When I think of this word different images come to mind. I think of the wings of a butterfly, how delicate they are, and how you could easily hurt the wings if you held the butterfly the wrong way. BUT the butterfly isn’t delicate inside, this butterfly  found its way out of its cocoon! It struggled and struggled til it broke free, bursting forth in colorful array!

I think of the dear elderly woman, whose hands are worn and she walks bent over. Appearing frail on the outside, but this is a woman who raised 9 children through the Depression, working hard on a farm. Her inner strength was strong back then and still is!

Sometimes we look at physical features and think ,”Oh that person is frail and weak!”, but we can be very wrong. When I was a teen, my short stature gave the impression to my mischievous guy friends that I was weak and a easy target.That I could be thrown into  the pool, pond, ocean,etc. Basically any body of water attracted my body like a magnet. What they didn’t account for is my fighting spirit! The majority of the time they did accomplish the task, BUT…not every time. Wasn’t quite as simple as they had thought.

A few years back it was reported in Indiana about a elderly woman who had a robber break into her home. He wasn’t armed, he figured she was elderly;  weak and frail and that  it would be a easy task. I am sure he was red faced, when the cops came to pick him up as he was being beaten by this “frail” woman’s back scratcher!

We can’t look at the physical features of someone and determine the power of their spirit. And as strong as we want our hearts to be, we need to have a degree of fraility with them as well. Frailness isn’t always a bad thing.

As I shared in some past posts, this past year has been a hard one on our family. Our hearts have been broken, but it doesn’t mean that they are no longer strong. That fighting spirit is there and in ways my heart is stronger than ever before! But, there is still a frailty there as well.

When you face hard times and severe blows, there is a temptation to close up your heart with bars of steel. To lock it like Fort Knox so no one can get in and break it again! But my friends, this is the time when you need to let your heart still have some frailty  to it.Maybe tenderness is a better word. Keeping your heart tender and knowing that by allowing yourself to love and trust again, you are risking the chance of  being hurt again;  but that it is worth the risk. For closing the door and throwing away the key, saying,”I’ll never be hurt again”, is only hurting yourself in the long run. Keeping yourself from blessings that are waiting out there for you to discover!

The human spirit is a powerful thing! It can be strong amidst the hardest of times,  while still being  tender and fragile like a butterfly’s wings. Breaking out of a cocoon ready to soar to new heights and to where ever life takes them! Knowing that yes, there would most likely still be those times in life where they fall, and heart ache comes BUT as one of my favorite quotes say…There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky and you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling What if you fly? ―Erin Hanson via ( Don’t miss that chance!



Curiosity killed the cat….

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That's really all it takes.

Yes, I agree with Albert Einstein on this one. This is me! And due to that, the quote below is true as well.

We can learn about this together and help each other avoid trouble. For this reason we can be friends forever.:

But hey it is what it is , right? 🙂 So how many others are like me? Does it drive you crazy being kept in suspense? Like a friend sending a email that leaves you hanging or a text that doesn’t answer your question, just gives you more questions?  Or are you like my husband who can casually say, well I will find out when I am supposed to, and he just goes on?  Do you think being curious is more common in females? Has your curiosity gotten you into trouble?

I didn’t get into trouble at my curiosity attempt while on vacation, but I did get a red face! I will give you the basic details. Before we left for vacation I had found out some news that intrigued me, but hadn’t got the whole story. For the person couldn’t give me the whole story. Their reply was , “I will let you know at a later time.” Well to me a few days into vacation was a later time, so I emailed them. But I thought I had done it in a innocent way, you know not coming right out and admitting to my curiosity. Now keep in mind that this person I emailed was of higher standing than me due to their occupation. He was very nice but his emails were usually short and direct just due to the nature of what we emailed about. Well I was pleased to see a reply from him the next morning when I awoke, wondering if my curiosity would be solved. If my innocent way of going about indirectly asking was answered. You can imagine my surprise and red face as I read the one line that answered my question! “I liked your polite way of prying for information,but…:)” I texted my sister right away and she texted back, “Hahaha, you got busted!”  Me, Prying?? No! It was 2 weeks after that email when I talked to him on the phone and I could still hear the silent laughter in his voice.

