What weird food do you like?

Sitting here this evening thinking about the conversation my co-workers and I had at work today, and thought why not ask you all what you think? πŸ™‚ What weird food combinations do you like? Have you heard of any of these? Peanut Butter on eggs, pancake syrup on eggs, peanut butter on a hot dog with onion and relish, peanut butter on pancakes, oh and onΒ  oatmeal! None of these do I eat, but now my co-workers….:) Let’s just say I was hungry before we started this subject at work, but after hearing some of those combinations I just looked at them like, “Are you serious??”

I know my husband thinks I am strange for liking Scrapple, but I love it and c’mon I am sure there are some of you out there that love it too. Right?? He does not care for grits either which I know everyone isn’t fond of. but oh put hot butter on them and lots of salt and YUM! Give up the pancake syrup and put hot, undilutedΒ  Cream of Mushroom soup on your pancakes πŸ™‚ I grew up with that and was shocked when my friends had never heard of it! So I guess I have some strange tastes too and will let my co-workers have theirs. Just don’t expect me to try it!Β  Unless you are going to offer me something really good for trying it, that might make me consider it πŸ™‚

What do you like to eat that others look at you strangely about? Would you try any of these suggestions or maybe you have. Oh and my dear hubby ate something when we were first married that turned my stomach and still does. Saltine crackers crumbled up in cold milk and eaten like soup. Give me my Scrapple any day over that!



14 thoughts on “What weird food do you like?

    • I can take or leave lima beans πŸ™‚ AND YES I knew someone else would like Scrapple! I got myself hungry for it now! But yes I believe your right, its an acquired taste.


  1. Remember…dad likes peanut butter and sweet pickle (mom’s home canned sweet pickles) sandwiches dunked in hot chocolate. It may have been us, kids, that dunked them in hot chocolate….maybe he used coffee 😊 I am the scrapple lover in this house. Bruce eats hot rice with butter and sugar (I prefer salt).

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    • Scrapple is a Pennsylvania Dutch dish. A mixture of pork scraps and trimmings mixed with cornmeal and flour and spices. I know doesn’t sound appetizing but truly it is good!! Try the Crm of Mushroom soup on pancakes and let me know what you think πŸ™‚


  2. Peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches dipped in coffee has to be the worst thing mentioned so far. But, then again, anything dipped in coffee would be horrendous! Gag! Scrapple comes in a close second.

    Anyway, y’all should give that saltine crackers in milk a try. It’s quite good!

    I used to go to my great grandmother’s house a lot, and she would often fix a pizza for me. It was frozen pizza, which I’d had elsewhere, but for some reason it always tasted different when she fixed it. Later on I found out that she poured sugar on it!

    Remember the old show Eight Is Enough? I probably haven’t seen it in 30 years or more, and I don’t remember very much from the show, but I do remember one scene where Nicholas heard about Eggs Benedict and decided that he wanted his own creation: “Eggs Nicholas” would be eggs with “lots of ketchup and lots of peanut butter!”


  3. Hot buttered cornbread in a glass of milk (mom preferred buttermilk) is a great treat.I also enjoy peanut butter on pancakes, but only with white/sugar syrup. I think that’s about as strange as I get except for my special burrito filling. And we use chow chow – homemade – on hot dogs in this house.

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