Friday’s 6 word stories

Blink and it’s gone too fast! Summer forever!:

Yes, I can’t believe summer will soon be over! Where did it go? School starts next Thursday and I don’t think any of us are ready to get back to that routine.

Waiting is sometimes the worst part!

If you know what is coming waiting isn’t quite as hard, though still can get hard. It is more the suspense of waiting  that is hard, when you don’t know what is coming and you don’t know when! But all you can do is “patiently” wait.




8 thoughts on “Friday’s 6 word stories

  1. Summer is certainly coming to an end, to be replaced by a glorious Fall; which in turn will be replaced by a stimulating Winter; which will leave the doors open for a rejuvenating Spring… and then we’re back to Summer. How bad can that all be!!!! 🙂
    As for patience? It is indeed a virtue!

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