Dewey’s Rainy Day

It was another day of Rain, Rain, Rain. Dewey was getting so tired of all this rain and not being able to go outside to lay in his sunny spot on the patio, or hunt for adventure.

At first he had kept his eyes glued out the sliding glass doors. He was intently looking for the cats and dogs that were supposed to be falling down from the sky. But alas he should have known better than to listen to his man servant. Should have known that he didn’t know what he was talking about. This was the man who waved his hands wildly about when talking, as if his hands were connected to his mouth.

Dewey had heard him remark 2 days ago to the lady servant that “It was raining cats and dogs.” So Dewey had taken up post at the door watching, his faithful Jackalope friend was watching with him. Dewey thought maybe the Jackalope would see them better, for he had those special red eyes. But they had watched for hours to no avail. That was when Dewey decided that his man servant was definitely crazy, for really, why would cats and dogs fall out of the sky??

Now Dewey had to create some adventure of his own, but what would it be? OH he had an idea, he could teach his new friend one of his favorite games. His new friend loved the game and by lunch time they were tired and hungry. Dewey gulped down his food and curled up in his cozy bed for an afternoon nap.

Uh-Oh Dewey heard his name being called and the man servant didn’t sound very happy. He guessed that he must have walked into the bathroom and noticed the trail of white across the bathroom floor. Dewey thought it looked rather pretty himself. With his friend’s help they were able to have it line the hallway as well.

Oh Wow, Dewey glanced up when his name was called and happened to look out the glass door seeing rabbit in the flower bed. He got excited and noticed that the man servant hadn’t closed the door all the way after coming back in from getting the mail, so off he dashed! The race was on. Dewey was running as fast as he could until he heard the man servant’s voice again calling him back. It was starting to rain harder again as the man servant stood at the door yelling for him.

A thought came to Dewey’s mind and he started yelping as he lifted his paw up looking pitifully at his servant. It was raining even harder now, and Dewey hoped his trick would work. Yup the man was coming out to his rescue. He picked up Dewey asking him what was wrong. Dewey sprang out of his arms and raced for the door, he made it and his new friend shoved the door closed. They both watched at the man servant waving his arms wildly around. His mouth was going but they couldn’t hear him. The lady servant wasn’t home either. Hmmm….maybe a falling cat or dog from the sky would save him. With that thought Dewey curled up and went to sleep purring contently in his sleep.

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