Dancing Through Life!

When I think of the word “Dance”, there are 2 songs that come to my mind. The first one is Anne Murray’s “Could I have this Dance”.  In a few short months my husband and I will be celebrating 21 years. As this song says I plan on having many more years! I plan on sharing this dance for the rest of our lives.<3

The second song is my wish for my precious children, as they are growing way too fast! It is another well known song,  “I Hope You Dance!” by Lee Ann Womack.

And it wouldn’t be right to not give recognition to what really started me thinking about the word Dance in the first place. It really has nothing to do with these 2 songs, but isn’t that what happens a lot. Our minds think of one thing which leads us to something totally different.

There is no song for this next story, sorry I tried, but couldn’t come up with one. For those who saw my “Dewey” post on Saturday and were entertained by the comments on Sunday, you will know exactly what I mean. You all have seen how witty a certain blogger friend of mine can be on here, but you don’t get to see how his daughter is as well! She may stay behind the scenes in that you don’t hear from her on here, but trust me she does her part in this “Dance”. Yes I said that word.  After receiving her text Sunday and talking more about it last night this  is why the word Dance was on my mind. Somehow from the very beginning this Battle of Wits has been referred to as a “Dance” between them and I. So in being aware of the fun that  her Dad was having on Sunday with his “comments” on my blog post she had to do her part and text me. Here is only a portion of the texts that I was receiving .

“What is going on, have you left? Is this dance over? Oh I can’t bear the agony of that thought. Oh I am “so sorry” for all the things that have been done.  I know you have been questioning your own sanity. But don’t give up hope. It makes me so sad to think you have given up. I know things look dark right now  but happy days will come again. Remember those right? The ones that made you feel like there was hope of taking us down. Oh how I ache for you!”  

Oh yes she has learned from her Dad well. Of course all these texts were dressed up with all those “lovely” emoticons that are out there. I assured her that No, I hadn’t given up! She had it all wrong, this “dance” was far from over!  Don’t worry readers,  I am sure you have more entertainment coming your way 🙂

So whether you are enjoying a “dance” of love, or wishing a “dance” of joy and hope for your loved ones, or partaking in your own “dance” of  wits with someone, I wish you a Wonderful Wednesday! Keep Dancing! Dancing your way through this journey of life!

PS. I heard that a certain blogger is supposed to be away from the computer all day today. What a shame! That is what made this the perfect day for posting 🙂



15 thoughts on “Dancing Through Life!

  1. What i love about this post is the concept of your banter with said blogger as a dance. A dance, in the purest sense, indicates an equal give and take, and I truly believe it seems you are equally matched in wit and charm. Enjoy your banter, and may your dance be enjoyable.
    Oh, and I must say, i have loved both of those songs very much as well. Have a great Wednesday!

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  2. I couldn’t think of a song, BUT… I did think of the well known Victory Dance that Football players do. Here my friends is a clip. A clip of some Victory Dances which is soooooo much how this Dance will end! For me that is 🙂 🙂 🙂


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