Not Thumper the Rabbit

Good Morning Friends! I wasn’t planning on writing this as a post, BUT I thought of how this week has consisted of posts that have dealt with heavy issues; like letting go of pain and letting others help you through the pain, and holding onto hope in the dark. With all that, I thought that perhaps it was time to write a more light-hearted one!

When I was 11 my family took a trip out to the mountains of Colorado. It was beautiful! I remember being in awe of the mountains, definitely NOT like the mountains in Pennsylvania. We went out there to visit my sister’s soon-to-be husband 🙂 and meet his family. My brother-in-law to be had a good sense of humor, so we of course hit it off. He told me about one of the creatures that lived in the mountains of Colorado that we probably never saw in the foothills of Pa. I loved Thumper from Bambi, but this creature had something that set it apart from Thumper, he said.  It was a rabbit, but it had antlers! Well I was eager to see it! We tried to find it, but it was  very elusive.. I mean there are a lot of places to hide when you are in the mountains, and rabbits are speedy!

But hey, there were gift shops and they had this creature in them. Well of course not the real thing, but you could get post cards with it on, souvenir spoons with it and stuffed toysIt looked so cute.

Before our visit ended I was informed that the cute,  little creature in the gift shops was the ONLY place this creature lived!  Yes, I had been fooled big time!

My sister and brother-in-law have been married for 33 years now and the good natured teasing has continued! I had forgotten this story until scrolling through Pinterest one day and WOW  there was a picture I recognized, and it took me back many years ago!

With seeing that picture, I got what I thought was a BRIGHT idea! WELL lets just say the idea did NOT turn out exactly as planned. Actually not at all as planned, but I did learn something incredible! I need to let my brother-in-law know that he was wrong!  This creature does exist! We  were looking in the wrong place. It moved out of Colorado into the wilderness of Canada!!

Yes, legend has that it has been spotted there; tho the Royal Mounties haven’t been able to catch it, due to their horses being too slow! But they have been seen it. In fact there is another creature that has been seen at the Jackalope’s side. A Rhinophant!  You never know what you will find in Canada 🙂


Image result for jackalope: Jackalope Crossing: West Texas Jackalope


Lesson learned

This morning started out  with a loud boom and crack awakening me from my peaceful slumber! My husband had left a hour earlier, and I had fallen back to sleep instantly, but wasn’t sleeping anymore. We were having a thunderstorm. You know they only happen when you are sleeping! For once I made myself get up the thunder stopped! The bed looked real inviting, but I had to be at work earlier this morning, so knew there was no going back.

Get to work and chaos reigned. You have that when you take care of 1 and 2 year olds. Sometimes it is not as chaotic and more serene, but today I think they all were awakened by the thunder too! They were not happy. Amidst their running around and crawling on me they kept hitting the very sore spot on my leg. I think that is another rule. If you have a sore spot on your body, the little ones will somehow manage to touch it often! The sore spot reminded me of last evening and the incident that happened.

My daughter was excitedly waiting for the Fed Ex truck to come with a package that she had ordered. I knew this was going to be a very large package, weighing around 100 pounds! It came and she was like “Come Mom, help me carry it!” Yeah, now you all probably understand about my leg before I even tell 🙂 Well as all good Moms do, I went out to help her. The Fed Ex guy smiled at me as he slid the package off a ramp from the back of the truck and set it on our driveway and then drove away. The package was very wide, my daughter grabbed a end and I was supposed to get the other. I was stretching my arms as far as they could go. A handle on the box would have been a lot nicer and easier. We started walking and I was like, Yeah I can do this, we don’t need to wait for my husband to get home. Stumble, stumble, OUCH…our porch made contact with my shin bone scraping the skin off. It did hurt, but at the moment my daughter and I were more convulsed in laughter cause of how I am sure it looked to her and any neighbors that were out and about. We did manage to get in right inside the front door and then I was done! Lesson learned?  It saves yourself pain if you don’t try carrying the heavy load by yourself.

Recently as I been going through hard struggles, I have had to reach out to others to help carry the load. This  doesn’t naturally come easy for me, for I like to be the one who encourages instead. It’s easy for me to hide my pain and to say to myself, I can do this. But all that does is make the load heavier to carry and more chance of me stumbling and causing myself unnecessary pain. Pain,  when there are people standing by more than willing  to help. Did I mention that my other daughter was inside?  She was like, “Why didn’t you call me?” Because I thought, how hard can it be. My leg is reminding me right now that I was wrong!

