Behind the Scenes

You never know the whole picture unless you go behind the scenes, for what appears in front of you usually is not all there is. Most of the time there is a lot more to the story! That can be very true about magical Jackalopes as well! Remember my post about , The truth behind the Dewey stories , in it I mentioned about how there is more to Jaxon’s story, but that it would take a whole post in itself. Well here is the post. Sit back and enjoy getting to know Jaxon a little better and more of the truth behind the scenes.

If you are a new follower within the past 2 months you may not be aware of the Crazy Canadian Duo that I met back in April, (though it really feels so much longer). I met them through Colin’s blog. Yes Colin the one AKA the unlucky “manservant” in the Dewey stories. Through him I met his daughter and after knowing each other for just a little while we realized something that we all have in common, HUMOR!Β  If you haven’t noticed yet, you definitely will soon notice the witty comments that Colin will leave on certain blog posts of mine. In case you ever wonder about some of the comments, trust me I am fine with them. The readers laugh, I laugh, and then I write my Dewey story and the “manservant” gets his due πŸ™‚ My cheeks may get hot when reading some comments, especially ones from the latest Dewey post, BUT…no one can see my cheeks, so all is well. My family and friends will tell you from the time I was young thatΒ  I don’t get upset at jokes, I get EVEN! πŸ™‚ Laughter is the Best Medicine!

One of our very first jokes had to do with Jackalopes. Through texts and emails I was given a hard time about the Jackalope so I figured why not send them some special packages. In one of those packages yes there was a Jackalope, and that is how Jaxon was born.

If you read the comments on my last Dewey post you will see Colin saying how I messed up! How I haveΒ  been calling Dewey’s new friend a boy Jackalope when in fact it really is a girl! He based that information on a email he and Melanie had received from me a while back. It was talking about the Jackalope andΒ  how the JackalopeΒ  was shipped to Canada in such luxurious conditions. I hadΒ  said how she she was pregnant when she was sent. We all know guy Jackalopes can’t be pregnant, so according to Colin IΒ  must have been really confused when I named Dewey’s pal Jaxon! Colin really thought he had one over on me, was smirking about that email as he revealed it to other readers. I hate to burst his bubble, but the explanation is simple. Yes a girl Jackalope was sent and yes she was pregnant. Halfway en route to Canada she gave birth to a boy, the boy who traveled the rest of the way to his new home! His Mom was told she could travel no further til she recuperated so she stayed behind, (for now). See nothing confusingΒ  about it πŸ™‚Β  Canadians are easily confused, eh?

Oh and Colin tried to argue with me about the “luxurious” conditions that I said Jaxon was shipped in. I was told that I had him put in a bag where he had no room to stretch, no air, no food, etc. I didn’t even give him a phone so that he could make calls to his Mama. How rude of me right? Wrong! My friends, that is just another area that he was confused about. Remember Jackalopes are magical!! All Jaxon had to do was close his eyes and wish and everything he wanted appeared. A plush couch to lay on, plenty of popcorn and skittles (favorite food of the Jackalope) plenty of water and yes believe it or not even a phone. You can’t keep a child from talking to their Mama. Colin says that there was no phone with him when he arrived. This goes back to the magical part. The phone was there, but only other Jackalopes could see it! At times humans can see it IF they are highly intelligent! Hmmm…..that may perhaps explain why Colin didn’t see it πŸ™‚

The idea to add Jaxon to the story seemed natural since he was very close to the “manservant”. And yes Dewey finding him at an abandoned house wasn’t that far off.Β  He didn’t exactly end up at his destination on time. He took the long roundabout way, but he made it!

There you have it, now you know the main characters in the story. Well there is still Odessa, the Wise Owl, but as I said before her story has to be secret for she is a spy. Dewey has to protect her!

You know the characters in the Dewey story and you found out a little about the Real Canadian Characters!! All jokes aside the Canadian characters have made my life richer in many ways! Words aren’t enough to say how even though we only known each other for close to 6 months and we have never met face to face, that ourΒ  hearts have a strong connection. I wouldn’t want to be without their friendship!Β  <3! Friendship is a Priceless Treasure…just ask Dewey πŸ™‚




37 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. WOW! What an imagination! If your readers really believe all that, then I will shake my head over the future of our species! You should write a book… but please work on your English Grammar first as publishers are quite sensitive about things like that!

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  2. I wouldn’t have at all surprised to hear Jaxon as a a girls name. You should see some of the names of the kids I teach and the spelling of said names. There is a girl, at the karate school, named Gavin(and I’m not sure how they spell it as I don’t teach her).

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  3. Oh, my dear friend! It is obvious that the lifetime of creating stories to backpedal your way out of sticky situations has not been lost on you. I hope you are always able to enjoy your stories as you continue to share them with others!

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  4. And the truth is out in the open! I thought Colin had you a bit there with Jaxin, supposed to be a girl, but Joy, you came right through with perfect answers. Colin, I think the tips you have me on the previous post might have had a little effect on Joy (Sorry joy, I couldn’t help adding that bit πŸ˜‚), but you know still on your through to the end. Dewey’s story has been a fun journey and experience too πŸ˜„

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    • Thank you Ameena for realizing the “perfect answers” πŸ™‚ Now the part where you say “I think the tips you gave me on the previous post might have had a little effect on Joy”? Ummm….could say so much, but…..LOL! Glad you have enjoyed the journey as well, just wait til you see what happens next πŸ™‚

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