So yes, more times than not I have gotten busted, and the plans that I am just so curious to try often backfire, BUT….it hasn’t stopped me.

I will say that being curious at making meals sometimes has been rewarding. You wonder what would happen if I added some of this and a little of that and Voila, your husband really likes it! Only one problem!  You didn’t write down how much of this and what that was, as you were experimenting!

Curiosity can be a good thing. My youngest definitely has it as she loves to figure out how things work and why that is the way it is, etc. Her questions at a young age would boggle our minds! So don’t lose your curiosity! But be aware,  as I am sure you are, it can get you in trouble! And the next time someone leaves you hanging in suspense, tell them its fine and go do something to get your mind off of it. Like writing a blog post for example 🙂


Do you enjoy driving? I will admit that if I could have a personal chauffeur I would go for it in a minute! As I mentioned in a post before, my sense of direction is not exactly great. This is why my husband has always driven on vacation and I read the map. Haha! Kidding! He would pull over to read the map, before we got a GPS. OH there were times that I did try to read the map,  the results? Like I said, he would pull over. It was hard enough to fold the the map back to its original form, much less read it! I’m not the only one right that has ever had trouble folding a big map??

When we would go on vacation and our girls were babies and toddlers; I was in charge of finding the pacifier that dropped out of their mouths or their toy that they threw. Leaning over the seat to give the bottle to stop the crying while still trying to manage staying buckled in to my seat.Or  just giving  them my hand to try to soothe them and usually ending up with a cramp from stretching. Distributing the snacks as they got older, for you know riding in a car makes you very hungry and answering the “How much longer yet?” question for the 100th time!

My kids have grown, so no more holding bottles or looking for toys while driving. No, now they are teens and  now when I am trying to doze , its “Mom, Mom, do you have the car charger for my phone?” , I sit up as I fumble to look for it and say “Yes”, only to hear.”I don’t need it now.” Seriously!! Yup, this conversation did happen on this past road trip! Oh and then another time it was , “Mom, Mom, I’m hungry!” I sit up and look right at her and say, “Did you look in the bag right across from your feet?” She looks and WOW, there was food in the bag!

As much as I  can easily get lost, there are times I do enjoy driving. I enjoy driving alone when I know where I am going and I turn on the radio and sing away, lost in my thoughts. That is relaxing to me, tho may be the reason to why I pass where I want to turn at times. I also found out that becoming lost in the song can cause police sirens behind you cause perhaps I was going a tad faster than the speed limit. Yes, this happened a couple years back when I was with my girls and we were all listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack. A great soundtrack!! Rather ironic tho that the song we were singing to at the time the cop stopped me was “Money, Money” Yup, I sang the song and watched the money say goodbye as I got handed the ticket.

I also enjoy driving with my husband on longer than normal rides, giving us time to talk or just enjoying each others company as we listen to the radio.

I have found as well, that driving with my girls can give us time to talk also, sometime it can be serious and sometimes just shooting the breeze. But its uninterrupted time together.

It’s Sunday, do you have plans? If not, go take a scenic drive with your loved ones and enjoy some uninterrupted time. Just make sure not to start jamming to much to the radio  and driving a little too fast, unless you want to have some uninterrupted time with a police officer!

Dewey’s Surprising Day

Good Afternoon  friends! Had more trouble  getting going this morning,but hey I made it, and Saturdays are supposed to be more laid backed, right? Well, at least for some of us. My hubby went to work today, leaving the house at 5:30am. I did manage to say a sleepy goodbye from the coziness of my bed. Just so you know, there are mornings that I do manage to get up with him and see him off. Not going to say how coherent I am those mornings, but I do make it to the door for a kiss and hug goodbye 🙂

I was reminded about Dewey today,  and decided to do a follow up post about him.  You can read about his first adventure in this post from a month ago.The Adventures of Dewey

Dewey’s Surprising Day

The rising sun  shined through the windows onto Dewey. He stretched and yawned, today was here! He had been dreaming of this day, but now he just wanted to shut his eyes and dream some more. No, he was going to get up! He had decided that today was the day he was going to dare to take the risk and step out of his yard. He longed to know what all  laid  beyond  his  picket fence.

