Frozen in Time

15 years ago today the day started out in a normal way for so many. Couples said good-bye to each other as they went to work. Said good-bye to their children as they went to school. Making plans for that evening, for the upcoming week-end, for the next month. No one was aware of the horrific events that were about to happen that day. The events that were going to freeze the day in the minds of so many!

My 2 year old was playing happily on the floor and I was making plans in my head for the day. Had to run errands, but wasn’t ready to leave the house quite yet. Turned on the television catching the Morning Talk show.  Only to have it interrupted within minutes of me turning it on. Only to have my eyes widen and my heart jump as I saw a plane flying into the World Trade Center. What was happening?? The reporter was confused, was it an accident? Did the plane veer off course, something happen to the pilot? People on the street of NYC were staring upward aghast as the plane hit the building. One moment everyone was questioning what they were seeing and within a very short time later it was happening again! That is when your heart froze.That is when you felt a sinking feeling throughout your whole body.  A feeling that you were experiencing something more horrible than you could ever have imagined. That you were not in a third world, war torn country, you were still in the USA, watching events unfold. Events that left you speechless, that made the tears run and that left your heart frozen in time.

Images are frozen in my mind from that day. Images I won’t forget. Memories of watching news reporters break down on national television. Images of the planes, of the people on the street and the terror in their faces running from the buildings that were collapsing.  Images of the faces of the victims as we heard their stories throughout the weeks and months to come.

I still see the shining face of the precious young boy who was thrilled to be flying for the very first time in his life! He had been granted the honor of participating in the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. His parents were so proud and he could barely sleep the night before. I remember the tears I shed for him and his family as I watched from the couch holding my husband’s hand and my precious daughter.

I remember seriously wondering what kind of world I was bringing my next child into? Would we be in the middle of a war fought on American soil in the next couple months when my baby was due?

I remember how we as Americans united. The lines that were usually drawn between rich and poor, white and black, different faiths,  had become almost invisible for a moment in time. Volunteers of all races and all faiths swarmed to help in NYC. You looked in the eyes of a stranger and you smiled at them in the street. A connection was made instead of everyone being lost inside their own little world.

I remember the story of the wife saving her husband’s voice on the answering machine. How he had called from The World Trade Center knowing he was going to die, but she hadn’t been home to take the call. How would you feel being in her shoes?? I can’t fathom, but I do know this. I do know that she wasn’t upset at him anymore for leaving his clothes on the floor. I believe that she would have loved to bake a thousand more meals, not caring how cold they got as he was late coming home from work once more. I believe that she would give nothing more then to hear his again and to be able to say that she loved him.  That all the little things that may have bugged her about him had instantly grown insignificant, as the realization that she would no longer see him dawned on her.

It can sound cliche, but still is true. Relationships are so valuable.Show your love every day, look past the little details that don’t matter in the big scheme of things. Let your loved one know your heart, don’t hold back. Show kindness to a stranger. Loving others with all your heart, not letting walls be built;  that my friends is something you will never regret!

I know this song has been played many times but still touches my heart every time I hear it.




23 thoughts on “Frozen in Time

  1. Yes, I will forever remember that tragic and shocking day. I remember exactly where I was when it happened and when I heard about it. The band I was playing in at the time had practices on Tuesdays, but that night we didn’t get much practicing done. It just didn’t feel right.

    One quick clarification. The spelling bee that the little boy on his first flight was going to wasn’t in Washington, DC. He was flying from Washington, DC to California for the spelling bee.

    Anyway, I thought I would post some moving songs that were written in response to the 9/11 attacks.

    Alan Jackson – Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning

    Jo Ann Biviano – I’ll Always Remember

    James LaBrie – Smashed

    Lucy Kaplansky – Land Of The Living

    Eagles – Hole In The World

    Paul McCartney – Freedom

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    • Oops. I didn’t realize the first song was included in the post. I read through it in the email version, but it didn’t have the video. I’m not sure why video links are cut out in the emails. Oh well, that song is good enough to have on here twice.

