Dewey’s Nighttime Adventure

For my new followers, this is the 4th story in my Dewey stories. Stories about the life of a unique cat. You can see the other 4 by clicking on these links. The Adventures of DeweyDewey’s Surprising Day, Dewey’s Secret Treasure, Dewey’s Rainy Day 

Jaxon the Jackalope was humming, it was night and the full moon was shining. Dewey was purring  and music was coming from the radio. The man servant who had been listening to it earlier,  had fallen asleep in his recliner.

Jaxon was awake and wanted some adventure so he nudged Dewey, who had just fallen asleep. He slowly opened his eyes fixing a glaring eyeball on him.He was not fond of being woken up. Sleep was a very high priority on his list! Jaxon knew though that  he could get away with waking him, as he was his special friend. Jaxon explained to Dewey that he wanted to go on a night adventure, that it had been awhile since they had been out. The days had been so rainy!

The man servant had been distracted and left the door cracked open before going to bed. That made it  easy for them to slip out into the darkness. Over the gate they went to see what they could find.

What was that? Something was chirping. Oh, only some crickets. For being so little they sure made a lot of noise! Dewey was glad that it was a Full moon tonight for it wasn’t quite as dark. He wouldn’t admit it to Jaxon, but he was somewhat afraid of the dark. That is why they kept their night time adventures to a minimum.

They saw the moon ahead reflecting off the lake as they came closer to it. They were glad to be drawing near for they were getting very thirsty. A walk through the woods took a lot of energy. Dewey saw his reflection in the water and thought to himself, “I am quite a fine looking cat!  Jaxon isn’t bad either, for a jackalope that is.”

“Whoooo Whooooo”, Dewey jumped, losing his balance he fell right into the water! He quickly jumped back out shaking himself off. Cats were not made for water! “Whoooo!” There it was again. Dewey grabbed Jaxon. He loved his friend, but if something was coming after them he was pushing Jaxon in front of him. He may have 9 lives, but he wasn’t thrilled about the possibility of only having 8 lives after tonight!

The sound was coming from a tree and they tried looking up to see what they could see. Oh Dewey saw her now. His heart stopped racing, he wasn’t worried about losing a life anymore. It was Odessa, his friend. He knew what she looked like, but always was caught off guard by her sounds. She came flying down to them. His friend, the pure white owl. They greeted each other and then Odessa started talking pretty fast to Dewey, she had something she really needed to tell him.

As she talked Dewey’s eyes widened and he swatted at the ground. He knew it! The plan had worked, Dewey got the information he needed.Can’t fool this cool cat for too long! Whoa to the one that had tried.He smugly smiled with his cat eyes, as he thanked his sweet, beautiful friend. His secret agent Owl.

He nudged Jaxon awake who had dozed off. Jaxon wasn’t as clever as Dewey so he didn’t understand the language of Owls. Tonight had paid off unexpectedly, Dewey was glad Jaxon had woken him up. Now to figure out what to do with the information that his friend the Wise Owl had given him. Well he had  some  time to ponder that, he was starting to get tired now. Longing for his soft bed he picked up the pace, Jaxon was already ahead of him. Jackalopes were speedy. The light of the moon guided them home.

Creeping stealthily back inside they nestled down in their beds. They were  ready for some serious sleeping.

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Keep Calm….

keep calm quotes - Google Search: Keep Calm Quotes Funny - Bing Images: Keep Calm and Dance in the RainKEEP CALM AND HUG A PENGUIN - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Image Generator - brought to you by the Ministry of Information:

Do you get the theme of this post? Ha Ha! The list could go on and on. If I could hug a baby penguin I would in a minute! Have always loved them. Told my nephew to bring me one back when he was in Antarctica. For some reason,  he found it a little difficult to smuggle one on the plane 😦

This week I got news that our approaching court case is going to be a longer wait then what we were hoping for. I was sitting at the table when my attorney told me. He was prepared for my hands flaring out,(yes I talk with my hands) and then maybe they smack my forehead. I know there are others of you out there that talk with your hands as well! You can confess 🙂 Anyway after talking more with the attorney, I was able to walk out of the meeting feeling surprisingly calm.

