The Story behind the 6 word story

Have you forgotten my 6 word story from this morning or are you still curious? I won’t keep you waiting any longer and I will gladly say that I passed, well kind of. By explaining I need to go back 4 years. First if you were thinking I was taking a academic type test, you were wrong! Sorry no prize for you 🙂 But I was being honest, I was taking a TEST, it was a medical test though not academic. Now rewind 4 years ago to 2012.

I had been having heart palpitations and was getting tired out more easily, so decided that due to our heart history in our family I should be checked out. My pulse also was running higher than normal.

I had a Echo Stress Test scheduled. For those of you not familiar with heart tests this is basically a treadmill test. You all hooked up to a EKG as you walk on a treadmill which gets faster and starts to have a gradual incline. During that time they are taking pictures of your heart to see what the heart is doing as your pulse rate goes up. Sounds fairly simple right? I went into the test confident, for other tests had been coming back normal for me so I really wasn’t worried.

The test started and I walked. A Dr is present along with nurses and they tell you that if you feel chest pain, arm pain, shortness of breath, to let them know and they will stop the test. Within 90 seconds I was pointing to my chest for I could not speak. I grabbed my arm and the test was immediately stopped as they laid me on the table right beside the treadmill and started looking at  my heart by a Echocardiogram. Dr. did not like what she saw. My heart was ballooning up, she assumed that there had to be some type of blockage where the blood couldn’t get to my heart. In that 90 seconds of time my heart rate went up to over 180 beats per minute.  Heart catharization  was ordered as they gave me Nitroglycerin, and my day was DEFINITELY  NOT going as planned!  A heart catharization is where they go in through your femoral artery in your leg to explore the heart and check for blockages in the arteries.

The good news was that my arteries were 100% clear! So what was causing my problem? They discovered that I had Myocardial Bridging. It is rare and wellll…when it comes to me and medical things, my family wasn’t surprised at all that I had it. The simplest way to explain it is that in normal hearts, (yes now you have proof, I am not normal. Ha!) the arteries are looped over the heart muscles. In my case my heart muscle is looped around the arteries. The cases range from mild to severe bridging.  I fell in the category of moderate. With my pulse rate being higher than normal it made the heart muscle constrict and in the medical terminology of a nurse, it squishes my arteries. Which if something is squished its a little hard to let blood flow through it. Hope I am making myself clear.Basically it causes the blood flow to stop, just like there would be a blockage. The Dr put me on a beta blocker to lower my pulse and that appeared to work for the past 4 years.

I had my regular check up not long ago and Dr decided it was time to do another Echo Stress Test. I haven’t been feeling bad other than knowing that my physical stamina isn’t as strong.

Today I did do better than before, but still didn’t exactly pass with flying colors. The Dr that did the test is  pretty confident that my Dr will  make a change in meds and that should take care of the problem. Perhaps just increase them a little. Its not like I can’t hike, bike, etc.I just have to watch how much I exert myself, no marathons for sure. Walks on the beach are more my style.

I am sure none of you were expecting something like that and honestly I didn’t plan on sharing. Not  til my sister responded with a text to me. Yes I have to give her the credit. She texted me back with this when we were talking earlier this week.  ” You had 4 years to study for this test, you better pass!”

Don’t want to cause anyone worry, but the more I blog that more I am learning to be honest about the things happening in my life. Especially with people as wonderful as my readers are. Even the parts that I may not like as much. We all have them, different but there.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, will answer them the best I can.



23 thoughts on “The Story behind the 6 word story

  1. I could tell you had a special ❤ – I just didn't know quite how special! 😉 No doubt that's a scary thing, not knowing, but I'm glad to hear the meds seem to help keep things under control. Thanks for sharing as well – I was certainly curious after the first post this morning!

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    • AWH!! Thanks Meredith for your sweet words 🙂 Yeah, it was definitely scary 4 years ago. I should tell you how I exactly responded 4 years ago when the Dr. told me I needed to get a heart cath done.Glad i could solve your curiosity in one thing 🙂

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    • Ok here is another part of the story like I had promised to tell you. I probably shouldn’t though, cause I can imagine what you and Colin’s reaction will be. OH well, I am being honest in this post 🙂

      So I am sitting on the bed after they gave me nitroglycerin sipping at some water and listening to the Dr say that she needs the ambulance to take me to the hospital to have the heart catharization done. I looked in her eyes and said , “NO”, Yeah, I really did. I told her that my girls would be getting home from school soon and I needed to be there or they would be worried and I didn’t want anyone telling them that I was at the hospital. I told her we were supposed to decorate the Christmas tree that night. Yes it wasn’t August, it was the end of November. I know, I know, what was I thinking! It was simple, I wasn’t thinking obviously. There I said it for you Colin 🙂