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    • Thanks for your comments dear and for correcting that about the spelling bee boy and for the songs, even if you did the 1 twice 🙂 You are right, that is a good enough one to be listened to twice. 🙂


  2. Wonderful piece JR on an awful day and how you felt seeing it occurr. I liked reading your experience this day. Somewhere I read, this is the first-year highschool students will be learning about Sept 11 as history, not as even that happened during their lifetime. I hope we all remember, that we stay vigilant and don’t forget. That like in your piece, we remember how the lines of discrimination blurred and we fought as one.

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    • Thank you Mandi! I remember hearing that about HS students as well.
      Yes it makes me sad how racial tension is so strong once again when 15 years ago for a moment in time we were able to put that all aside and as you said fought and worked together as one! Why does it take tragic circumstances in order for that to happen!

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  3. Excellent piece of writing, and tribute to the 9/11 events. There is a saying that if you really want to see a nation pull together as one ….. then threaten that nation! It is sad that it takes such horrific events for people to work together, and just as horrific to realize that while 9/11 is not forgotten, the acceptance of each other regardless of differences does seem to have been (forgotten).

    We should also remember that while 9/11 is now relegated to an event in recent history, there are many countries where death and destruction are ongoing, and where there are millions of displaced people looking for the peace and security that we generally have in N.America.

    I am very proud to live in a country where our leader has welcomed so many refugees onto our “soil”. We should always remember that while peace has been restored over here, it is a very different story in so many other countries at this moment in time.

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    • Thank you Colin! Yes, you are very right about how it is horrific now about how the regard for others has been forgotten! So sad at how now the news is filled with so much racial tension,etc.Why is it just in tragedies that we look past the differences!

      I agree as well about many other countries going through death and destruction right now. That thought struck me hard 15 years ago. It was so overwhelming for us that day, but I knew that there were so many that deal with death and destruction on a daily basis!

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  4. My Dream (Copyright Colin Chappell 2016)
    I dream of a day
    When we’ll all be friends
    I dream, as I look at the stars
    That the world will see
    That being valued and free
    Is better than destruction and war
    I dream of a day
    When my friends are yours
    Although from quite different lands
    That you understand
    All colors and beliefs
    Can live in peace. Can hold hands
    I dream of a day
    Hopefully not far away
    When compassion wins in the end
    We’re all human after all
    We all stumble and fall
    Let’s help each other up and be friends
    I dream of a day
    When the killing has stopped
    And peace prevails at last
    Borders are open
    Old vendettas forgotten
    Past beliefs… will stay in the past
    I dream of a day…
    But it is only a dream
    So many people will say
    Perhaps I am delusional
    Perhaps just a dreamer
    But to survive, we must find a way
    To break down barriers
    To live together in peace
    That will be a challenge for some
    But why must we label
    Our different neighbors?
    Why can’t we become as one?
    We all want respect
    We all want freedom
    Let’s open our eyes and see
    That we all want the same
    It’s really not complicated
    It’s peace, for you and for me
    I dream of a day
    When world peace is achieved
    When the pen is the only weapon
    There will be universal love
    And to the power above I’ll say
    “Thank you. Our Earth has become Heaven.”

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  5. That day is frozen in time and in our memories. I remember putting a flag on the back window of my car and everywhere you went there were patriotic bumper stickers or actual flags flying. It is interesting how we pull together after such a tragic event, but then we somehow lose that community feeling and we drop back more to every man for himself.

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  6. I came over to read about Dewey and saw this one too…very touching. I save voice mails from Hubby “just in case.” Morbid, maybe, but I’d rather know I can always hear him say “I love you, ” one more time.

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    • Awww! A kindred spirit 🙂 Yes, I have done the same. I have text messages locked in my phone as well. Can’t hear an audible voice, but I can keep re-reading his sweet words. And yes I know most likely I won’t have the same phone for X amount of years, that is why the best ones get copied into my journal 🙂

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