Dewey’s Nighttime Adventure

For my new followers, this is the 4th story in my Dewey stories. Stories about the life of a unique cat. You can see the other 4 by clicking on these links. The Adventures of DeweyDewey’s Surprising Day, Dewey’s Secret Treasure, Dewey’s Rainy Day 

Jaxon the Jackalope was humming, it was night and the full moon was shining. Dewey was purring  and music was coming from the radio. The man servant who had been listening to it earlier,  had fallen asleep in his recliner.

Jaxon was awake and wanted some adventure so he nudged Dewey, who had just fallen asleep. He slowly opened his eyes fixing a glaring eyeball on him.He was not fond of being woken up. Sleep was a very high priority on his list! Jaxon knew though that  he could get away with waking him, as he was his special friend. Jaxon explained to Dewey that he wanted to go on a night adventure, that it had been awhile since they had been out. The days had been so rainy!

The man servant had been distracted and left the door cracked open before going to bed. That made it  easy for them to slip out into the darkness. Over the gate they went to see what they could find.

What was that? Something was chirping. Oh, only some crickets. For being so little they sure made a lot of noise! Dewey was glad that it was a Full moon tonight for it wasn’t quite as dark. He wouldn’t admit it to Jaxon, but he was somewhat afraid of the dark. That is why they kept their night time adventures to a minimum.

They saw the moon ahead reflecting off the lake as they came closer to it. They were glad to be drawing near for they were getting very thirsty. A walk through the woods took a lot of energy. Dewey saw his reflection in the water and thought to himself, “I am quite a fine looking cat!  Jaxon isn’t bad either, for a jackalope that is.”

“Whoooo Whooooo”, Dewey jumped, losing his balance he fell right into the water! He quickly jumped back out shaking himself off. Cats were not made for water! “Whoooo!” There it was again. Dewey grabbed Jaxon. He loved his friend, but if something was coming after them he was pushing Jaxon in front of him. He may have 9 lives, but he wasn’t thrilled about the possibility of only having 8 lives after tonight!

The sound was coming from a tree and they tried looking up to see what they could see. Oh Dewey saw her now. His heart stopped racing, he wasn’t worried about losing a life anymore. It was Odessa, his friend. He knew what she looked like, but always was caught off guard by her sounds. She came flying down to them. His friend, the pure white owl. They greeted each other and then Odessa started talking pretty fast to Dewey, she had something she really needed to tell him.

As she talked Dewey’s eyes widened and he swatted at the ground. He knew it! The plan had worked, Dewey got the information he needed.Can’t fool this cool cat for too long! Whoa to the one that had tried.He smugly smiled with his cat eyes, as he thanked his sweet, beautiful friend. His secret agent Owl.

He nudged Jaxon awake who had dozed off. Jaxon wasn’t as clever as Dewey so he didn’t understand the language of Owls. Tonight had paid off unexpectedly, Dewey was glad Jaxon had woken him up. Now to figure out what to do with the information that his friend the Wise Owl had given him. Well he had  some  time to ponder that, he was starting to get tired now. Longing for his soft bed he picked up the pace, Jaxon was already ahead of him. Jackalopes were speedy. The light of the moon guided them home.

Creeping stealthily back inside they nestled down in their beds. They were  ready for some serious sleeping.

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14 thoughts on “Dewey’s Nighttime Adventure

    • Glad you liked it. Yes Dewey does care about his lives 🙂 Jaxon is Brave and easygoing, so he was fine, nice to be concerned about him though. 🙂
      I am waiting to know what happens next as well!


  1. Odessa is a fantastic addition to the gang! 👏🏽
    And wow, Dewey is really smart, he even understands owl language! I can picture the jackalope exchanging gazes between both Odessa and Dewey wondering what on earth they were talking about 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you like Odessa. Yes, I am curious to see how she will play out in the Dewey story. You know what they say about owls being wise, maybe she is imparting her wisdom to Dewey?
      LOL about Jaxon being confused cause of not understanding owl language, yes Dewey is a extra smart cat. I don’t even think the man servant is wise enough to interpret Owl talk. In fact he may misinterpret it if he was to try.


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