What are your Footprints?

Last night I was going back through some of my Friday’s 6 word stories from a year ago. I found one that said, “What footprints are you leaving behind?” So what do your footprints look like? What will people say when you are gone about the path you left behind? Was it a path of cheer, encouragement and love towards others? A path of a giving heart, of valuing people more than things?

I read a quote that said something similar to , “No one ever stood up at a funeral and said, She had such a lovely couch!” It’s so true! When my brother died, he didn’t leave a lot of possessions behind, he wasn’t who he was because of what he owned. Lines and lines of people didn’t come to the funeral  because of all the great things he had. They came because of who he was! They came because of his footprints of kindness, love to so many. It didn’t matter if you were young, middle-aged or old, he related to all. We got letters from the young and the old at how he touched their lives with his compassion, humor and zest for life. I am sure I repeated this before in a post, but felt like it bared repeating again in this crazy rat race that we have today!

Life is not about climbing the ladder to success as far as your salary goes. It is about climbing the ladder to success of how you develop your spirit within you. Are you leaving footprints of a bitter, contentious spirit or of a loving, giving one? A strong, fighting spirit, no matter what comes your way, or do you give in to the curve balls that are thrown your way in this journey of life? Not saying you never fall down with the weight of circumstances, hard things do happen, but its how we handle those times that will leave a impression on those left behind.  Falling down is fine, as another quote says that I always have loved. “Our friends give us wings to fly when ours are too broken.” Thank goodness for friends and family who do that! That is another important part of the footprints you leave behind. How many wings have you given to others to help them fly?

No one is perfect, not even my brother; tho he did have a perfect little sister 🙂 Ha Ha! I am kidding!! No, we can’t be perfect, but it doesn’t mean we don’t strive to be the best we can. Strive to leave a smile on others hearts when they think of you;  for that my friends is what people are going to remember. How did you make their heart feel?

Thank you to the ones who have left a legacy behind that have inspired me, to the ones who inspire me as they tread through life today. The ones who have  definitely made  my heart smile! The size of your bank account means diddly squat if you have never left a smile on someone’s heart by touching someone else’s heart with the love from yours.

10 thoughts on “What are your Footprints?

  1. An excellent Post Carolyn and you really did “nail” the meaning of life. The only guarantee we get in this life is that one day it will end. It WILL end! It makes so much sense to use our remaining time for positive and humane endeavors.
    It makes so much sense to find a quiet space; a few moments, and ponder the question “How would I want to be remembered?” The next question of course is “What can I do to be remembered in such a way?”
    Again … great Post. Love it! 🙂

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