A Deadly Problem

It has happened again. Mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. The WORST mass shooting that the US has seen so far! Once again the pro-gun people will be saying, “It’s not a gun problem, it’s a heart problem!”

I totally agree its a heart problem. Someone who doesn’t care about innocent lives and can just walk into a nightclub blowing people away, YES, they for sure have something the matter with their heart. No question about it! BUT when that same person can get easy access to a hand gun and an assault rifle in order to blow people away, then we have a gun problem!

50 lives cut short! 53 people who have been injured! Add to that the number of the victim’s family and friends whose lives have been altered forever by this act of hate and the numbers are in the 100’s!

WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Look around! Do you see other countries around us being faced with this gun violence, like we are???

We don’t just have a gun problem,  we don’t just have a heart problem. We have a DEADLY PROBLEM!! Let the facts speak for themselves and let these songs below speak to your heart!




8 thoughts on “A Deadly Problem

  1. It seems like there is a strong contingent in the US population that has never grown out of the Wild West era. The Law back then may well have been the gun but, today, there are now well organized government forces to enforce law and order. They may not be 100% efficient; they may include some examples of kick-backs and other corruption; they are certainly not perfect… but they are so much better than allowing general gun ownership under the pre-text of self defense.
    Somebody once said that during a financial down turn in a country’s life, a war can really come in useful. The business going to the military support industries is very significant! Perhaps the outspoken pro-gun owners have connections in the fire arms business, but how they can justify such a situation as this latest rampant killing (or the others that preceded it) is beyond me.
    As for declaring that this individual had ISIS connections? Perhaps …… but it is a good explanation which will not help the anti-gun groups at all and, on that basis alone, I find it just too a convenient explanation.

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