Before adventuring there was one very important thing he HAD to do and that was to  eat of course. He was  hoping he could get his servants to feed him a little extra this morning, for who knew how long he would be gone. Oh, here came the man servant now. Dewey purred as he rubbed against his legs and looked up at him with his shining, bewitching  green eyes. He pleaded as hard as he could with his eyes and it worked! He got one over on the man! It was pretty easy to do that. He got 3 extra scoops of food, the man sure was helping Dewey’s belly out and he  was happy! With a full tummy Dewey went out the door and over the fence.  Let the adventure begin!

He started walking  through the lush green grass on this summer’s day. The hour was early, so the air was still comfortable. OH, what was that poking through the grass? The color was so pretty. It was a few blue feathers. Normally if Dewey saw feathers, he would be thinking of birds right away and looking for prey, but these feathers made him feel different. He didn’t smell any bird scent on them and he was entranced by the color, for it was the same color as his warm, cozy bed. Feeling peaceful he continued on to find his next treasure.

As he strolled, he heard the sounds around him. A farmer plowing his fields, and the sound in the distance of flowing water. He wanted to find that water, for he was getting thirsty. Dewey decided to pick up the pace and run a little towards the water. Ahhh!! He could see it now. The lake was shimmering with ripples running over it.  He ran to the edge of it and started drinking. He was content, his belly full, his mouth no longer dry, no worries did he have. He purred in contentment giving  his best cat smile. Dewey had overheard his servant talking about the value in a smile, so Dewey tried to do it more. It did make him feel happy to smile. Especially if it meant he got extra food, didn’t always happen, but this morning it had worked!

As he was taking a little snooze by the lake, he heard something rustle in the grass nearby. His ears perked up and he was getting in his pounce mode. He saw it, it was a flash of white that quickly shot by. Dewey took off running  as fast as he could go, adrenaline pumping.

Was this creature ever going to stop? Dewey’s adrenaline was running out.  He was getting closer and closer to it, and in a moment  as quick as it had came it disappeared into the ground! Dewey was perplexed, how on earth? He ran to where he had seen it disappear and spotted  a hole. The White Rabbit had gone down the hole! Dewey thought for a moment about following it, but got distracted by something he saw that laid beyond the hole. Forgetting the perplexing white rabbit,  he ran towards the object. It was a box that looked like it had been open and there was something sticking out of it! Dewey approached slowly for he didn’t know if this thing was alive or not. WOW! When he got close enough to see it, he couldn’t believe it! Why would someone just dump this off at what appeared to be an abandoned house? This definitely was Dewey’s lucky day!  As he walked around the house investigating for any other treasures he saw something big and round on  the back porch. It had numbers on it and Dewey knew how to count, for he was a smart cat; but he wasn’t quite sure what the words meant on it. He knew it wasn’t English words for sure or he could have figured it out, cause as I said he was a very smart cat. He could count and read. Yes, Dewey was unique. These words tho didn’t make sense to him, “C ‘est la vie” He pondered it, but was soon distracted again by the other treasure that he had found.

Splat, Splat, Oh No!  it was starting to rain! Dewey liked the taste of water but he did NOT like getting wet. He was glad the back porch had a covering over it as he ran back for shelter. It started raining harder and Dewey started getting a little nervous, for he never had been out in storms before. His servants made sure to keep him safe and warm inside if it was bad weather outside. He looked beside him and spotted that strange round thing again with those strange words,” C ‘est la vie”, and he sighed as he tried to not worry. Knowing that after the storm the sun would come out again, for it always had.

