Birthdays and Laughter!

27 Funny Pictures for Today: So this was just what I needed this morning to help me wake up! Had to laugh for NO, I haven’t done this, but could I see myself doing this…..welll..I wouldn’t spend 15 minutes doing it!

OH Yes we have to laugh at ourselves, right! As a friend’s post on Facebook says

So true! It was appropriate for me to see these comics this morning, for today would be my brother’s 56th birthday if he was still here. My brother had many attributes and a great sense of humor was one of them! What better way to celebrate his memory than to laugh! And to quote from a book he had, “The Little Prince”

I think this applies to our furry friends too. β˜…:

I can still hear your laughter dear brother and laugh at the memories. IfΒ  you can see all the situations I get myself in down here I am sureΒ  that you continue to have a steady diet of laughter as well.

Happy Birthday Nelson!

Thanks for the memories! Love you Forever!

I want to give a shout out to my Awesome Mother-in-love as well πŸ™‚ Today is her Birthday! Yes out of all the possible dates out there to have a birthday on, I fall in love and marry a man whose Mom shares a birthday with my brother. Or I guess I should say my brother shared her birthday since YES she is OLDER πŸ™‚ My dear MIL has a very healthy sense of humor also. The witty remarks fly. I am not only blessed by her humor, but her loving and caring heart to. Happy Birthday Deb! Wish you weren’t 500 miles away today and that we could celebrate together, but have an Amazing day!

50th birthday cup gag gift why did the 50 year old cross the road coffee mug cup:

And just think if they get disoriented at 50 you are in trouble, for you are WAYYYY past that πŸ™‚ You better stay in the house today!

Lustige Geburtstag Karte alte Karte Grüße Karte von SiouxAlice:

Agreed? πŸ™‚ You know I Love you! Have a Extra Special day!

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