Dewey and The Devious Scheme

The hour was late, the house was silent. Jaxon’s humming had stopped. He was sleeping soundly. Dewey usually  would fall asleep to his humming, but tonight wasn’t one of those night’s. He couldn’t turn his brain off, and it was keeping him awake, as thoughts were going all over the place.

The words kept coming back to him.The words that Odessa had told him on his and Jaxon’s Night Adventure earlier that week. (see Dewey’s Nighttime Adventure) It was a good thing that Jaxon could not understand Owl language, he would have been aghast at the words coming out of Odessa’s mouth! Dewey sure was. Jaxon and BBQ should never be used in the same sentence together! No, Dewey wasn’t talking about a BBQ treat for Jaxon, it was something  more sinister . OH the thought made all the hairs on Dewey’s back stand up.

Odessa’s voice had even shook as she repeated the devious scheme that she had uncovered due to her clever and charming wit. She told about the evil laughter that had come from her source of information about the things planned for Jaxon. It was obvious that Dewey had to do all he could to save his dear Jackalope friend.

So amidst the shock of the new information there was still more that was troubling Dewey. More that was responsible for keeping him awake as he tossed and turned in turmoil.Should he continue to  enlist Odessa’s help in foiling this devious plot against Jaxon? Was he putting her in danger or had she already succumbed to the temptation of joining the other side? NO,  Odessa was too wise to do that, wasn’t she? Innocent and pure, right?  Oh if Dewey only knew for sure. He had felt great relief at first when Odessa spoke to him about the plot. But as the days went by he began questioning things due to other information that he was being fed. It boiled down now to whom he should trust.How was he supposed to decide? Nothing could take that pressing concern out of his mind.  What was that? What was that delicious aroma in the air? Was that fish he smelled?

Dewey followed his nose to the smell, as it led him to the kitchen and there he spotted it. The servants had left the fish laying on the counter!! All thoughts of his earlier dilemma had been pushed to the back of his mind. This was suddenly much more pressing. Insomnia made you hungry! He deftly hopped up on the counter top to begin his midnight feast.

Oh My, Dewey could barely move now. It was taking all of his energy to walk to his bed and to plop in. What was he thinking eating so much  of that fish?  He really should have stopped at the 10th one, but who was counting. His stomach was bursting, but the taste buds in his tongue were having a party and joyfully thanking him for the surprise. Dewey’s eyes began to get heavy and soon they were closed,  as Dewey fell fast asleep. Sweet dreams of fish were dancing in his head. They were sadly  interrupted by short nightmares of Jaxon and  BBQ. Maybe that is all it was. Only nightmares, no truth in Odessa’s words about the secret plot. The plot she was supposed to be spying on. The unanswered question was how much should you really trust a spy?? One fish, Two fish..and Dewey continued to toss and turn in his sleep.

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