Good Morning! I woke up not knowing what to post today, and not being able to think of something. I then spied the word for the day on WordPress and it instantly came to me.

We go through life making lots of apologies. As much as we would like to be perfect, we aren’t, which means we mess up andΒ  inevitably have to apologize. Well at least we should, there are the people who think they are above having to apologize. BUT I am not talking about that fact today. This will be a light hearted approach.

We all have had those times when the apologies we make, may be a little sarcastic perhaps. You know like the time you “accidentally” spill some water on your hubby and its “Oh, I am so Sorry, did you get wet?” The other week I made an apology kinda like that about a certain “gift” I got in the mail from some crazy friends. That apology is honestly what came to my mind as soon as I saw this word. I will share a little of it with you, in case you ever have a time where you need to make this kind of apology.Β  Do use it carefully though, for you could be asking for trouble. You gotta weigh the options. In this case, I decided it was worth the risk πŸ™‚Β  Enjoy and have a Fun day! Gotta start the week off with a smile!

Dear Duo,

Let me say how I am SOOOO SOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY that I did not burst with appreciation and joy when opening your wonderful gift! I really need to work on being more appreciative to your creativity, don’t I?

If you were here I would bow before you. What should I do to thank you?Β  Should I write 100x thank you, should I say it in different languages? How Should I Thank You…..Let me Count the Ways….:)Β  I do have some ideas of how to thank you, but feel free to give your own. I surely will “listen” to them!

Hey you know what? They say a thankful heart does make one feel better and I am feeling better now! Feeling so good, I think I am smirking! Have a great day my friends!

Me πŸ™‚


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