Not Thumper the Rabbit

Good Morning Friends! I wasn’t planning on writing this as a post, BUT I thought of how this week has consisted of posts that have dealt with heavy issues; like letting go of pain and letting others help you through the pain, and holding onto hope in the dark. With all that, I thought that perhaps it was time to write a more light-hearted one!

When I was 11 my family took a trip out to the mountains of Colorado. It was beautiful! I remember being in awe of the mountains, definitely NOT like the mountains in Pennsylvania. We went out there to visit my sister’s soon-to-be husband 🙂 and meet his family. My brother-in-law to be had a good sense of humor, so we of course hit it off. He told me about one of the creatures that lived in the mountains of Colorado that we probably never saw in the foothills of Pa. I loved Thumper from Bambi, but this creature had something that set it apart from Thumper, he said.  It was a rabbit, but it had antlers! Well I was eager to see it! We tried to find it, but it was  very elusive.. I mean there are a lot of places to hide when you are in the mountains, and rabbits are speedy!

But hey, there were gift shops and they had this creature in them. Well of course not the real thing, but you could get post cards with it on, souvenir spoons with it and stuffed toysIt looked so cute.

Before our visit ended I was informed that the cute,  little creature in the gift shops was the ONLY place this creature lived!  Yes, I had been fooled big time!

My sister and brother-in-law have been married for 33 years now and the good natured teasing has continued! I had forgotten this story until scrolling through Pinterest one day and WOW  there was a picture I recognized, and it took me back many years ago!

With seeing that picture, I got what I thought was a BRIGHT idea! WELL lets just say the idea did NOT turn out exactly as planned. Actually not at all as planned, but I did learn something incredible! I need to let my brother-in-law know that he was wrong!  This creature does exist! We  were looking in the wrong place. It moved out of Colorado into the wilderness of Canada!!

Yes, legend has that it has been spotted there; tho the Royal Mounties haven’t been able to catch it, due to their horses being too slow! But they have been seen it. In fact there is another creature that has been seen at the Jackalope’s side. A Rhinophant!  You never know what you will find in Canada 🙂


Image result for jackalope: Jackalope Crossing: West Texas Jackalope



7 thoughts on “Not Thumper the Rabbit

  1. Canada is certainly a very special place to live, but you still have probably the most unusual species of creature there in the US. It is well known around the world for its ability to produce ridiculous sounds; it tries to survive by intimidation; it seems to have no sense of reality, and clearly is very devious in its methods of hunting unsuspecting prey to further its own ends. The Two-legged Trumpman species of creature, we hope, will never choose to migrate north and settle here.

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    • LOL! I wasn’t sure what creature you were talking about at first! BUT I think the idea of him migrating far north out into the wilderness with the only creatures around being the Jackalope and the Rhinofant would be a fine place for him to reside.:)

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