Firefly Moments

Warm glow...silent night, a beautiful combination:

My sister and I were talking yesterday, we were reflecting on the past year and all that we have had to deal with. My nephew had made the comment to her that he is so ready to get this year over with!

When she told me that my first instinct was to say,”OH YES” and “AMEN!” I knew what he meant. Not only has my family had to deal with trauma, but my dear niece is fighting a hard battle as well. My Mom also  has been fighting with health issues. Yes, bring on 2017, it has to be better, right?

Later that night, as I was reflecting on the past year, moments were coming to my mind that had brightened my year. Moments that had made me smile, laugh and feel loved. I feel that sometimes we need the dark times to make us so much more aware of the bright times.

Firefly’s  are hard to see when they are not lit up, but when they do light up they are nice and bright.When all is dark it can be very  hard to find that smile or feel the  joy, but sometimes all it takes is 1 simple moment to make you light up inside. It may be a simple text, email or call, a inspiring blog post, or comment that makes you smile. Visits with family. Perhaps a lunch out with a friend, a card in the mail, or  the extra strong hug that says what words can not. The moments may also come from laughter brought your way, the best natural stress reliever there is. The warmth that spreads in your heart from these kind gestures can’t be bought! These firefly moments are precious,  and I have been so fortunate to have been the recipient of all these gestures.

I reflect on the year,  and like my nephew I  do hope for 2017 to have not quite as much drama please. In the meantime I  have many things to be thankful for. Many firefly moments that have been in this year and have  come together to brighten my heart. To give me strength to go on. Come together to light up more than just a moment, but many moments. Many moments that have lit up the dark as they cast their glow.

Thank you for being  my firefly!

Firefly Dance | by m.hamajima     Synchronous fireflies at Great Smoky Mountains National Park/NPS: OMYGOSH!! This is a dream of mine!! Fireflies in summertime❤️❤️❤️                                                                                                                                                     More

25 thoughts on “Firefly Moments

  1. That is quite the profound Post! There are so many quotes (covering your thoughts here) in the context having to suffer in order to learn; how adversity makes us stronger etc. etc., but one of my favorites is “I would rather walk in the dark with a friend, than in the light alone” (Helen Keller I think). 🙂

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  2. Every year has hard times some seem to have more than others I’m still waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve b3en learning to look for the fireflies in these rough times

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  3. I’ve had years like that when you hope that changing the date will turn the tide. I like the firefly analogy. We don’t see as many as we used to when I was a kid (or my memory was better then) but they are around. You have to look. This past weekend my granddaughters were here and they were delighting in the fireflies which they don’t have at home. I hadn’t seen them all summer. Were they there but I was oblivious? Perhaps.

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  4. Good reminder that there are lots of little things that go right that one can remember. As a kid on my grandparents’ farm in the summer there were tons of fireflies. I thought they were absolutely magical and remember catching them in Mason jars. I have to admit I haven’t seen one in many years. Now, I’m sitting here wondering why and will probably have to go do some googling to see if there is an answer. 🙂

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  5. Thanks! I caught them in Mason jars as well! My sister tried to use it as a nightlight one night in our room. You are right, I don’t think there are as many now. Let me know what you find out on Google 🙂


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