It’s 3:30 am, why AREN’T you awake?

HI! Yes, I am talking to you! You who is snuggled down cozy in their bed while dreaming beautiful dreams in your head. Don’t you know you should be awake??? Apparently my body thinks that is what its supposed to do now between 2 and 3am!! Hopefully this phase will soon be over! But in the meantime what is your cure for insomnia? It can be a serious one or witty one, your choice. Comment below! And next time my dear body gets its alarm clock out of sync, waking me up way too early ;I may just try one of these methods 🙂

Figured if I am awake, may as well post my 3 quotes for today, the final day of the 3 day quote challenge. Of course they have to do with insomnia!

  1. To the girl that sleeps very little but thinks a whole lot...think Einstein, whom refused to sleep more than 5 hours at a time. This brain of mine has a lot to think about that simply can't fit into an 8-5 day. -- Fun Psychology facts here!:   Well there you go! I got my answer 🙂 maybe my body does know what it is doing 🙂
  2. 32 amazing, true and inspiring quotes - Paperblog:   hnnnn,,,,OK, hey can you dream about me during the day 🙂 whoever you are!
  3. Funny Minion Quotes Of The Day

13 thoughts on “It’s 3:30 am, why AREN’T you awake?

    • Sorry you have suffered with it with no cure. At least its not all the time 🙂 I am beginning to think mine is the meds I am on for my migraines, so may have to do something about that. I have no problem falling asleep Its just I wake up 4 hours later with my body saying OK time to get out of bed! Tho I physically don’t feel like doing anything!

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      • Yeah, I’ve gone through that cycle of 3-4 hours and then I’m up for 3 hours, ready to fall asleep just about the time I should be getting up! Hopefully you’ll get it figured out! 🙂


  1. Lovely quotes. Now that I’m on meds that make me sleep through the night, I’m pretty good with the sleep. But there are times, I can’t shut my brain off. Often, I have too much to write and I want to, but I’m too tired to keep writing. Hope you don’t wake up too early again. Melatonin is always useful in this situation. Try the kind that is dissovable in your mouth, it works best.

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    • Thanks! I have no problem falling asleep, its just my eyes pop open and my body says OK, time to be awake now and its still the middle of the night! I have had times when my brain is going going, but these times I can’t really say that I am thinking of anything I just am awake! I have thought about using Melatonin , will see. I am thinking this may be to do with my migraine meds, so may need to make a change there.

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  2. No cure, but I do enjoy looking at the night sky and have learnt more astronomy during the early hours. I’ve been amazed that I can function fairly well on very little sleep but do enjoy a weekend laying. Good luck.


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