Dewey’s Secret Treasure

Dewey stretched as  he woke up. At first he thought it was Tuesday and was glad, for that meant his curious mind would be put to rest about something. At least he hoped it was by Tuesday, possibly could be Wednesday, but no later! Yes, he had heard that saying, “Curiosity killed the Cat”, and he wasn’t real fond of it! What do they know, he thought. If it wasn’t going to be Tuesday  then a lazy Saturday was second best. Not that any day was a real hard day for Dewey. His tough decisions consisted of either laying  on the couch,  or stretching out  in his sunny spot on the patio. Whether he roamed out to the unknown for adventure, or stayed  home blessing  his servants with his  company. They did need reminded at times that he was the one in charge. With decisions like these he really couldn’t go wrong.

As those thoughts coursed through his mind, he glanced beside him at his treasure.  Dewey  loved what he had found, when he was out  on his adventure, about a week ago. He really wasn’t sure what it was at first.  He only knew it was so  SOFT and that is why he enjoyed laying next to it. He made sure to treat it with the UTMOST CARE , for he didn’t want anything to happen to it! Its face was so cute, and he could see in its eyes that all it needed was Tender, Loving,  Care. The eyes were a fiery  red;  a rare color for a rare animal. Yes, Dewey had  found out that he was the proud owner of a very rare treasure. He had  heard his man servant call it a Jackalope! His man servant had said that while waving his arms wildly around. Dewey wasn’t quite sure what made his servant’s hands move when his mouth opened. Something apparently unique to humans, and he might never understand it. He did see other humans move their hands while talking but their movements appeared to make more sense;  unlike his man servant, who only  waved his hands about in a nonsensical way. Oh well, whatever makes him happy.

Dewey had never heard of that before, but considering that he was an above average cat he soon recognized the special abilities this Jackalope had. When the servants weren’t watching,  Dewey and his new friend would race in the yard and Dewey always ended up losing. Probably from eating wayyyy too much lasagna! The Jackalope was skilled at climbing trees with Dewey as well. It was like there was nothing his new friend couldn’t accomplish!  This was why Dewey made it his goal to take care of him, for he found out that they can live to be 100 years old! He didn’t really know how old that was, but it sure sounded like a LONG time! He thought his servants, especially the man one, was pretty close to that age.

When the stars would come out at night and all was quiet at the house Dewey learned that his friend had another talent. The Jackalope could hum! See how amazing they are!  He didn’t do it when the servants were around, only for Dewey. He would hum, as Dewey would purr. When a  full moon was  shining bright, the humming could get a lot more intense.

Well enough thinking, it was time to wake up his new friend. They needed to get going. Would it be a day of adventure of new discoveries, or just the adventure from moving from Dewey’s bed to the couch?  If they did move to the couch, Dewey would remember one thing. He would be sure to take his Jackalope friend with him, when he went to eat some treats. The one time his Jackalope was stuffed full of all the popcorn he had eaten, (that is special jackalope food) that Dewey had let him stay on the couch. He came back just in time to see his man servant give the Jackalope a little toss out of his way! Well Dewey sprang into action and swatted the man with his paws as he hissed. That was the last time that happened. The man had learned to treat the Jackalope with the respect he deserved; but Dewey wasn’t taking any more chances.

With that thought the 2 friends raced out the back door to go lay in the sun and dream! They wondered  what the day would bring!

21 thoughts on “Dewey’s Secret Treasure

  1. Yes, I can well imagine that they would wonder what the day would bring! Perhaps the jackalope would decide to have an adventure on his own? Perhaps he would respond to a desire to go north? Perhaps he would be kidnapped by a strange lady and stuffed into an envelope and sent somewhere? Who knows?


  2. Ha ha, good one, this reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes, a stuffed jackalope that comes to life only when people are not watching. I look forward to all the mischief Dewey and his new pal will get into! 🙂

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    • LOL! My husband loved Calvin and Hobbes, had several of their comic books. I hadn’t thought of the similarity when writing this.
      I will tell you this, you will be as surprised as me about the mischief 🙂 for right now I don’t know what is coming next!


  3. Well, I’ll be switched! A stuffed jackalope would never, ever have occurred to me as the treasure. Maybe Dewey will quit being such a layabout since he has a new friend, but I doubt it. Especially considering how much they both like sunny spots.

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    • Yes, Dewey knows how to give TLC to his Jackalope friend for sure! You are right to think that the “man servant” should have learned his lesson from Dewey and be full of TLC to show towards the Jackalope now. But you never know he could be slow to learn!!


    • You may get a surprise Ameena! You may learn that either Dewey, or somebody else, brutally stuffed jackalope into an envelope and sent him out of the country… despite the fact that jackalopes are prone to claustrophobia, and despite the fact that hey only survive with lots of TLC. In fact, with Carolyn’s creativity, it wouldn’t surprise me if he arrived at his destination deceased…. suffocated. Who knows?

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