Rainbows and X’s and O’s

One teardrop fell as she sat looking the blank sheet of paper in front of her. So many thoughts were rushing through her mind, and she felt herself being pulled away into another time.

“Honey, HURRY, IT IS  TIME!” Oh the pain was so bad! “Go faster!”, she yelled. It was really happening, she was really going to meet her baby face to face!

Tears were in her eyes, as she held her precious baby against her chest. She gazed at the delicate  hands and the cherubic face and she wondered, “Could life be any more perfect?”

My baby is gonna be a big 1st grader, OH MY!  She waited anxiously for the school bus to arrive. Her smile was big as her child ran off the bus into her arms! “Mommy, Mommy teacher says I big now! And this for you.” She took the white paper from her child’s chubby fist. There was different colored streaks to make a rainbow and X’s and O’s  with the words in her child’s scrawl. “Any boby shuld love you, I love you.” written underneath. Her heart felt like a rainbow was dancing inside, “Could life be any more perfect,” she thought as she set out cookies and milk  to the delight of her child.

“Mom, I am sorry! I do love you, I just get so mad.” That was the words her child was saying to her as they stood before her head hanging low.  Before that she had heard the slamming door as her teenager had shouted. Yeah, life was not perfect, but this is what life was! Life was made up of moments, the good and the bad. It was all about how you handled them.

She passed by their door and then turned back. Was that crying that she heard? “Do you want to talk?”, she asked as she knocked on the door. “no”, was muffled, almost too silently for her to hear. She tread down the stairs softly hurting for her child. But she knew that this was no longer the time for band-aides and kisses to heal her child’s tears. They were growing up, some things they had to work through on their own, but they knew she was always there if they wanted to talk. She remembers the words of one tearful conversation, “Mom, I know you love me  and that you always will.” Yes, with hearing those words life was close to perfect amidst all the chaos in between!

They had looked at colleges and she remembers the joy in her child’s eye when they got the acceptance letter in the mail! They had come running once again to her shouting the good news and giving her a hug! Now she watched as her child was trying on their High School cap and gown. She almost choked on holding back a sob. Could this bittersweet moment be any more perfect?

It was the good mixed with the bad. It was life and it was fleeting by so fast. The Mom glanced down at the blank white sheet of paper in front of her. Wiping the tears from her eyes she picked up the crayons. She smiled as she  drew a rainbow along with X’s and O’s and  along with the words, “Any boby shuld love you, I love you. Happy Graduation Day!”

This is dedicated to all those parents out there watching their children graduate this year. I am not there yet with my children, but getting way too close! It won’t be long. I had a niece graduate from college this year and another one from HS just last night. Life is fleeting! Make the most of the moments you have! And just perhaps I have a piece of a white paper with a happy rainbow on it and X’s and O’s with words in child like scrawl……:) What do you think?



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