As humans we are created to need each other, to be there for each other, not to feel that we have to do everything on our own! Don’t be afraid to drop your mask and admit when you are struggling and need a helping hand. It’s not a sign of weakness, its a sign of being smart and strong enough to tell yourself that this is TOO BIG of a package to carry on my own. AND you sometimes need to enlist more than just 1 person to help .I have no  problem admitting that my 14 year old is physically stronger than me, she was born strong 🙂 But we  still needed more people. Sometimes the package is sooo big that you need a large group of caring people to help! The point is, STOP facing scary, painful things alone.  Don’t add to your pain, help subtract from it by the loving support of those around you!

PS. You may wonder why I am ending with a picture of a Tropical Island 🙂 Well in my post yesterday I ended with a picture of a child in the rain with ducks by her side. Today as I went to leave work I got to the door and it was POURING. Not sprinkling or drizzling, but pouring! I remembered the picture in my post yesterday and so I did try and smile as I was getting drenched, while going to my car! And on the  way home thought to myself, Hey maybe if I put a picture of a Tropical Island in my post , there will be airline tickets waiting for me tomorrow in my mailbox 🙂 Yeah, I am a dreamer, but what can it hurt! Enjoy the picture!

Maldives, a Beautiful, Secluded <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23Tropical" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23Tropical&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#Tropical search Pinterest">#Tropical</a> Paradise and a Top <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23Dreamdestination" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23Dreamdestination&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#Dreamdestination search Pinterest">#Dreamdestination</a> <a class="pintag" href="/explore/travel/" title="#travel explore Pinterest">#travel</a>

Letting Go

♥•✿Soaring High In The Sky, A Beautiful Dove, Representing The Divine Spirit; Our Free Will And . . .Love ~ C.C.Crystal~ ♥•✿ڿڰۣ .:

Letting go of bitterness, of anger, of pain can make you feel so free inside! Makes your heart full of color, instead of feeling black and dismal gray.

BUT it is a process and can be hard to do.

When we been deeply hurt learning to let go of the pain and fly again isn’t easy. But oh the reward we get when we can do it.

Yes, I know this for a fact. I am in the process of letting go of deep hurts and on the days that I feel I have conquered it pretty well I do truly feel lighter inside. Lighter than on the days where it feels like a ton of bricks is inside me.

I have always encouraged others to let go of bitterness. Have quoted the saying many times, “Bitterness is the poison that we drink hoping to kill our enemy.” Now my belief in that has been put to the test and most days I feel I pass, but there are the days where I feel the poison sign is hidden from my view. Where the cup looks inviting instead and you are so thirsty and feel you have a strong right to drink from that cup and so you do. But instead of it satisfying your thirst, it just leaves you feeling empty inside,  as the colors drain from your heart.

Are you justified in wanting to drink from that cup, you very well may be!  Should you do it? NO! Look for  another cup to drink from. A cup that really will satisfy your thirst!

The cup of love, of friendship, of faith and laughter!!

Those are the cups that will leave your heart feeling more vibrant, more alive!

Drink from them and let your light shine!

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the Rain!”

The Great Race; Jake Olson Studios; small children and animals, even in the rain provide times for pictures:

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning!! Spread sunshine where ever you go today and online 🙂 May these quotes help ! Which is your favorite today and why 🙂

1.Carpe Diem Gold Foil Print by JordanKatelin on Etsy:

2. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier -Mother Teresa ( always loved Mother Teresa!)

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7. How long is forever? Sometimes just one second

8. I'd like to keep these in my phone to empower myself from time to time.

9. I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed. Shakespeare (LOL! I actually used to have this quote on a key  chain that i had many years ago.)


11."How we walk with the Broken, Speaks louder than how we Sit with the Great", the more we uplift others, the more we elevate ourselves.


Life and Hope

My sweet friend Jodi wrote this yesterday for her blog. It struck a chord with me and I asked her if I could reblog it, she happily obliged. HOPE has always been an important theme to me. Yesterday I wrote about sadness amidst tragedy. Today I wanted to do a post on HOPE. In this post she talks about being there for a friend going through a hard time. I Have SO APPRECIATED my friends that have been there for me and my family and that are still there as we deal with tough issues. So even tho I may not have wrote it, this post is for you my friends! Thank you and know I am there for you as well, that’s what friends are for 🙂 ❤

the creative life in between


My son snagged this amazing shot with his iPhone down the lane to our home one evening this week when the clouds were rolling in.