There is nothing I can do about the date, I can’t make it come any sooner. Now I am not saying that the calmness is a constant. I still have my times. But in the meantime I keep swimming, I dance in the rain, definitely keep laughing, and hey if anyone wants to send me a live penguin I will give it plenty of hugs.

Hoping today that you can stay calm no matter what you may be facing. Why waste your energy on being all frazzled and upset when it won’t change a thing? Keep Calm AND Just Breathe - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Image Generator - brought to you by the Ministry of Information:

Where Did Clifford Go?

Clifford The Big Red Dog

The bus just pulled away carrying with it pieces of my heart. How can it be a new school year once again? How can I have 2 High Schoolers now? Where did Clifford go?

I remember the first day of Kindergarten for my youngest. She was so excited to be going with her big sister on the big, yellow bus. This was the same girl who up to a week before school started was adamantly saying how she was NOT going to school. I had taken her for Kindergarten Registration and they do a little testing with the numbers and letters. They had commended her on how well she had done and welcomed her to the school. She got up from the chair and said, “Just so you know, I am not going to school this year!” and with that she turned away and started walking out of the building ahead of me! Always was and still is “my says it like it is”, and strong willed child. I was nervously expecting the first day of school to be a real show down, but that all changed when going to Open House at the school. She walked into the classroom and met the girl who would be sitting beside her in class and there was an instant connection. It was truly magical to all at once see her counting down the days til school started so that she could see her new friend.

So when that first morning came the excitement was there, as now it me holding back the tears. Where did my babies go? The bus came and with a hug and a kiss they was trotting  towards the bus and up the steps. I thought maybe my youngest would  get scared and come running back to me at the last minute. I thought she would at least turn around and wave, or blow me a kiss. Nope she marched up the steps like she had been doing it for years, never looking back.

I may have had tears on my cheek, but my heart was smiling, for my children were growing and that is what they were supposed to do. I knew that, we raised them in order to start spreading their wings little by little. I knew that, as I turned on the TV and watched Clifford. Hey, you can’t just go cold turkey to not watching the kids shows that you would watch as you cuddled  with your kids on the couch. But no, I am not watching Clifford this morning,  just remembering. 🙂

Piece by piece

There are times when words jump out at you and tug at your spirit. Times that you know what your heart is trying to tell you, even if you don’t want to hear it. This has been happening to me in various ways over time and this morning while innocently reading a blog post I felt the strong tug again. I decided it was worth sharing, for I know I am not the only one who has dealt with this emotional pull on my heart.

What words jumped out at me? Well interesting enough it was a quote that I had put in one of my posts awhile back. Nothing like your own words coming back to you. This quote isn’t an original from me, but it is one I have always liked. One I always believed in. One that I didn’t have problems with until this past year. The quote is, “Bitterness is the poison we drink ourselves in order to kill our enemy.” Out of all the quotes I have shared, this is the one that this blogger chose to use in her post this morning. And its one I needed to hear again. Her post was very good and I will most likely be sharing it on here.

My spirit tells me how I need to let go! I need to let go of the bitterness that has built up in me this year. I need to let go of the anger. Yes, as I shared before, my family and I have been dealt a big blow this past year. I am not disputing the fact that I do have something to be angry and bitter about. What I dispute is holding onto the bitterness. What good is it doing me?  Please if you can point out a benefit from keeping a spirit of anger and bitterness inside you, do tell. Tell me how it has made you a better person.

This has been an argument I have had with myself many times. And I know its not going to instantly go away by me saying what I am today. Piece by piece I am chipping away at it. I do feel I am at a better place then I was at in the very beginning.

When we been hurt so deeply, we can’t just tell ourselves overnight to let go of all bitterness and anger. It is a process of letting Faith, Family and Friends help you get to that point of letting go. Oh and French Fries 🙂 ( sorry, will explain soon)  Me being bitter can’t erase the pain of what happened. Me being bitter will not affect how the upcoming court case turns out. There is no magic seed rooted in bitterness that will benefit me or my family in any way!

No, the magic is in letting go! The magic is in feeling a weight on your shoulders disappear because of letting go.  The magic of knowing that even  though you couldn’t stop this awful thing from having happened, that  you are in charge of how it dictates your life. You don’t need to add the extra stress of being weighed down by bitterness. not when there are still so many reasons to have a spirit of JOY! You have already been hurt once by your enemy. Don’t hang onto bitterness. Don’t give them that power of bringing more pain to you. . I know is is HARD, believe me I am in the trenches with you.  I throw dirt out and then it falls back in! I have to continually keep throwing it out and be convinced that the day will come when I can totally climb out of the hole of pain, anger and bitterness.

