Blown by the Wind

It was a lovely Fall day as the Mom and preschooler were shopping at the store. Wendy wasn’t really interested in shopping, for Mom had said she wouldn’t be buying any toys today!  So Wendy  dragged along beside her Mom with a pouty face,  counting down the time. Looking down at the floor, but then she smelled something sweet. She looked up and was excited to see a table full of chocolate chip cookies and the person behind the table was handing them out!  She urgently tugged on her  Mom’s sleeve! Smiling at her Mom handed Wendy  a cookie,  along with a purple balloon!! They were handing them out as well. Suddenly Wendy felt a lot better about having to go shopping with Mom.

As they walked out of the store her Mom told her to hang on tight to the balloon, for it was windy. Wendy tried, but to her disappointment the balloon freed itself from her tight fist and sailed away!! Tears started to come, but her Mom quickly soothed her as they walked back in to get another balloon.This time her Mom held it on the way to the car. As they drove away Wendy said, “Mommy where do you think my balloon went?” The Mom responded with , “I wouldn’t know, the wind can carry it far, but maybe it went to another little boy or girl, to make them smile.” Wendy smiled to herself at that thought; as she held on  tightly to her purple balloon.

A few miles away Madeline was sitting in her backyard, on her son’s swing. She would make the swing go every now and then, but mostly was only sitting there as memories of her son rolled down her face. She buried her face in the soft, stuffed toy that she was holding. It had been her son’s favorite stuffed animal. A jackalope! All of  his friends had envied him, for none of them had a jackalope. It was unique! Unique, just like her little boy. OH how she missed him so!

A few moments later, she jumped as something lightly touched her shoulder. She looked as a purple balloon fell into her lap. Looking into the sky she wondered if the balloon had come from a group of balloons that had been  let go, but No, she didn’t see any traces of other balloons in the sky. Gazing at the balloon, she had to smile, for purple was Connor’s favorite color! She smiled at the memory of his laughter, as he played with a dozen purple balloons that had come in a BIG Balloon Bouquet from his grandparents for his birthday.

Grabbing the string from the balloon in one hand and the Jackalope in the other she walked back into the house, thankful for the little reminder of her son’s smile. She set the balloon free in the house, as she let it float around, feeling his love surround her.


24 thoughts on “Blown by the Wind

  1. There was an excellent movie released back in the 1956 called “The Red Balloon”. It was a French short movie (36 mins) but there were no spoken words (just music background and sounds), and you followed a balloon through it’s life! It received all sorts of awards and was a rather emotional movie. If you get a chance to see it, I think that you will like it (but have Kleenex nearby!) 🙂

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