I love the beauty of the lush green “life,” the bright blue sky of “hope,” and the looming “sadness’ in the darkness under the puffy white clouds.

It reminded me of a dear friend who has been on my mind constantly lately who is going through a difficult period while she tends to her parents’ needs at her father’s journey at end of life.

It made me think of life and hope and sadness and how we all deal with all of it every day – –  often every moment of the day.

The lyrics of one of my all-time favorite songs came to mind, and I want to share them here for my sweet friend, Bub:

If the sky above you
Grows dark and…

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A Deadly Problem

It has happened again. Mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. The WORST mass shooting that the US has seen so far! Once again the pro-gun people will be saying, “It’s not a gun problem, it’s a heart problem!”

I totally agree its a heart problem. Someone who doesn’t care about innocent lives and can just walk into a nightclub blowing people away, YES, they for sure have something the matter with their heart. No question about it! BUT when that same person can get easy access to a hand gun and an assault rifle in order to blow people away, then we have a gun problem!

50 lives cut short! 53 people who have been injured! Add to that the number of the victim’s family and friends whose lives have been altered forever by this act of hate and the numbers are in the 100’s!

WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Look around! Do you see other countries around us being faced with this gun violence, like we are???

We don’t just have a gun problem,  we don’t just have a heart problem. We have a DEADLY PROBLEM!! Let the facts speak for themselves and let these songs below speak to your heart!



The Adventures of Dewey

It was a beautiful Summer’s day and the birds were chirping through the open window, interrupting Dewey’s nap. Not that it really mattered, for all Dewey did most of the time was nap on his special purple mat. Napping so much is what was making him fat and he was determined to start going outside to find adventure.  He stood up and stretched as he let out a big yawn, took a couple steps towards the door, and then decided that maybe he would start his adventure tomorrow.

The next day dawned with promises of blue skies and sunshine. Today would be the day that Dewey would go outside and find adventure. He got up, stretched and out the door he went , walked a few steps to the patio and saw the perfect spot. There was a nice sunny spot right in front of the beautiful rose garden. Perfect spot to lay in, which he did. He snoozed to the sound of the humming of the birds and the scurrying of the chipmunks; which if he would have had his eyes open he could have caught one! It was the chipmunks lucky day.

“Dewey”, he heard his name being called by his servant. Must be time to eat and of course he was ready for that, after all the energy he spent walking to the patio and sleeping!

Later that evening Dewey was feeling restless, so out the door again he went. No sun to lay in  this time, but perhaps he could find something else to do. He smelled the scent of the roses and went towards them. Oh they smelled so nice. OH what was that? He thought he saw a little animal scurrying under the rose bush. Immediately he went to work digging for it. Unfortunately he failed to find it, but he did manage to dig up the rose bush and something round and hard! He tried to bite it, but almost broke his teeth, he had no clue what it was. Had dirt all over it, it didn’t move, had no smell besides dirt and absolutely no taste!  Apparently it wasn’t important and he tossed it aside.  He strolled back inside, his stomach was growling again.

Dewey was gazing longingly at the brilliant sun shining down on the patio. Was really wanting to be able to lie down and feel its warmth. He was confined inside tho, it appeared that his little nighttime adventure didn’t go over too well with his servant. He watched as she was digging in the dirt. He didn’t know why she didn’t let him help her, I guess she thought he helped enough last night. As the beautiful rosebush was planted once again she wiped her brow and picked up that round and hard thing that Dewey had dug out last night. She seemed to be gazing intently at it and he had no idea why, for to him it was a rather boring thing.

The next thing Dewey knew is that she was coming in the house calling for Dewey’s other servant. A older gentleman walked out to meet her and she gave the round hard thing to him.

“Dewey dug up the rose bush last night and must have dug up this flower pot along with it. You think it belonged to the previous owners that planted the rose bush?” The older servant shrugged and as he looked at it said, “What is this?”

“Oh you mean the writing?,” “I was wondering the same thing, its like a different language.”

The older servant stared at it thoughtfully for awhile, but could not make it out. “I believe it must be Latin”, he said. “Who knows, maybe its a true relic, could be valuable!”

Hearing that,  Dewey’s name was called and he got given some extra treats and a back scratch. Who knows maybe he really did dig up a treasure! A treasure that could bring them gold!

