Dewey Misses out!

The night glowed with the bright light of the moon. The sky was clear with an array of stars winking at you from above. A purrfect night for an adventure, but adventure was the last thing on Dewey’s mind tonight.

Dewey was moaning as he laid on his back. He realized he had eaten way too much, but he had no choice. The man-servant had kept loading his bowl down with Carp and Dewey was not one to stop him. For some reason the man-servant was being very generous. Dewey didn’t know why, he grew even more curious when the man-servant presented him and Jaxon with golden bowls! Bowls for royalty and filled to the brim with Carp. Why? One thought did come to Dewey’s mind. He thought perhaps this was the man-servant’s way of thanking Dewey for the “Brilliant Creativity”  that he had shown last week-end in something he had done.  Dewey could understand his gratefulness, and was more than happy to be the recipient of the man-dervant’s kindness. The debt was due to be paid, and Dewey wasn’t too proud to say that he “deserved” every piece of that fish.

For now Dewey had decided though that he had definitely had enough Carp. The drone of the TV Dewey only half heard as it was fading more and more into the distant. Dewey’s eyes got increasingly heavy. Jaxon had already succumbed to dreamland. Dewey tried to count and he knew he wouldn’t make it to 10. One of the last things he remembers seeing was the man-servant watching him. It had seemed like there was a gleam of mischief in his eyes to match the smirk on his face. He didn’t have time to really contemplate it before a deep sleep had overtaken him with Dewey only making it as far as 5.

The man-servant sat there watching for a little longer as his smirk grew bigger. He turned off the TV. He didn’t need adventure on TV. Tonight the man-servant was all ready to embark on his own adventure. He crept quietly towards the door. The very door that Dewey and Jaxon had so often crept out of for their nighttime adventures. Tonight roles were reversed for a moment in time.

Headed to the woods the man-servant’s heart felt light. His plan was working well so  far. That sleepy juice that he had injected into the Carp had affected Dewey and Jaxon pretty quickly. They were sure to have one of the longest and best sleeps of all. The man-servant chuckled as he kept walking. Yup, no one got the best of the him, that just couldn’t happen. Tonight was his night!

The man-servant arrived at the big Oak tree a little early. He was eager for his wise friend to soon arrive. It had been awhile since he had seen her. While he waited he pulled out his little flashlight along with a little book. The light of the moon wasn’t quite bright enough for him to read his poetry, but the flashlight worked just fine as he sat under the tree to read. He was so intent on reading that he didn’t notice Odessa fly up behind him until she let out a big “Whooooo” making him jump! Odessa could be sly just like him. She mentioned to him where she thought they should go and he totally agreed. They took off for their destination as the man-servant told Odessa how he had made certain that Dewey and Jaxon would have a blissful sleep. She couldn’t help but to laugh at the sly trick that they were pulling off on Dewey and Jaxon. They couldn’t always be the ones to have the adventures every time. How fair was that?

Reaching the top of the hill they saw that they had almost arrived. Odessa was leading the way. Her wings had a iridescent glow to them in the moonlight. Her beauty matched her cool name.

They made it to their destination and walked over to what they had been longing to see. Now that they saw it they both got a little hesitant look in their eyes. It really couldn’t be as bad as Dewey and Jaxon had made it out to be though, could it?  Bravely they stepped onto the Magic Wheel. They sat there for a little building up courage and then Odessa flew over to the lever and pushed it. At once it started moving and the man-servant grabbed onto the side. Odessa landed beside him and they went higher and higher. It didn’t take long for their fear to pass. In fact soon they began to enjoy it! It was a nice, calm ride and they plotted as to how they could perhaps trick Dewey and Jaxon into getting on this Magic Wheel again. To give them a chance to overcome their fear. The man-servant always enjoyed being helpful when he could to others, and this could be a helpful thing he could do for his friends.

After the Magic Wheel they chose another ride for they were feeling daring. This was a spinning one. Well Odessa tried her hardest not to laugh as the man-servant was a little wobbly after that ride. He told Odessa he had to stop and get a rock out of his shoe and he sat down on a bench nearby. Odessa patiently waited as she noticed him taking some deep breaths. For the next ride she chose the carousel, that was more the man-servant’s speed.

After one more spin on the Magic Wheel, they decided to head back. On the way back they thought it would be fun to stop at the lake and get refreshed by the cool water. Odessa dove right in when they got there. The man-servant was still standing by the lake when she came back out. She proceeded to shake her feathers off spraying him in the face and quickly diving back in again. He laughed and got in the cool water enjoying just paddling around. He wondered what kind of dreams Dewey and Jaxon were having.

They were at the lake for a little while. After being in the water they rested on the bank before parting ways. They agreed that the night had been a success and needed to happen again.

The man-servant made it home and quietly crept in the door. He gazed at Dewey and Jaxon who were still deep in sleep not having a clue as to what they had missed out on. The man-servant chuckled again to himself as he went to his bed. He didn’t make it past the number 3!

The sun was in mid sky before Dewey woke up. He couldn’t believe he had slept that long. Jaxon was starting to move beside him. Wow! They must have both been really exhausted last night. Dewey looked out again seeing how bright the day was and he listened. Why wasn’t the man-servant walking around or sitting in his recliner? He knew the lady was out on a special mission, but where was the man-servant, didn’t he know it was past breakfast!

Ding Dong!! OH MY! Today was the day! Dewey laughed as he saw the man-servant emerge from his bedroom rubbing his eyes. He sure was going to be surprised when he opened the door. He opened the door and in burst lots and lots of people loaded down with gifts. It was a surprise birthday party. A BIG surprise for the man-servant’s birthday wasn’t for a little while yet, but that was a guaranteed way to surprise him. Excitement filled the room as he opened wonderful gifts. Dewey wasn’t really impressed though, for none of them were food and he was getting really hungry by now.

Ahh!! Dewey saw the man-servant coming over to him, and he had his golden bowl filled with his favorite treat, next to Carp that is. He was ready to devour it just as he saw his wonderful friend Odessa fly over to him. He was thrilled that she made it there today. He wondered what the man-servant would think of her being here. Dewey was trying to think of the last time the man-servant had seen her. He knew it had been awhile. Wait, what was that?  It looked like Odessa and the man-servant had just winked at each other. Like a conspiratorial wink as they grinned. No, Dewey had to be imagining things.  What kind of secret could they share, they rarely saw each other. But yet he still sensed that there was something he was missing. Something he was in the dark about perhaps. Oh this was not good, didn’t they know what curiosity did to a cat!! With that thought, he thought no more and concentrated on enjoying his food.




26 thoughts on “Dewey Misses out!

  1. This was sweet and adorable, and I thoroughly enjoyed. and you were very kind to write it :), But – I’m not sure it captures the real “complexity” of that rascally man-servant! (wink!) We gave him his day – not back to his shenanigans! ❤

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  2. This is my favourite in the Dewey story! I laughed out loud at some parts 😂😂. You did good on your word Joy. And did I see you praise the man servant for the first time?! Something about he likes to help other people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your favorite Dewey story, aren’t you sweet to say that! I think the man-servant and Odessa should be supremely grateful for such a nice story, don’t you? 🙂
      I will have to re-read the story I guess, I don’t recall the man-servant “helping” people :p!

      Liked by 1 person

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