Mixed up words

I'm up! If you are expecting bright eyed and bushy tail, you can go catch a squirrel! Hate mornings, can't be good lookin all the time!:

Some days you wake up ready to take on the world, alert, wide eyed and bushy tailed! Or you have the other days. The days where if you make it out the door with matching clothes and you  didn’t “terrorize” your car mirror on the way out of garage then you are doing really good! The days where the dog food actually made it into the container and you didn’t try to feed the floor. Which day is it looking like for you?

Are you going to put sunscreen on so that your skin doesn’t burn the sun? Yes that was actually said by my co-worker this summer. We were putting sunscreen on our little ones and she was singing so as to distract the kids and make them hold still easier. Well I couldn’t keep the laughter in when she came out with, “so that your skin doesn’t burn the sun!” She looked at me, not even realizing what she had said at first, but it  didn’t take long til it dawned on her. Gotta love those times. Not sure which is worse. Her saying that, or me telling a child to come so that I can change their milk and then they can ….Yes, fill in the blank. Part of the morning routine is changing their diapers and then they drink their milk and eat their little snack. So glad that there is not a hidden video camera in our room. We do provide laughter for each other! We confuse the poor little ones. “Go to the table and sit on the floor!” And the list goes on.

What words have you mixed up? Feel free to share below and give us all a  laugh today!

Have a great day, whether you are feeling wide eyed and bushy tailed or eyes half shut and bushy skied! I am sure some of you saw that lovely word in a comment on my blog post this past week-end, thanks to a certain blogger! HA! What can I say….my phone doesn’t like operating really well at 5:30 in  the morning! It apparently makes up its own words 🙂


14 thoughts on “Mixed up words

  1. I know a lady who accompanied her husband to a job interview (she was English and he was Israeli with only a functional grasp of our language). When her husband was invited in for the interview, she got up to go with him. The Human Resource/Personnel lady stopped her and said “I’m sorry but, who are you?” The reply was “It’s okay. I’m her husband!”

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