Which one is it?


This picture reminded me of our Yorkie who been taking guard by our tree for the past couple days now. At one time there was a squirrel up in the very top of the tree and Lilly, our Yorkie was going nuts. Of course the squirrel refused to come down, and Lilly refused to leave, tho eventually she had to give in. When she did the squirrel came flying down. From the top of the tree straight to the ground, THUD! Was up and running in a flash. I think its heart must have been pumping wildly fast.

In spite of the squirrel leaving, Lilly has been convinced that it will come back and is persistent in remaining guard at the tree from Morning to Night. She will come in for breaks of water and food and then be begging to go out again. Open the door, she runs to the shade of the tree and sits and waits. So is it persistence, or vain hope?Β  I find it unlikely that a squirrel is going to come running right up to her to say “HI”, but the look on her face as she continually gazes up the tree does almost make you feel sorry for her. Persistence can be a very good thing, but thinking she will have to retreat eventually in this situation. Apparently that is not a option this morning tho, as she waited at the door once more for me and is now sitting once again at the foot of the tree looking up.

Keep looking up girl, you never know!Β  Maybe a blind flying squirrel will land next to you! Hey, you never know! Persistence can pay off at times πŸ™‚

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