Enjoying Nature

This week-end we finally had a break from  the high temps and humidity. We took advantage  of it being a holiday week-end and  enjoyed the Great outdoors.

On Sunday afternoon we went to The Sunflower Field. Sunflowers as far as your eyes could see.You heard of corn mazes before, this could easily be a Sunflower maze!



This afternoon we took a hike out to the  woods nearby us. A lovely place to go.


We were enjoying a leisurely hike and time together and then……there may have been some screams as something made its presence known! We have hiked these woods a lot. Lived close to these woods for 20 years. Last night I was talking to a friend on the phone and told her about our hiking plans for today. She told me to watch out for the snakes. I laughed as I told her that we have never spotted a snake, even though I am sure they are there, they have stayed away from us. BUT TODAY…..

Yes, I may have yelled my friend’s name! I say she totally jinxed us and yes I told her when we got back. She couldn’t have been prouder!

Fortunately the snake moved pretty fast to get away from us. Anyone out there who is good at identifying snakes? I looked through some pictures of snakes but couldn’t find this one and really wasn’t fond of looking at more. They don’t exactly give me warm fuzzies.

Oh well a snake can’t scare us away from enjoying the outdoors. I told my husband that we need to start doing this every week-end, now that the temperatures are getting a little cooler. He said, “You are coming out here in January?”, I said “No!”, his response, “You said every week-end!” You would think that after being married to him for 20 years I would know how to word what I say more specifically.He  loves to take what I say very literally. So who knows, this January if he remembers what I said, (which could be doubtful) I may have pictures for you of us hiking in the snow! Or I will send the camera with him, since he is the one that suggested it 🙂


25 thoughts on “Enjoying Nature

  1. Looks like a beautiful way to spend the weekend! There’s just something about a sunflower field that is magical 🙂 (minus the bugs and the getting lost parts, of course) I kinda like the idea of having a sunflower maze! Does this place have a suggestion box??

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