A Lost Art

fountain pens, yes I use one, and yes I write classically by pen, even letters! Most of my writing is done by hand... pictures of said writing to come!I remember what it felt like to #read a letter I received in the #mail. I miss the smell of the ink and the crease of the paper.:   I think you can guess by these pictures what my post is about. The lost art of writing letters.

In this technology era letters have sadly gone by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong, I love texting and email. Its fast and convenient, but there is something to be said about letters and cards in the mail.

I remember fondly the days that I anxiously waited for a letter or card from my love who lived 500 miles away. Letters and cards were  our main way of dating. I could never just read the letter once, I would savor it as I read the sweet lines over again. As I felt the warmth in my heart of my love for him cause of his love radiating through  he wrote. I still have all the cards and letters, and yes have looked at them from time to time.

When we got married and moved to Indiana for a short time I got letters again. This time they were from home, from my family and friends. Once again I would re-read the letters and cards and feel the love for my loved ones that I missed. My Mom came across one of my letters today and gave it to me to read. I had to smile as it took me back to when I was a newlywed and reading about how I viewed life at that time.

I have special cards from others in my cedar chest that bring a smile to my face when I read them. Takes me back in time,  and once again lets me feel the love shared.

I still enjoy the texts and emails I get from my hubby, they still make my heart flutter at times. Or make me want to swat him, cause of a joke, but they do get the message across like letters. Problem is holding a letter and re-reading it and having it so creased cause of constantly folding it and refolding it isn’t the same as holding a phone and re-reading a text. And trying to save that special text can sometimes be tricky as it is so easy to accidentally hit the delete button and your message has mysteriously disappeared into  the black hole forever!

So as glad as I am for the technology now; keeping me in touch with people far and near, I am glad as well that I lived in a time before technology took over. A time of watching out the window waiting for the mailman with your heart being excited about what he may have for you. And sure enough you see it!  The envelope with your name! You go to your favorite spot, open it and become lost in the words.  Ahhh! Sweet memories!

16 thoughts on “A Lost Art

  1. I too love that “personal” touch of a hand written letter/note. I still have various notes from way back and It is lovely just to look at the hand writing. The person who wrote that note/letter is part of that writing style. Technology has really reduced writing to a visually sterile function. Comic Sans will always look like Comic Cans regardless of who is on the keys!
    Hand writing becomes even more important later when the writer is no longer with us. I still have a letter from my older sister, which was offering support during some difficult times. I can get more happy memories of Valerie from reading that letter, because it is her hand writing, than I can out of any number of photographs!

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  2. I’m afraid kids are not learning how to WRITE – as in the manual labor – fluidly, that it’s losing ground to keyboarding lessons. I’m holding off on the latter with T ’til I see good, easy penmanship in print and cursive. Very sweet post.

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  3. When I saw the picture, I smiled because I knew immediately what this post would be about. I love letter writing. There’s a certain personal touch in a letter which is absent from text messages and Emails. I find letter pretty convenient because I’m not much of a “chatting” fan 😄

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