Daily Prompt: Perplexed

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed

How did she turn the spoon into an airplane     500px / Photo Perplexed by Ashley Vincent:    This is what Buddy looked like when he was a puppy. But with smaller ears and they were down. But OMG he is adorable! Rat Terrier.

We all have our perplexed moments! Some things you find the answer to rather quickly, but with others you sometimes have to have that dreaded “P” word…..”Patience”! There are also the times that you will never have an answer.

Some human behavior perplexes me very much. The things I read in the paper or see on the news make me and my husband shake our heads at each other, saying , “What were they thinking?” I could give so many examples and I am sure you could as well! Some examples are just downright scary when you think of what people say or do, but you also have the examples that make you laugh out loud.

There were 2 news articles this past week that I saw. These are real! The first was “West Virginia Man Charged in keeping 2 deer captive in his home for a year!” Really?? I loved the movie Bambi….BUT I knew even as a child, that deer were not meant to be pets! The 2nd article had to do with animals as well. “Dog recovering after eating a bag of Heroin at Doggy Daycare!”  Yes, you read that right. Apparently 17 bags of Heroin were thrown over the fence and 1 dog ingested a whole bag. I am very glad the dog is recovering, for that is awful. At the same time, I am just like WHY?? Why did someone throw 17 bags of heroin over the fence? Can you imagine being the owner of the dog and getting the call that your pet ingested Heroin. The owner said that she had to ask them on the phone to repeat themselves. I would have been asking the same thing.

Then you have this kind of news story, “Til Data do us part: Man marries his cell  phone in Vegas Chapel!” I think I heard it all now. He said he was doing it because the longest relationship he has ever had has been with his cell phone. “Hmmm”….I am not even going to say it. He had a ring attached to the back of his cell phone case so that he could slip it on his finger. I tell the truth! Which brings to light that it is a true fact that society is going crazy. Yes I use my phone a lot. I am glad I have it. BUT I can very honestly say I never once thought of marrying it. It makes way too many mistakes!

OH and college has recently begun. Apparently one young guy wanted to really make a memory of his first year at college. He wanted to impress a girl and pretend to be Superman. He tried to jump from the roof of one building to the next. He got stuck as he fell into a narrow crevice in between the buildings. Firemen had to come get him out. Not sure where he stands right now with this girl. Maybe he thought he was Rudolph trying to jump so far. Rudolph did a better job of impressing his doe and impressing Santa. I am not quite sure who, if anyone. this guy impressed.

Last but not least are the warning labels you find on some devices. For instance, a lawn mower. “Do not use inside.” If you have need of a lawn mower inside your home, something is wrong.  On a hairdryer, “Do not use while sleeping”,”Hmmm”….. I have done things in my sleep before, talked in my sleep, even walked in my sleep a few times, BUT I can say that using a hairdryer in my sleep  never occurred to me.This warning was  found on a chainsaw, “Do not hold the wrong end of chainsaw while operating,” No comment needed! On an iron, “Do not iron clothes while on body,” I can see how that wouldn’t  be a very good idea! So “grateful” for all these warnings, aren’t you.

There you have it, some perplexing thoughts to start off your week. What things perplex you? What things make you go “Hmm…”, make you  wonder how, why, or what??? Feel free to share below!




5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Perplexed

  1. One of the things that always occurs to me when I see all those lovely warnings on products is that there is more than likely a reason they are there. In other words, someone actually used a lawn mower inside or fell asleep with the hairdryer on, and it led to an unfortunate accident. I shake my head and try to imagine the senario and also the said person having to explain it. Happy Monday! May I not do anything too perplexing today!

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