33 thoughts on “Friday’s 6 word story!

  1. Ah…….. our Jackalope! A most mysterious and mischievous creature. One never quite knows what it will do next!

    I am a Canadian Jackalope
    A creature very rare
    Lots of tricks I love to play
    And really I don’t care
    But if you try to mess with me
    And if your name is Joy
    Then I have some surprises for you
    Which may well annoy
    But have no fear dear Carolyn
    What goes around does come around
    You just keep digging my dear
    Then we can both go underground!


    • Jackalopes are for sure very rare. I hear the ONLY place they can survive is in Canada.
      You say you have some surprises for me, well isn’t that so nice of you! But really there is no need. You say “What goes around does come around”, and I would hate to have to send those “surprises” back to you 🙂 Well then if that happened it might annoy you, which would be such a shame. Even though you say they may annoy me, I say NOT for I don’t work like that.
      Yes Jackalopes are tricky but undefeated, NO!

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    • OH I would definitely like to…………(fill in the blank) Here is a hint, has nothing to do with explaining your little “story”! HA! I am the writer here, you aren’t allowed to do 6 word stories my dear! 🙂


      • Oh, you would definitely like to….. try to kick at me again with the only foot you have on the floor? 😉

        That’s a great idea! Let us get the video camera rolling first!

        I’m still surprised that someone so small can make such a big THUD!!!! 🙂

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      • I was so intent on kicking you that yeah maybe I wasn’t thinking about my other foot! :P!
        Right now though I am thinking about what a nice restaurant meal that I am going to be treated to this week-end! YES I think my readers would agree that you OWE me that :)!

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      • Hey, you said to fill in the blank, so I did. 😉

        I just bought you a 60 inch flatscreen TV and a Bluray player, and now you want dinner too? Wow, some people are never satisfied! 😉


      • OH Colin, you did NOT just say that! Well yes you did cause you are feeling smug right now about our poem and everything. Just remember Pride goes before a FALL my friend! FALL as in SPLAT! Who knows what packages may arrive in your mailbox now, just saying……:)

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      • Haha my dear husband! You got a new flatscreen tv only because our antique floor model tv wore out after 10plus years and our DVD player died after being used to the max for close to 10 years.
        So No you don’t get out of owing me that easily! All that was for the whole family, not just me. The dinner out is for me! <3!

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      • Nah, I don’t think I’ll be trading for a newer model. I usually just keep fixing the old models until they crap out. Even though she misfires some, she’s still chugging along, so I think I’ll keep her. Besides, they do say that laughter is the best medicine, and I don’t think anyone else could give me as many laughs as she does! 😉


      • As for your comments my “funny” husband, that dinner is fast adding up to flowers delivered before dinner and out to a movie after dinner followed by then going out for dessert and I think you get the picture! And trust me you are right Laughter is the Best Medicine and I count on laughing A LOT this week end AT you….::)

        As for you Colin I am biting my tongue once again….BUT yes my followers definitely will be entertained when the “Jackalope” falls SPLAT!! The one that thinks he has been so witty with his words will have a time of being speechless when realizing that my prediction of going SPLAT! came true! 🙂

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        • Oh Carolyn ……… you are so confused, so just concentrate! The Jackalope is a stuffed toy that you sent me. It cannot do anything. I am Colin, and have never been called anything remotely close to a stuffed toy. You must try hard to separate your imaginary world from the real world. It will make life so much simpler for you. If there is anything else that I can help you with, lease don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂


      • Oh and 1 other thing for you 2 clowns! Remember my post yesterday with the animal pictures? Remember the 1st one and what the cat was plotting?? Maybe what the cat was plotting was taking things a tad too far….BUT I an thinking you got the point of that picture and the other ones. They weren’t just chosen randomly 🙂 Maybe you all should go review that post. Just saying…..:)


      • So, I emailed our discussion here to my mother, and this is what she emailed back:

        “LOL! I think she owes you a dinner, what do you think?”

        That sounds about right to me! 😉

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      • I always knew there was something wrong with your Mom!
        She obviously is not thinking straight, which makes sense as to why you don’t think straight either my dear! The pieces of the puzzle fit together…HA!

        And Colin you may not be related, BUT…you obviously are not thinking straight as well, if you think that sounds fair and reasonable!!

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  2. I told Brad that I would let you all know that he did pay up what he owed me this week-end 🙂 Saturday around supper time I told him I was hungry, let’s go out. He smiled as he told me to go fix something. I smiled as I grabbed my keys and headed to the van. Drove to the Italian Restaurant close by us and came home with a yummy dinner for me,myself and I 🙂
    Yesterday we went to the field of Sunflowers. Just imagine the biggest cornfield you have seen and instead of corn it is all sunflowers. Pretty impressive. He told me how we could go out for ice cream afterwards. I told him that sounded great and that all he owed me yet was flowers. Well yeah you can imagine his response I am sure. I had to laugh and say Ok a field of flowers I guess counts, and the movie we had already rented was waiting for us at home.

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