The day will come due to the 3F’s that I referred to earlier, Faith, Family and Friends! For they bring tons of love and laughter! They are how I can see the sun each morning despite the cloud that still hangs over my head.

And as for the French Fries…..well in the very beginning of all this I will admit as to how I was stopping at McDonald’s for French Fries quite a bit. I know, I know, totally unhealthy and honestly I don’t even like McDonald’s fries that much! But McDonald’s is close to me and being that my stress level was running high I found myself  pulling into the drive through a lot. You will be glad to know  I no longer am doing that. At least not as often 🙂 But hey it was healthier than drowning myself in a gallon of ice cream each night.

Bitterness is not easy to let go of; but to let go of it truly is the best choice you can make. You would never knowingly pick up a bottle that was clearly marked poison and proceed to drink it, would you? Put it down and piece by piece let it go.


Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! Yes, it is a good morning. Don’t know what the day will bring, but as I am reminded by people, if you wake up and you are alive then you have reason to rejoice in the day! 🙂 May these quotes add some joy to your day, and even if you don’t see the sun may you remember that it will shine again!

1.Little &amp; Fierce Art Print by Cat Coquillette | Society6 🙂

2.Laugh and Love

3.Sometimes  all you need is a little inspiration. How do you find yours?

4.CHARACTER is how You treat Someone who can dot Nothing for You.

5.If you fall, I'll be there --Floor: I couldn’t help it 🙂

6. ever 39 funny humor Minions, #Quotes and #picture:   🙂

7.Yes. I have. More

8.“Dig the well before you are thirsty” - Chinese proverb:

9.The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.:

10. Jane Austen Quote from Northanger Abbey Typed on Typewriter by #LettersWithImpact:

What is your response?

I woke up this morning remembering a boss from a job that  I had over 20 years ago. Not sure what brought her to mind  maybe it was due to my post yesterday about not understanding why people make showing kindness so complicated.

She unfortunately fell into the category of not exactly wining a gold medal for kindness, well can’t say she won a silver or bronze either. I am not sure why she didn’t like me, but it was plain to see that she didn’t . The other employees noticed and would ask me why. I was as clueless to the reasoning as they were. I tried not to let it bug me, for the other employees and I got along so did it really matter? For awhile, no I was able to ignore it. But when you are working with  a hostile person day in and day out it gets old. Especially when there was totally no reason for it. I did my best to show kindness to her. I will say that I don’t think I went out of my way to, but I was courteous to her.

So where do you draw the line, when you meet the people that want to rub you the wrong way? How do we get along with them, for its impossible to go through life without meeting someone that may display a unkind attitude towards you.

I believe we should do the best we can to be friendly towards them and not stoop to their level by being hostile back. Don’t demean yourself by acting in a way that you know is not right; no matter how tempting it may be. At the same time I do not believe that we should let ourselves be walked over either, there has to be a time you draw the line.

I did end up quitting that job due to 2 big things that happened fairly close to each other and went beyond  just not being nice. But I did not walk out of there hanging my head making  her think she won, OH NO, my head was held high! Honestly she was the one that was biting her tongue when I left and feeling quite put out. No, I was not rude to her in any way. I just let it be known that though I had tolerated her behavior for awhile, I was done. I also explained to the Doctors, who were her bosses, the very reasons I was leaving as well. I did not tear her down, but I will admit I wanted to. Instead I just explained clearly how unfairly she had treated me, and the Doctors took me seriously. Would they  have if I had  went to them ranting and raving and cutting her down?

Yes, we can’t prevent running into and dealing with people who are not kind, people who can be downright mean. But we Always have a choice as to how we respond? We can stoop to their level or we can take the high road, having nothing to feel guilty about as we continue down the road of life.



Daily Prompt: Complicated

via Daily Prompt: Complicated

Life is definitely full of complex things! Things that boggle our minds and strain our brains as we try to deal with them. Things we can’t avoid, BUT sometimes we make things more complicated then we have to as well.

