Have you been surprised yet this morning by anything? The hour is early, but I have had 2 surprises already. I awoke laughing about a dream I had. We were gonna have a new baby in the family! NO, it wasn’t me that was pregnant, it was my dear Mother-in-law! She was excited about it in the dream, but I have a feeling I will be getting a different reaction when she reads this 🙂 We are going out to visit in about 2 weeks, so guess I should start looking for a baby gift, for in the dream she was a few months along already. Oh yes, that surprise dream made me wake with a laugh.

But wasn’t laughing long til a “Charlie horse” muscle cramp hit my leg. That wasn’t the kind of surprise I wanted! I can do without them,  still feel it some.

What surprises do you remember? Hopefully you have many good ones!

I remember my Sweet 16th surprise party, tho it seems so long ago now! Remember my bridal showers and yes the BABY showers.  May have to check in with sister-in-law and talk about planning a shower for my dear Mother-in-law. I had a surprise 30th birthday party and definitely a surprise for my 40th, a night that still makes me laugh.

My hubby is great with surprising me with little gifts for anytime. I appreciate his thoughtfulness! There are also the times where he gets my birthday gift or Christmas gift really early and loves to inform me of that! He knows how much I “love” to be in suspense! Those surprises may drive me a little crazy!  I have attempted to do the same to him, but never works. Suspense doesn’t bother him as much, AND he is too good at asking too many sly questions which gets the Surprise to come out of my mouth. That of course makes his day!

I enjoy the surprises of a friend texting or calling and saying, ” Hey, I am free for lunch, want to go out?” The surprise of a sweet note or text from your child, for no special reason other than to say , “I love you!”

I did NOT like the surprise of the blue and red flashing lights behind me  when I was  cruising down the road  listening to great music with my  girls. The police siren really did not mix with the music well. No, this did not recently happen, its been a few years 🙂 And I am sure many of you can relate, right?? Feel free to share your story below 🙂

Life is made up of good and bad surprises, and a lot of times we have no choice in the matter. BUT for today I am wishing you all some  wonderful surprises!  Can range from a simple heart warming message to maybe winning airline tickets to a Tropical Island 🙂 Yeah, I had to throw that in, I am still wishing! Have a great day! It’s a new week, make the best of it!


3 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. What a fun post full of surprises! I can almost visualize your mother-in-law’s face when she reads this! LOL! I love those little every day surprises, but the biggest one I can recall was my 50 days before 50 surprise 50th birthday party family and friends threw me. They got me good, and it was so wonderful!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I am sure I will hear from my dear MIL, LOL! I wish I could see her face. She may not comment in the comment section, but she will comment. Hey she laughed at me on FB last night, so you know its only fair 😉 How awesome of your family and friends to throw a 50th surprise like that! That is creative! Glad they got you! 🙂

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