Dewey was rewarded for his patience,  as it was just a brief summer storm and soon it was just a little Pitter  Patter of raindrops that were falling. As Dewey stepped off the porch with his new treasure, he was feeling happy! It sure had been an exciting day.

Oh what was that sound? Whoa! Where had all those children come from? They sure must have known the value of a smile, for their was smiles on every face  and they were big ones. The kids were definitely cherishing the moment! Dewey soon saw the reason. The little ones were happily licking Strawberry Ice Cream Cones. The perfect summer treat. Seeing that made Dewey realize that his extra large breakfast was no longer as filling in his belly. But Dewey didn’t want ice cream, he was thinking of something else. A special treat of Carp was sounding really good to him at the moment!

With that tempting thought in his mind as his taste buds started started salivating, he began running towards home. He knew his servants would be SO pleased with the treasure that he was bringing home, that perhaps he would get the extra special treat of Carp. One could hope!

The Common Thread

Was thinking about my little 1 and 2 year olds  at work that I am eager to see again. Love how their eyes brighten up when I walk in the room and they come running on their little legs to be swept up into a hug and a kiss. Love how they have such energy and the littlest thing can totally excite them!  My co-workers and I can come to work tired and the little ones are just running circles around us and soon it becomes contagious! I mean did you ever try to doze off in a room of yelling, excited 1 and 2 year olds. Trust me, its not possible!! Now when they are sleeping like little angels in a dark room, then it can be more difficult not to drift off to  La La land.

While thinking of seeing them again, my mind drifted back to when I worked with the elderly. I loved working with them as well! I only stopped because being in my 20’s and  helping to lift residents and support their weight was not a problem. When my hip started bothering me as I got older the Dr kindly suggested I may want to think about getting a job easier on my hip. So hey, I can swing the 2 year olds around no problem!

No the elderly didn’t quite run to me when I walked into the room, but their smiles did light up their faces and I did get hugs. They could make your day with their compliments. “You look so beautiful”, when you knew that you really weren’t looking your best. “Aww sweetie, you are so kind, some man is going to be lucky to have you!, Oh you should have heard the ladies ooh and ahh over my engagement ring when I got it! And the men say,  “Well now if he don’t treat you right…you know there is always me, as they would try to straighten themselves up looking all proud and astute.

Yes, just like the Terrible 2’s , we did have the elderly temper tantrums also. There was the 1 room where you knew you would probably be yelled at for the majority of time that you were in there. The trick was to be as speedy as you could be without forgetting anything, because you really didn’t want to walk back in there after leaving!  There was the resident who pulled their call bell constantly and no it was NOT an emergency!   The resident who when getting a bath would say, water too hot, water too cold, too hot again and yeah I got sprayed a couple times by him getting hold of the sprayer. After me getting a little shower he would smile and the water temp would be just fine. Yes, it was the men you had to watch , they were the most sneaky!

What I learned the most tho was how was no matter what the situation, the resident was dealing with; it  was not what determined their personality. We could have residents who were in very bad physical shape BUT be the most cheerful people you could talk to. I still remember a woman confiding in me about her bad childhood and marriage and I sat there stunned, for she was such a sweet lady! Not a bitter one like you may think would come out of that. Sitting in their rooms and chatting with them was the best thing to do. They loved the company and I loved listening to their wisdom and stories from their heart.

I haven’t worked there for 5 years now, but there are residents that I will never forget. Ones that have emblazoned my heart with their wisdom, love and humor. There were residents there that proved how humor doesn’t have to go away with age! One man especially, (remember I said they were the sneaky ones!) He was spry and witty for his age and usually could pull one over on me. Especially when I worked day shift which started at 6am!

Being blessed with working with the elderly and the wee ones I learned that there is something very important that they both have in common. They want your time! The wee one wants to cuddle on your lap with a book or just to be held and rocked for a little. The elderly want to talk with someone. They don’t only  want you to help them with the daily tasks that they can’t manage anymore, they want you to get to know them.They want to relate to you!  Its a human need, we want relationship and whether we are 2 or nearing 100 we will always desire it!