      I was in denial actually. All I could think of was my brother and I was like NO WAY is this happening to me, so yeah it made a lot of sense to just ignore it and get on with the important stuff like decorating the Christmas tree 🙂

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      • I decided I should finish the total story. I told the Dr. I wanted to go home and not directly to the hospital. She looked at me and said how I could walk out her door and collapse with a heart attack before I made it to the end of the hallway, based on what the Echocardiogram was showing. I agreed and yes had tears in my eyes but that stubborn, illogical part of me was still saying NO, I want to go home. We compromised. I waited at the office longer til the NItroglycerin had taken full effect and she sent some home with me as I promised to go home and not move from the couch. I was only going to WATCH my family decorate the Christmas tree. That I would call her at the slightest sign of me feeling worse and I would be at the hospital bright and early the next morning for the procedure.

        . I will admit that when I got home and phoned my sisters and parents I only told them that I had to go for my procedure the next morning due to me flunking the Stress Test. I conveniently left out the part about the Dr wanting me to go directly to the hospital,( to not pass go, to not collect $200 dollars,yes we played Monopoly growing up) It wasn’t til after the procedure and a week or 2 had gone by and my sisters and I were talking. My sister turned to me and said that there was 1 thing she just didn’t understand about my Dr. I sensed what was coming, I figured it would after everything calmed down. Why in the world would she not have sent me directly to the hospital? Why have me wait til the next day after the experience I had with the Stress Test? I had 2 choices, but really just 1, I knew I was stuck. I told the story and yes I may have got smacked in the arm. Smacked out of love of course 🙂 Inadvertently the same question got posed to me when with some close friends, and yes I got smacked again. Hard, I may add! Trust me I got the message about how I better never do that again!
        And now you all got more then I planned on telling. Shoot I could have made another post out of these 2 replies that I just posted. To quote Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story!” 🙂

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      • Oh man! I can totally see being on the receiving end of a few loving smacks after all that! I can’t imagine the anxiety of waiting to find out what’s going on, but then I can also sympathize too – the mind is a strange and wonderful thing the way it can compartmentalize and prioritize in its special way. No doubt you just needed a little time to process everything! And there was a tree to decorate (i.e., positive memories to be made). Still, such a scary thought. I sure am glad everything worked out okay!!

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      • I also just want to tell you how much I admire your honesty with all of this. For some reason health issues seem to be difficult to talk about – and admitting that sometimes it’s all just a bit too much to handle is even harder! It’s good to hear those experiences where there’s a lesson and a positive outcome! Thanks for sharing ❤

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    • Thanks Meredith for your comments. Yeah, I had more people that wanted to smack me after reading this 🙂 But yes you are right the brain is quite something! I agree 100% I needed time to process things. It all happened so fast. I suddenly am having pain like I never had before and getting given Nitro, etc. and most of all being told that there must be a blockage in my arteries. Honestly that is what did it to me. With my brother having died of a massive heart attack due to all his arteries being 100% clogged, it was like I froze. I know, you would think I would have jumped at getting taken care of right away cause of my brother but the opposite happened.I froze from being scared.
      Very thankful that in spite of my illogical thinking everything worked out!!
      And you are welcome for me being honest as you said in your other comment. This blog is actually drawing me out to be more honest with others. That is not something that comes real easy for me, the sharing problems stuff. but I am learning. As I said, I hadn’t planned on telling all of this, but once I started felt like it wasn’t right to just give half the story. Thanks for listening and caring ❤


  2. Nope – not what I expected. But I knew your heart was unusually wonderful, so I shouldn’t be surprised. The poor thing is so overworked from so much love it pours out. Take care of it sweet C! ❤

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    • You are too kind! You all are making me red. Did you see what Meredith wrote above? You can check it out and look at my reply to her which I am about to write for her and Colin and now you 🙂 A little more to the story.

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  3. Sounds like your doctors are taking good care of you. Medical tests may not be fun, but they are much better at finding problems than they used to be — hopefully you’ll stay in good shape for a long time!


  4. Oh my gosh JR, I wasn’t expecting this at all! I’m sorry you have problems with your heart but so glad that they can manage it with medications! I sure hope you get to feeling better and get your stamina back! ((Hugs!))

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    • Thanks dear PJ! I really do feel fine the majority of the time. That is why its kind of easy to forget about until I do get to doing something a little too strenuous. If you scroll up and look at my replies under the first comment you will get more of the story, more I wasn’t planning on telling but decided to.


  5. It is amazing how we get use to looking at the outside of our bodies when the insides are what really drive everything and when a major part of the engine has a hiccup we can sure feel the difference. I’m glad there is a medical plan to treat it and in general you are feeling well. Take care.

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