Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning my friends! Another lovely day, planning to lay by sister-in-law’s pool and get caught up on chatting. Wishing there weren’t so many miles that separated us, for if it wasn’t for the miles we would have many more pool side chats! Have to say my hubby has 1 AWESOME sister, love her!

Would love to have poolside chats with all of you as well. I am sure it would be fun and entertaining! Tho there are some of you that I am thinking of now,  that may “accidentally” get pushed into the pool! Don’t worry, if you are questioning whether I am referring to you, you can rest assured I am not. Pretty sure that the ones I am talking about are quite CLEVER enough to figure it out! 🙂

Wasn’t sure if I would have quotes to post today, but with having more time to read now I have chosen quotes that I have highlighted in my different books on my Kindle. Not as many this time,  gotta keep it short, being that I am constantly needing to watch behind me for my “dear” nephew. He has enjoyed very much the way I jump when he pokes me in the ribs.And being that he is 14 and just about 6ft tall I can’t exactly take him over my knee!

Enjoy the quotes and have a wonderful day!

1. “Bad things happen, but they’re only a launching pad for the great things that are ahead.” From “Gone by Dark”

2. “Because grief is not a place to stay, its a doorway to pass through.” From “Flowers in the Snow”

3. “Sometimes the only way to get out of hell is to hustle. You can’t go over it, you can’t turn around and go back, but you can run until you see the light of day again.” From “Kiss in the Wind”

4. “If nothing is ever lost, you don’t get to experience the wonderment and joy of rediscovering it.” From “Kiss in the Wind”

5. “I just hope that he’s not focused so much on what isn’t true, that he misses what is true!” From “Dedication”

6. Hope is the thing  with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all. From “The Poetry of Emily Dickinson”

 For the last one, it may not be real deep, but I am sure you all have  learned that I have to throw some light hearted ones in 🙂 And this one fits pretty well right now. It’s one I have told others and one I have been told. I bet that proves true for some of you as well!

7. “You know that you’re not going to have a moments peace from now on, don’t you? You are always going to be wondering when the payback is coming!”



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