I forget it. I did take mental note of your remark about being Trump’s campaign manager! Tell me again why I should be nice to the man-servant and Odessa? HA!”
    Here ‘s the thing…… and you really must concentrate Carolyn:

    1. The man-servant and Odessa only exist in your imagination. It therefore does not matter whether you are nice to them or not. THEY DO NOT HAVE FEELINGS!

    2. I always prefer nice things to happen to people which is why I have been sensitive to your apparent difficulty with reality vs fantasy.

    3. You have been degenerating a discussion down to a street brawl. I do not get involved in street brawls.

    4. Trump has a distinct challenge with realities – see the similarity?

    5. Trump’s mouth works a little faster than his brain, hence he is always having to cover his tracks – see the similarity?

    6. When all else fails, Trump is rude – see the similarity?

    7. Trump steals other peoples ideas – see the similarity?

    8. Even your friends are commenting that you have a history of digging holes and then jumping right in!

    If I was a “head hunter” for Trump’s campaign team, I would hire you immediately.

    Have a wonderful day.


  9. I just fail to see the similarities! The only possible similarity that I can think of is that we both are expressive with our hands when we talk. AND I can get rather expressive and SWAT people that…… yeah…..if you just were within reach! HA!


    • You “fail to see the similarities”? You are one of the few (perhaps even the only one) who cannot see the similarities. I really don’t think it necessary to explain each of my 8 points as they are quite self explanatory to a rationale mind.


      • I have to admit that there was 1 similarity that you mentioned that did bring a smile to my face. I had to laugh my “sensitive” one at Number 7, Trump steals other peoples ideas….:) Did I actually do that?? πŸ™‚ So sorry. Ha Ha! OH wait a minute now I do see another similarity that you mentioned . It is number 6.You mean that “so sorry” wasn’t actually sincere? It was rude? Noooooo…..really? OH wait, now Number 5 is becoming more clear for I am sorry that I really didn’t mean what I just said., I just think too fast. Is it too fast for you to keep up with ? LOL! Yes, last of all number 8 may be true, but hey it is late when writing this….my brain just sometimes acts without permission. I couldn’t help myself this time. “When inspiration hits…..” surely you understand πŸ™‚


      • My creative mind does have boundaries, just some times it is harder to control than others. I am glad to see though that you have no need to reply, for that thought did perhaps give me some second thoughts afterwards. But all is well….so Happy Friday πŸ™‚

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