While waiting….

So this is what happens while waiting for your daughter to come home and you are tired. You write 🙂 I was browsing the web and saw this caption and it made me laugh. It  reminded me of what my dear hubby wrote in the comment section of my post yesterday The post called Once Upon a Time, about how we met. He said how he is glad I settled for him instead of Prince Charming, so this fits perfectly doesn’t it 🙂 He definitely is CRAZY and makes me laugh, but he is still my Prince. Even when he adds things in his comments, like “you forgot to tell them about the time…” I remind him I am the one writing the story, not him. I told him perhaps I should let him do a post someday and he can say what he wants.That could be a little scary tho. What do you all think? Would you like to see a post by my dear husband??

Hmmm…silence….that’s what I thought…LOL!


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