For instance, there may be a shorter route to a destination then the one I take. Why do I not take the shorter, less complicated one? That has an easy answer, I am directionally challenged and when I learn a way to reach a destination I stay that way! I don’t want to hear about other ways to get there, for most likely that will just confuse me and actually may make things more complicated!

Have you ever asked anyone a simple question? One that really just requires a Yes or No answer, or at most just a few words. The answer you receive though is much different, the person may launch into a description about baking cakes or flying pigs. By the time they get done you are even more bewildered than you were when you asked the question! You ask something about numbers. You see it as an innocent, easy question. In response you get a detailed description of the game Cricket, for in some roundabout way that has something to do with numbers? By this time you are beginning  to believe that you may be more likely to see a flying pig than to get a straight answer.:)

But this post really isn’t about either of these lighthearted ways that we make things complex. It is more about the first 2 news stories that I read on my news feed. I shake my head about how we seem to make it so complicated  anymore about being nice to each other.

The first one was a story from the Olympics. There were people giving a man who had won medals for the USA a hard time. Tweeting him mean messages, etc. Why you ask? What bad thing did he do? He was seen and heard rooting for his wife, also an Olympian. I know, how dare he right? Here is the problem……She is a Canadian!! Yes, A US athlete was rooting for a Canadian, imagine that! And yes as sad as it is to say people were getting all mad about it. I mean really the audacity for a husband to root for his wife during the Olympics?? And we wonder why Canadians make jokes about us Americans! Yes, being friends with Canadians I have heard the jokes, and have to say that some of them do make sense. Then again Canada is the land of forever snow and where everyone knows everyone 🙂

The second news story was a sadder one, for it portrayed how people can be mean as well, but the meaness was directed towards a 13 year old boy. It just breaks my heart to hear of kids being bullied! And that is what these 2 stories have in common. Why have we made the simple act of kindness so complicated! Why is it so hard for us to be nice to each other. No you don’t have to be best friends with this boy, but you don’t have to bully him either! You don’t like that someone is rooting for another team, fine, but do you have to lash out at them?? Do you need to make sure that they know you don’t like what they have the total freedom to do? You don’t like their choice?

We all need to go back to the basics, and treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Be respectful and kind! There are A LOT of  complicated situations in this world, but being respectful and being kind should not be one of them!


A Lost Art

fountain pens, yes I use one, and yes I write classically by pen, even letters! Most of my writing is done by hand... pictures of said writing to come!I remember what it felt like to #read a letter I received in the #mail. I miss the smell of the ink and the crease of the paper.:   I think you can guess by these pictures what my post is about. The lost art of writing letters.

In this technology era letters have sadly gone by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong, I love texting and email. Its fast and convenient, but there is something to be said about letters and cards in the mail.

I remember fondly the days that I anxiously waited for a letter or card from my love who lived 500 miles away. Letters and cards were  our main way of dating. I could never just read the letter once, I would savor it as I read the sweet lines over again. As I felt the warmth in my heart of my love for him cause of his love radiating through  he wrote. I still have all the cards and letters, and yes have looked at them from time to time.

When we got married and moved to Indiana for a short time I got letters again. This time they were from home, from my family and friends. Once again I would re-read the letters and cards and feel the love for my loved ones that I missed. My Mom came across one of my letters today and gave it to me to read. I had to smile as it took me back to when I was a newlywed and reading about how I viewed life at that time.

I have special cards from others in my cedar chest that bring a smile to my face when I read them. Takes me back in time,  and once again lets me feel the love shared.

I still enjoy the texts and emails I get from my hubby, they still make my heart flutter at times. Or make me want to swat him, cause of a joke, but they do get the message across like letters. Problem is holding a letter and re-reading it and having it so creased cause of constantly folding it and refolding it isn’t the same as holding a phone and re-reading a text. And trying to save that special text can sometimes be tricky as it is so easy to accidentally hit the delete button and your message has mysteriously disappeared into  the black hole forever!

So as glad as I am for the technology now; keeping me in touch with people far and near, I am glad as well that I lived in a time before technology took over. A time of watching out the window waiting for the mailman with your heart being excited about what he may have for you. And sure enough you see it!  The envelope with your name! You go to your favorite spot, open it and become lost in the words.  Ahhh! Sweet memories!