Green Eggs and Ham

It is funny how our minds work. How talking about something can make you star thinking about something else that is really not related, but it just pops into your brain.

Last night my friend texted me, “Never trust the box! So many times what you think is in the box, isn’t in the box, so that’s why we always say Never trust the box!” This text left a lot unanswered questions, but that’s OK, am not curious at all! OK, maybe a little bit curious, well maybe a little more than a little bit…and now you all can be curious with me 🙂

I woke up with that saying in my head and thought of the Dr.Seuss book ,Green eggs and ham. Why, you say. Well its easy. “You can have them in a BOX, you can have them with a fox. NO, I don’t want them in a BOX  and I don’t want them with a fox, I don’t want Green eggs and ham, I don’t want them Sam I am.” “I don’t want them on a train, I don’t want them in the rain.” And no worries, not going to quote the whole book for you. .But it started me thinking what wouldn’t I  eat no matter what?

I like a lot of foods, but will say there are several things I won’t eat as well. Tomatoes, beets, liver, green beans, just to name a few. I am not picky, I will eat anything with sugar, as my family can attest to!

After I stopped thinking about all the foods that I wouldn’t eat “Would you eat them in a house, could  you eat them with a mouse?  Could you eat them with a goat, would you eat them on a boat?” I started thinking about the box text again and it brought back a memory that I thought I would share.

A few years back it was that time of year again, my birthday was soon arriving. I was beyond ready, for I had been staring at a HUGE box that my hubby informed me was my present for what seemed like forever. So many things were going through my mind as to what it could be and I was having trouble figuring it out! The day arrived and I excitedly started opening the box, got the lid open and what do you think was inside? Another box! So I tore that box open only to find , yes, another box! I was beginning to think that I was just going to keep finding empty boxes. My husband and kids encouraged me to keep going. As I was opening the boxes they were decreasing in size rather rapidly. So then my mind was getting really confused, for I had to quick now think of what smaller things may be my gift. Well  I was happily surprised to at last open the teeny tiny  box that held the prize! It is one of my most treasured possessions today. It was a beautiful Mother’s Ring, my girls birthstones on either side of my birthstone. Their names inscribed on both sides of the ring and all 3 birthstones were heart shaped! I have loved heart shaped things ever since the time my hubby proposed with a heart shaped engagement diamond.

So going back to my friend’s text, “Never trust the box!” As I stared at that BIG BOX leading up to my birthday I never imagined that it would contain something so tiny, but yet so precious! Some things you just never know until you open the box!




6 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Ham

  1. My husband played a box trick on me when he proposed. 🙂 He put the ring in a little gift-wrapped box, gave it to me at Christmas, and told me to guess what was inside. I was guessing a bracelet, a watch, a pin… he really got me!!

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