Do you enjoy driving? I will admit that if I could have a personal chauffeur I would go for it in a minute! As I mentioned in a post before, my sense of direction is not exactly great. This is why my husband has always driven on vacation and I read the map. Haha! Kidding! He would pull over to read the map, before we got a GPS. OH there were times that I did try to read the map,  the results? Like I said, he would pull over. It was hard enough to fold the the map back to its original form, much less read it! I’m not the only one right that has ever had trouble folding a big map??

When we would go on vacation and our girls were babies and toddlers; I was in charge of finding the pacifier that dropped out of their mouths or their toy that they threw. Leaning over the seat to give the bottle to stop the crying while still trying to manage staying buckled in to my seat.Or  just giving  them my hand to try to soothe them and usually ending up with a cramp from stretching. Distributing the snacks as they got older, for you know riding in a car makes you very hungry and answering the “How much longer yet?” question for the 100th time!

My kids have grown, so no more holding bottles or looking for toys while driving. No, now they are teens and  now when I am trying to doze , its “Mom, Mom, do you have the car charger for my phone?” , I sit up as I fumble to look for it and say “Yes”, only to hear.”I don’t need it now.” Seriously!! Yup, this conversation did happen on this past road trip! Oh and then another time it was , “Mom, Mom, I’m hungry!” I sit up and look right at her and say, “Did you look in the bag right across from your feet?” She looks and WOW, there was food in the bag!

As much as I  can easily get lost, there are times I do enjoy driving. I enjoy driving alone when I know where I am going and I turn on the radio and sing away, lost in my thoughts. That is relaxing to me, tho may be the reason to why I pass where I want to turn at times. I also found out that becoming lost in the song can cause police sirens behind you cause perhaps I was going a tad faster than the speed limit. Yes, this happened a couple years back when I was with my girls and we were all listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack. A great soundtrack!! Rather ironic tho that the song we were singing to at the time the cop stopped me was “Money, Money” Yup, I sang the song and watched the money say goodbye as I got handed the ticket.

I also enjoy driving with my husband on longer than normal rides, giving us time to talk or just enjoying each others company as we listen to the radio.

I have found as well, that driving with my girls can give us time to talk also, sometime it can be serious and sometimes just shooting the breeze. But its uninterrupted time together.

It’s Sunday, do you have plans? If not, go take a scenic drive with your loved ones and enjoy some uninterrupted time. Just make sure not to start jamming to much to the radio  and driving a little too fast, unless you want to have some uninterrupted time with a police officer!


9 thoughts on “Drive

    • True, but the problem wasn’t her needing to use it. The problem was her waking me up to make sure we had it so that WHEN she would need to use it it would be there! That’s what I was like, Are you kidding me! But yes its so important that she just needed to double check. I mean we can’t be looking for a car charger when the phone needs to be charged, wasting all that valuable time. LOL!


    • Yeah, it was a experience! The more embarrasing part was that he was following me a little ways he said, before I realized it! My daughter had the music turned up a little too loud apparently and yes we were just caught up in it! That honestly is the only time something like that ever happened! 🙂


      • Many years ago I was driving my brother back to college. We came across this long, flat boring road and I got caught up in being mesmerized by the road (boring!) and before I knew it a state police was driving next to me motioning for me to pull over. He was mad! I pulled over and found out I had been driving 90 miles an hour! He had been following me for a long way with his lights on and I didn’t even know it. Very embarassing!

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