Manic Monday

My husband emailed me from work this morning with Manic Monday as the title. Now he has the song going through my head and me remembering High School days. Funny how music takes you back in time. I am now sitting here listening to the Bangles, Journey, REO SpeedWagon and the list goes on.  Seeing myself in my bedroom with my radio, cassette tape ready for that magical song to play on the radio. My hand ready to push record as soon as I hear it. Remember those days ? I know some of you at least do!

Memories are so powerful, they can be triggered by music, a picture, a movie. Sometimes you don’t even need anything to bring back the memory. You can be doing a simple task and all at once a memory flashes in your brain and makes you smile. I am so thankful for the way our brain can hold onto memories. It doesn’t matter how long ago they may have been, things can come back in a flash, and make it feel like it was only yesterday. I still can feel the wind in my hair as I rode on the back of the motorcycle with my brother, holding onto him feeling like all was right with my world. That was over 20 years ago, but in my mind it is still vivid.

If  your Monday feels Manic today. Was it hard for you to get out of bed like it was for me?  I hope a wonderful memory can make a flashback into your mind. My legs may still ache, due to too much walking these past couple days, but my heart is smiling. Smiling from the music that took me back over 20 years ago and made the memories that are still sealed in my brain.  Have a Wonderful Monday my friends, even if it does feel Manic this morning! And now I do need to rush and get going! Oh if only  time could go slower when you want it to.


9 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. What fun memories you evoked of waiting for that song on the radio waiting to push the record button! I haven’t thought of that in years, and it made me smile reminiscing of those days. Yep – getting my manic Monday on here gearing up for another work week, but the weekend was kind to me and relaxing, so ready to take it on! xo

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    • The Writer’s Conference that I was at was at a University. A big campus and so there was a lot of walking between the buildings. Plus more walking, due to me taking the longer way around cause of my “wonderful” sense of direction! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

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