Sunburn or Tan??

Oh doesn’t itching drive you crazy!! Was awakened in the middle of the night by it and was up for a little while. What was  the itching due to? No, not poison or bites, but the healing of sun burn!  Do  you remember me talking last week about sitting poolside with Amy, my sister-in -law, while on vacation?  This would be where the sun burn came from. When my hubby called me the sweet name of Little Lobster. It wasn’t THAT bad! But next to Amy I did look really red, which wasn’t fair! Both out same amount of time, she comes back in with like an instant tan, I come back in with  a ” Don’t touch me!” sun burn!

The pain turning into itching is a good sign of healing, but wasn’t exactly feeling good about that at 1:30 in the morning. My back, shoulders and legs could have used a nice soak in the tub, but again wasn’t feeling that motivated at that time of night! So I scratched, which of course just makes it keep itching, but what else was I supposed to do?

So can you identify with me? I know what an intriguing topic, but hey I am tired! Do you burn and get red or are you like Amy who gets a instant tan? When I was younger I tanned very easily. We could go to the beach and I would get some red on my face and that would be it, the rest of me would get darker. OH the younger years! 🙂

Like it was yesterday!! :): Yes, my sisters and I did this! I would come in the TAN One!


Take a look at the 'Sunburn' Wall Art on <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23zulily" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23zulily&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#zulily search Pinterest">#zulily</a> today!There was no sand at Amy’s pool, we said we have to change that for next summer. Hawaii, here we come!! Yeah, we like to dream 🙂 But hey I wouldn’t mind getting red near as much if I was in Hawaii!!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Hello everyone! The buzzing of the alarm clock this morning made it clear that vacation is over! Now to get back to “reality brain” instead of “vacation brain” , Ha! We had a nice time, being with family is always a treasured time and always a little sad to say goodbye. Wishing there wasn’t so many miles separating, but hours by car instead of days by car is a lot better, so will be glad that they aren’t further than they are.

Figured Tuesday’s Thoughts are a great day to start regularly posting again. You all like them, and it gives my brain a little time to catch up in order to think of a blog post for tomorrow. Will start thinking while doing all the “fun” vacation over list of things to do. Clean, laundry, grocery shop, unpack, etc. Have a great day my friends!

1.Top Life Quote Image

2.For all Alice in Wonderland fans we have collected some great inspiring quotes from the movie I love how they added moving quotes through out the movie So read and share them with your friends &nbs…: (now I am all for trying to find the smiles through the pain, BUT…I was drawn to this quote, because we all have those times where the smile are  just too hard at the moment and we treasure the ones who stay by our side in the dark!)

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6.Yes.  I'm feeling this. Super challenges lately, but I keep hearing a whisper that says, Don't stop... Keep going... You're on the right track. Trusting the flow, even through some minor moments of doubt and panic. Lol. Thank god that shit never lasts too long and there's always a *sign* right around the corner.  (image via @25park ):

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So which ones do you like? Keep Smiling…It makes people wonder 🙂

Now you know the TRUE STORY!

Hello everyone! Came in from the sun, feeling it on my shoulders. Probably should have came in sooner, but just so relaxing to be out there chatting with a nice breeze going. I do have something important to explain tho, and that is what this post is about. A more unique post, but one I believe you will enjoy!

If you have read my Friday’s 6 word story post and the comments on my “From the Mountains to the Cornfields”post , then you will understand what this post is about. You see there has been a some mischievous comments made by a Father and Daughter team that call themselves the Dynamic Duo or Double Trouble actually fits better! Comments about packages that I send to myself and jackalopes and the latest ones are  about  mugs from my home state of Pennsylvania that I sent to the Daughter. If you have read what they say was stated on the mug, it is WRONG! I am writing this to set the record straight.Sit back  and enjoy the tale!