Dewey was happy. He was going to have to try this adventure thing again, for it earned him extra treats and he was let out in his nice sunshiny spot again. He drifted off to sleep in the gentle breeze, as he was hearing his servants chatter back and forth about how they could find out what the flower pot was really worth and what they could do with gold! Right before he drifted off, he was remembering how he heard the word gold before. Back with his previous servants. There was something more to that word tho. OH he remembered now , it was Fool’s Gold! Hmmm… wonder if that is what the flower pot was worth?

Friday’s 6 word story!

Almost alligators lunch…..jumped far away!

NO worries, this wasn’t for real! 🙂 It was my dream last night. In my dream I saw those beady eyes, I was actually standing on one and didn’t know it! Wasn’t til he rose up from the water that I realized I hadn’t been standing on a log!  made the longest jump ever:) Being athletic is something I am NOT ! But the thought came to me while thinking about this. There are many things that we would never see ourselves doing. Many things that we don’t think we could go through, BUT when it comes down to it, you can AMAZE yourself at what you actually can do. This is fresh on my mind cause of sharing a story with friends of mine this week about something that happened last Fall. A situation I found myself in that I wouldn’t have dreamed of and things I did that I wouldn’t have imagined.

So never think that you never could have the strength to get through something that may be thrown at you. For you don’t know the secret strength that lies within you!

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. - Ralph Waldo Emerson:

In a Perfect World….

Good Morning friends! Yesterday in my post I asked for suggestions for opening sentences to do a story around. This one was contributed by my friend from the  PonderTheirrelevant blog. She said, “In a perfect world…..would not exist because.”  Thanks for the suggestion!

In a perfect world disrespect would not exist, because disrespect is what causes an avalanche of problems!

If we respected each other, would we physically harm each other? If the parent respected the child would they abuse them, and if the spouse respected their spouse would they abuse them? NO! How can you respect someone and treat them so badly? If we respected each other would hate crimes exist? NO,  for respecting that person means you see them as having value,  even if you don’t agree with them. That you believe  they don’t have to be like you! Respecting each other is doing away with stereotypes, like a friend blogged about recently.

In a perfect world you wouldn’t be turning on your news at night to hear of another school shooting, sexual assault, robbery and murder. Those things would be in the past, for disrespect would no longer exist. Our eyes would no longer be blinded by our self righteous attitudes of who we think deserves respect and who we think doesn’t.

Respect isn’t something you pick and choose. You respect the janitor at the school as much as the Principal! You respect your elders and the ones younger than you. Respect and simple courtesy to others is really not hard, but in this crazy world we seem to have forgotten it.

People are in a hurry to move up the ladder of success, not caring who they step on. People are upset at what life has thrown at them, and they decide to take their anger out on innocent people. Majority of the school shootings that have happened had nothing to do with who the victims  were. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone decided that they had enough; gonna take care of all their suppressed anger by shooting a gun, destroying innocent lives.

It is scary how we can become almost numb to the horrible things we hear on the news. This was felt last night, as my husband  informed me once again  of another school shooting. I remember the great shock I felt when hearing about the very first school shooting at Columbine in Colorado.  It seemed unreal that someone would perform such  an evil act. A act that took so many lives from a place that was supposed to be safe!

But now, since that time the shock is no longer there. It did spring up again when in Arkansas the shooting happened in a Kindergarten class, for Gosh those kids were just starting out their lives!

Horribly tragic is the only word to describe these shootings that are now happening so often, that the shock is no longer there. It’s really bad when even other countries know  how bad the US school shootings are! Not something we especially wanted to be known for, but the fact can’t be disputed. You feel the sorrow and pain for the victim’s family and friends but no longer are you stunned by it! And that is so wrong!

I really didn’t plan on talking about school shootings, but it fits. For if the shooter never had felt disrespected in life, would that anger rage in him? And if he had respect for others, would he have been able to point the gun and pull the trigger while looking into that person’s eyes? Or would he have seen that person as someone’s else’s daughter, son, brother, sister?

AHH, yes if only we could have the perfect world by clicking our heels together 3x like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. We can’t, but we can do our part! We can show respect to that one who is different than us. To the one we may not agree with. No one is saying that everyone has to be your close friend. No, just the courtesy of mutual respect can go a long way! Remember that as you go about your day! You may not be able to change the world, but you can change someone’s life. You never know who really may need to see that smile from you and hear your kind tone. It might be the only smile they get all day!