Where Did Clifford Go?

Clifford The Big Red Dog

The bus just pulled away carrying with it pieces of my heart. How can it be a new school year once again? How can I have 2 High Schoolers now? Where did Clifford go?

I remember the first day of Kindergarten for my youngest. She was so excited to be going with her big sister on the big, yellow bus. This was the same girl who up to a week before school started was adamantly saying how she was NOT going to school. I had taken her for Kindergarten Registration and they do a little testing with the numbers and letters. They had commended her on how well she had done and welcomed her to the school. She got up from the chair and said, “Just so you know, I am not going to school this year!” and with that she turned away and started walking out of the building ahead of me! Always was and still is “my says it like it is”, and strong willed child. I was nervously expecting the first day of school to be a real show down, but that all changed when going to Open House at the school. She walked into the classroom and met the girl who would be sitting beside her in class and there was an instant connection. It was truly magical to all at once see her counting down the days til school started so that she could see her new friend.

So when that first morning came the excitement was there, as now it me holding back the tears. Where did my babies go? The bus came and with a hug and a kiss they was trotting  towards the bus and up the steps. I thought maybe my youngest would  get scared and come running back to me at the last minute. I thought she would at least turn around and wave, or blow me a kiss. Nope she marched up the steps like she had been doing it for years, never looking back.

I may have had tears on my cheek, but my heart was smiling, for my children were growing and that is what they were supposed to do. I knew that, we raised them in order to start spreading their wings little by little. I knew that, as I turned on the TV and watched Clifford. Hey, you can’t just go cold turkey to not watching the kids shows that you would watch as you cuddled  with your kids on the couch. But no, I am not watching Clifford this morning,  just remembering. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Where Did Clifford Go?

  1. Similar thoughts and feelings are no doubt expressed by most parents out there! The next emotional hurdle could be graduating, and then their the first full time job, or perhaps going away for further education, and then probably a serious relationship and moving out to total independence etc. etc. The joys (?) of parenthood!!! 🙂

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    • Hey lets not move so fast, OK!
      My friend and I often talk about the upcoming graduations, for our kids are so close in age. They moved to our street 3 months before we did over 10 years ago and kids became great friends! So we will be attending graduations 4 years in a row!, skip a year and have 2 more. Stock up on the tissues now we say. I babysat her kids regularly from the time they were 2 years old, so I think you get the picture. I still put her 2 youngest on the bus in the morning every other week.

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    • When I was a kid I used to think time went so slow! Oh what we didn’t know! That’s right, no age limit for kids shows. And its possible that on that day long ago Clifford may not have been the only show I watched that day 🙂


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