How did the exchange of witty comments and gag gifts start? It started by me innocently, remember I am the INNOCENT one here,  following a blog by Colin. He is half of the Double Trouble team. In getting to know him he introduced me  to Melanie, his daughter through email. She turned out to be only a year younger than me. Our emails quickly  turned to texts, which turned to phone calls. We hit it off at once, and talked about everything. In our conversation her Dad was brought up, and I commented on how I was seeing his wit come through, as I got to know him. She said, “No one can outwit Dad!” When she said that I took it as a challenge! Little did I know what I was really getting into! I dealt with being told to write about Nuclear Physics effects on economies of Third World Countries to being asked to interpret a Latin inscription that was on a  old, relic flower pot! Yeah, I actually asked on Facebook for help with that one. Fortunately only 2 people responded asking what the phrase was. I messaged it to them and well, we will leave it at that. I believe they are still laughing! I have experienced quite frequent occasions of heat rising in my red cheeks since I have met this Double Trouble Duo.

I was realizing how accurate  Melanie was when talking about her Dad’s wit.That  something had to change. One day the fictional Jackalope came to my mind. I thought Hey, these are Canadians, maybe they never heard of the Jackalope 🙂 So I INNOCENTLY texted Melanie asking if they have Jackalopes up there. Her reply, “Yup, we BBQ them!” Now, I KNEW she was fooling me for you can’t BBQ a fake animal, unless maybe she was thinking of a Jack Rabbit 🙂 I really should have left it go, but I felt compelled to answer and texted back “Seriously?” Yeah, it pretty much went downhill from there for me! I got taken into the Witty world of Melanie and told how her Dad, Colin has a secret BBQ recipe sauce for jackalopes. That they don’t BBQ the horns, for that would just be silly! They use those as stock in soup. I should have known, right?  And of course Melanie had to mention it to Colin, see that is where the Dynamic Duo comes in to play. For she wanted to make sure it was Jackalope they BBQ’ed and not Rhinophant. He informed her it was, as Rhinophants have too hard and scaly of a back! I so needed to know that !

Can you imagine my face as these texts are pouring in? Can you see how my brain can get muddled? I wasn’t sure what to do, but knew I had to go above and beyond just making witty remarks. That my friends is where the packages came in!

I decided to send this Dynamic Duo each a special package. BUT my brain was so befuddled that yes I did put the wrong address on and yes the packages did come back to me but can you blame me?? See the important information that Colin left out when he was making comments about this incident.  I was truly worried for my friends that believed in fantasy animals and decided that if I couldn’t get them to not believe in the Jackalope that I would pacify them. I would go along pretending but encourage them to SAVE the JACKALOPE, not BBQ them, for that is just mean! So mugs were sent as reminders. Mugs that had the Jackalopes picture and said SAVE THE JACKALOPE!  Unfortunately their poor minds are so mixed up by believing in 2 fantasy animals, you  can’t forget the Rhinophant. They are so discombobulated that the one mug sent to Melanie they believe  says something totally different!! I tried numerous times to assure them that the mug did not say that, but alas I have failed.2  more packages are still in transit with different things that I am really hoping they will be able to properly identify. Tho I do have some concern about the outcome. If I had known how badly they would misinterpret the one mug, I would have perhaps did some re thinking of the other items I sent. They do say hindsight is 20/20.

So my friends be prepared, for I am sure you will hear more when those packages arrive! Just remember when you see a comment by Colin or Melanie, these are people that believe in fantasy animals. Are you really going to believe what they say came in the packages from me??? But be nice to them, they can’t help that they are CONFUSED!

Yes, the battle of wits continues, or as Melanie likes to say , The Dance. She has stated that NO ONE has ever brought this Father and Daughter team down, I say its about time someone does and who better for it to be than yours truly , ME 🙂 Don’t you agree?

Just to clarify, so no one is thinking wrongly, this is all done in fun. No hard feelings exist! We are great friends and I am honestly truly thankful for them! Thankful even when I am making faces at “them” when I look at the computer or my phone! That one day when I make that trip to the far off land of Canada, that there will be hugs shared. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE the hugs  will quickly be  followed by overdue, well deserved SWATS made on their arms!