A different kind of Knight!

Another scorcher of a day here, only 10am and close to 90 degrees. It is pretty to look out at the bright sunshine tho. I was sitting here laughing about a incident that happened last night that my dear daughter of course had to share on Facebook. Just another typical incident in the life of me. I told her how she really needs to be appreciative that I keep life so exciting! Anyway that made me remember about another incident a few months back that I don’t think was ever shared on here and I needed a idea for today’s post so here you go. Enjoy the smile and the little lesson that comes with it.

I had stopped at Sheetz, which is a gas station/convenience store, that serves good food as well as slushies. We have one close enough to walk to and my daughters have made good use of it over time. Unfortunately this day I was not at the one that was within walking distance of us. I was only  planning on making a quick stop for a quick bite to eat and be on my way. The food was made quickly and I got in my van and started it up, sputter, sputter, cough, cough and it dies! This had not been the first time it had happened, we had been  having intermittent problems with it refusing to start. Was hard for the mechanic to find, for of course it was working well when we would take it there. Sometimes we could sit and wait and it would start again, but this time NOPE! My one friend said how I should have talked nicer to it and maybe it would have started, Ha Ha!

I popped the hood and grabbed the jumper cables and thought OK, do I need to go up to someone and ask or should they be able to tell that by me holding jumper cables in my hand with the hood open, may suggest I need help?? I was going with the latter, but no one was coming. Now there was a older teen sitting at a outside table munching away on his sandwich with his ear buds on watching me. I guess he was wondering if I really knew what I was doing, but he made no statements, just kept watching. I am not sure what exciting thing he expected to see happen. But he was a curious onlooker like the car right next to me. Yes, you heard right the car right next to me! Perfect position for me to hook my cables up to. He was busy eating as well with his windows rolled up and just watching. I was beginning to think there was a hidden camera around somewhere. Cars kept zooming out of the parking lot as I stood there and I decided that obviously people weren’t getting the message, so I would go inside and ask for help. I kept the jumper cables in my hand as I walked in. They were fairly new cables still in the plastic. Remember that fact.

I walk in the store and it was busy. Long line of people waiting at the register. I asked someone for help and…..a employee comes up to me and informs me that I cannot sell jumper cables there!! That they don’t sell jumper cables there and I can’t come in trying to sell some!! I was struck speechless as this whole line of people in front of the register are looking at me. I turned around shaking my head and just had to laugh, for as my friends say, “Only you….this kind of stuff only happens to you!” It is so true!

I exit the store thinking over my options. Earbud guy was still sitting at the table, I figured why not ask. I went up to him and he politely took out his ear buds and I asked for help with the cables. His response…”I walked here, don’t have a car.”  I thanked him and noticed that the sandwich eating guy in the car that had been next to me was gone, so he wasn’t an option. Then I spied it. A man sitting in his car smoking a cigarette with tattoos up and down his arm that he had resting on the window. Being that at this point my options were really limited, for I was NOT walking back into the store again, I walked up to the guy.

Not only did he get my van running again, he was so very polite and nice. Yes, Mr. Tattoo guy had come to my rescue. Remember your “hero” doesn’t always appear in shining armor riding a white horse!

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