Letting Go

♥•✿Soaring High In The Sky, A Beautiful Dove, Representing The Divine Spirit; Our Free Will And . . .Love ~ C.C.Crystal~ ♥•✿ڿڰۣ .:

Letting go of bitterness, of anger, of pain can make you feel so free inside! Makes your heart full of color, instead of feeling black and dismal gray.

BUT it is a process and can be hard to do.

When we been deeply hurt learning to let go of the pain and fly again isn’t easy. But oh the reward we get when we can do it.

Yes, I know this for a fact. I am in the process of letting go of deep hurts and on the days that I feel I have conquered it pretty well I do truly feel lighter inside. Lighter than on the days where it feels like a ton of bricks is inside me.

I have always encouraged others to let go of bitterness. Have quoted the saying many times, “Bitterness is the poison that we drink hoping to kill our enemy.” Now my belief in that has been put to the test and most days I feel I pass, but there are the days where I feel the poison sign is hidden from my view. Where the cup looks inviting instead and you are so thirsty and feel you have a strong right to drink from that cup and so you do. But instead of it satisfying your thirst, it just leaves you feeling empty inside,  as the colors drain from your heart.

Are you justified in wanting to drink from that cup, you very well may be!  Should you do it? NO! Look for  another cup to drink from. A cup that really will satisfy your thirst!

The cup of love, of friendship, of faith and laughter!!

Those are the cups that will leave your heart feeling more vibrant, more alive!

Drink from them and let your light shine!

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the Rain!”

The Great Race; Jake Olson Studios; small children and animals, even in the rain provide times for pictures:


15 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Letting go of bitterness and anger is indeed a hard process because it’s not just about understanding why the “enemies” did what they did, or reminding oneself that it’s all in the past now. All those old emotions — feeling unsafe, vulnerable, a victim, mistreated, etc. — still have to work their way out, and often we don’t even realize what’s there because so much of it is subconscious.

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