Dewey’s Surprising Day

Good Afternoon  friends! Had more trouble  getting going this morning,but hey I made it, and Saturdays are supposed to be more laid backed, right? Well, at least for some of us. My hubby went to work today, leaving the house at 5:30am. I did manage to say a sleepy goodbye from the coziness of my bed. Just so you know, there are mornings that I do manage to get up with him and see him off. Not going to say how coherent I am those mornings, but I do make it to the door for a kiss and hug goodbye 🙂

I was reminded about Dewey today,  and decided to do a follow up post about him.  You can read about his first adventure in this post from a month ago.The Adventures of Dewey

Dewey’s Surprising Day

The rising sun  shined through the windows onto Dewey. He stretched and yawned, today was here! He had been dreaming of this day, but now he just wanted to shut his eyes and dream some more. No, he was going to get up! He had decided that today was the day he was going to dare to take the risk and step out of his yard. He longed to know what all  laid  beyond  his  picket fence.

Before adventuring there was one very important thing he HAD to do and that was to  eat of course. He was  hoping he could get his servants to feed him a little extra this morning, for who knew how long he would be gone. Oh, here came the man servant now. Dewey purred as he rubbed against his legs and looked up at him with his shining, bewitching  green eyes. He pleaded as hard as he could with his eyes and it worked! He got one over on the man! It was pretty easy to do that. He got 3 extra scoops of food, the man sure was helping Dewey’s belly out and he  was happy! With a full tummy Dewey went out the door and over the fence.  Let the adventure begin!

He started walking  through the lush green grass on this summer’s day. The hour was early, so the air was still comfortable. OH, what was that poking through the grass? The color was so pretty. It was a few blue feathers. Normally if Dewey saw feathers, he would be thinking of birds right away and looking for prey, but these feathers made him feel different. He didn’t smell any bird scent on them and he was entranced by the color, for it was the same color as his warm, cozy bed. Feeling peaceful he continued on to find his next treasure.

As he strolled, he heard the sounds around him. A farmer plowing his fields, and the sound in the distance of flowing water. He wanted to find that water, for he was getting thirsty. Dewey decided to pick up the pace and run a little towards the water. Ahhh!! He could see it now. The lake was shimmering with ripples running over it.  He ran to the edge of it and started drinking. He was content, his belly full, his mouth no longer dry, no worries did he have. He purred in contentment giving  his best cat smile. Dewey had overheard his servant talking about the value in a smile, so Dewey tried to do it more. It did make him feel happy to smile. Especially if it meant he got extra food, didn’t always happen, but this morning it had worked!

As he was taking a little snooze by the lake, he heard something rustle in the grass nearby. His ears perked up and he was getting in his pounce mode. He saw it, it was a flash of white that quickly shot by. Dewey took off running  as fast as he could go, adrenaline pumping.

Was this creature ever going to stop? Dewey’s adrenaline was running out.  He was getting closer and closer to it, and in a moment  as quick as it had came it disappeared into the ground! Dewey was perplexed, how on earth? He ran to where he had seen it disappear and spotted  a hole. The White Rabbit had gone down the hole! Dewey thought for a moment about following it, but got distracted by something he saw that laid beyond the hole. Forgetting the perplexing white rabbit,  he ran towards the object. It was a box that looked like it had been open and there was something sticking out of it! Dewey approached slowly for he didn’t know if this thing was alive or not. WOW! When he got close enough to see it, he couldn’t believe it! Why would someone just dump this off at what appeared to be an abandoned house? This definitely was Dewey’s lucky day!  As he walked around the house investigating for any other treasures he saw something big and round on  the back porch. It had numbers on it and Dewey knew how to count, for he was a smart cat; but he wasn’t quite sure what the words meant on it. He knew it wasn’t English words for sure or he could have figured it out, cause as I said he was a very smart cat. He could count and read. Yes, Dewey was unique. These words tho didn’t make sense to him, “C ‘est la vie” He pondered it, but was soon distracted again by the other treasure that he had found.

Splat, Splat, Oh No!  it was starting to rain! Dewey liked the taste of water but he did NOT like getting wet. He was glad the back porch had a covering over it as he ran back for shelter. It started raining harder and Dewey started getting a little nervous, for he never had been out in storms before. His servants made sure to keep him safe and warm inside if it was bad weather outside. He looked beside him and spotted that strange round thing again with those strange words,” C ‘est la vie”, and he sighed as he tried to not worry. Knowing that after the storm the sun would come out again, for it always had.

Dewey was rewarded for his patience,  as it was just a brief summer storm and soon it was just a little Pitter  Patter of raindrops that were falling. As Dewey stepped off the porch with his new treasure, he was feeling happy! It sure had been an exciting day.

Oh what was that sound? Whoa! Where had all those children come from? They sure must have known the value of a smile, for their was smiles on every face  and they were big ones. The kids were definitely cherishing the moment! Dewey soon saw the reason. The little ones were happily licking Strawberry Ice Cream Cones. The perfect summer treat. Seeing that made Dewey realize that his extra large breakfast was no longer as filling in his belly. But Dewey didn’t want ice cream, he was thinking of something else. A special treat of Carp was sounding really good to him at the moment!

With that tempting thought in his mind as his taste buds started started salivating, he began running towards home. He knew his servants would be SO pleased with the treasure that he was bringing home, that perhaps he would get the extra special treat of Carp. One could hope!

25 thoughts on “Dewey’s Surprising Day

  1. I do love these stories 🙂 I like to think Oxford (my own version of Dewey) would be so positive and sweet (although sometimes with the looks I get, I’m not so sure!). He’s giving me that same look right now! Lol

    Also, well-spotted on the funny clock 😉 Fun story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad you enjoy the stories. So what does Oxford look like? 🙂 LOL about the looks he gives you.

      I figured I would surprise you with the clock! Thanks for the inspiration from your post. Never know what may surprise you in my posts 🙂


  2. Aww Dewey… My grandma loves cats and to my enormous nightmare then (due to my phobia), she always has them each time I go on holiday. I Remember being around when one of her cat gave birth to four kittens 😊
    I enjoyed Following Dewey through his exciting adventure today Joy 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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