The Adventures of Dewey

It was a beautiful Summer’s day and the birds were chirping through the open window, interrupting Dewey’s nap. Not that it really mattered, for all Dewey did most of the time was nap on his special purple mat. Napping so much is what was making him fat and he was determined to start going outside to find adventure.  He stood up and stretched as he let out a big yawn, took a couple steps towards the door, and then decided that maybe he would start his adventure tomorrow.

The next day dawned with promises of blue skies and sunshine. Today would be the day that Dewey would go outside and find adventure. He got up, stretched and out the door he went , walked a few steps to the patio and saw the perfect spot. There was a nice sunny spot right in front of the beautiful rose garden. Perfect spot to lay in, which he did. He snoozed to the sound of the humming of the birds and the scurrying of the chipmunks; which if he would have had his eyes open he could have caught one! It was the chipmunks lucky day.

“Dewey”, he heard his name being called by his servant. Must be time to eat and of course he was ready for that, after all the energy he spent walking to the patio and sleeping!

Later that evening Dewey was feeling restless, so out the door again he went. No sun to lay in  this time, but perhaps he could find something else to do. He smelled the scent of the roses and went towards them. Oh they smelled so nice. OH what was that? He thought he saw a little animal scurrying under the rose bush. Immediately he went to work digging for it. Unfortunately he failed to find it, but he did manage to dig up the rose bush and something round and hard! He tried to bite it, but almost broke his teeth, he had no clue what it was. Had dirt all over it, it didn’t move, had no smell besides dirt and absolutely no taste!  Apparently it wasn’t important and he tossed it aside.  He strolled back inside, his stomach was growling again.

Dewey was gazing longingly at the brilliant sun shining down on the patio. Was really wanting to be able to lie down and feel its warmth. He was confined inside tho, it appeared that his little nighttime adventure didn’t go over too well with his servant. He watched as she was digging in the dirt. He didn’t know why she didn’t let him help her, I guess she thought he helped enough last night. As the beautiful rosebush was planted once again she wiped her brow and picked up that round and hard thing that Dewey had dug out last night. She seemed to be gazing intently at it and he had no idea why, for to him it was a rather boring thing.

The next thing Dewey knew is that she was coming in the house calling for Dewey’s other servant. A older gentleman walked out to meet her and she gave the round hard thing to him.

“Dewey dug up the rose bush last night and must have dug up this flower pot along with it. You think it belonged to the previous owners that planted the rose bush?” The older servant shrugged and as he looked at it said, “What is this?”

“Oh you mean the writing?,” “I was wondering the same thing, its like a different language.”

The older servant stared at it thoughtfully for awhile, but could not make it out. “I believe it must be Latin”, he said. “Who knows, maybe its a true relic, could be valuable!”

Hearing that,  Dewey’s name was called and he got given some extra treats and a back scratch. Who knows maybe he really did dig up a treasure! A treasure that could bring them gold!

Dewey was happy. He was going to have to try this adventure thing again, for it earned him extra treats and he was let out in his nice sunshiny spot again. He drifted off to sleep in the gentle breeze, as he was hearing his servants chatter back and forth about how they could find out what the flower pot was really worth and what they could do with gold! Right before he drifted off, he was remembering how he heard the word gold before. Back with his previous servants. There was something more to that word tho. OH he remembered now , it was Fool’s Gold! Hmmm… wonder if that is what the flower pot was worth?


4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Dewey

  1. But what did the writings say? Perhaps one of the servants knew exactly what it said and, knowing that it was nothing like they would have expected, sent it to a friend to translate (secretly chuckling away to himself as he predicted the outcome).

    You have the basis for a story here Carolyn. I think you should pursue it further.

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