Friday’s 6 word story!

Witty words…laughter lingers…heart heals

Laughter really does make the heart lighter.Β  It’s FRIDAY, share some laughs today! I still need some time for my wit to wake up, but it will πŸ™‚ I always thought it would be fun to host on the radio or TV show with a co-host and exchange our wit back and forth like they do. You need the right combination for sure and I know some people that would be great at it with me πŸ™‚

Flashback in time!

Good Morning! For my young friends out there this was before your time, well actually it was before my time as well. But my hubby introduced me to the wonderful Oldies music when we were dating and I loved it. The Hollies wereΒ  a group we both enjoyed, and for his birthday this year I found a DVD of them. Wanted to share some of their great songs with you all. Don’t worry if you think that this isn’t exactly your style, we are all entitled to our own opinions; even if they are wrong ones. LOL! Just kidding you know:) Enjoy my blast from the past! As said before music can bring back such memories, and that’s part of music’s greatness. As I listen to these songs I remember us driving down the road in his RED Ford Truck, (some of you will understand why I capitalized RED :)) I may explain again later.Β  Takes you back to the days when our automobiles had cassette players in them:) Would put in the Hollies, put his arm lovingly around me, and off we would go; driving into the sunset.I miss that truck πŸ™‚

Don’t worry not gonna play all the songs πŸ™‚ But hope this has helped bring some lightness into your day where you just can’t help but smile! I leave you with one more song that brings back a funny memory for my husband and I. It is called Jennifer Eccles and in the song there is a part where someone whistles. Well while playing the tape on our portable tape player. in our cozy trailer our Boston Terrier was laying on the floor. SheΒ  appeared not real thrilled with our choice of music. That is until the whistle part came up in this song. The first time it happened her head went up and her ears stood straight up as she cocked her head from side to side looking at our radio wondering what was going on!!! Cracked us up, so that song became known as “Beauty’s song” πŸ™‚



A year ago…

I want bleeding hearts for my new place. I had them at the side of my first house, and they were so nice! My dear friend Jodi, a fellow blogger inspired me when I saw a picture of her Bleeding Heart Flower. I was debating about doing this post, and saw that and thought it would go perfectly so Pinterest helped me once again πŸ™‚ Bleeding Heart....reminds me of growing up on the farm! <3: Today marks a year from a day that my heart was definitely bleeding. A day that our family had to do something very hard and a piece of my heart was left behind as we drove away. Tears were my companion for awhile after that. Thankfully tears weren’t my only companions. My loving hubby who shared my tears as we leaned on each other, and awesome family and friends who were there and my faith that made me know I wasn’t alone.

Yes, a year ago today marks a memory I will never forget…but the important thing is we came through it. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. I still remember the “dance” at the homecoming and I remember dancing at my dear nephew’s wedding with all our family together again and the joy of that day. It’s a reminder to me and let it be a reminder to you, that tho our hearts may bleed, mourning can turn into dancing!

❀ and courage to you my friends!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning Everyone!! Today’s thoughts are on Perseverance! Hey you made it through Monday so you already have persevered this week πŸ™‚ It is my dear Hubby’s birthday today!! He has persevered for 50 years!! JUST KIDDING! Wanted to help him wake up today! He actually is younger than me, but not by much! So glad he has kept going through the good and the bad and may these quotes encourage you to do the same! Have a lovely Tuesday!

1.For the highest rated Quotes on the Web visit

2.Fate whispers in the mirror, “You cannot withstand the storm”, and the Warrior answers back, “I am the storm!”

3.”A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence!”

4. “Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have.”

5.”Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”

6. Weekly inspiration for a successful personal and professional life!

7″The biggest wall you gotta climb, is the one you build in your mind.”

8. “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

9. “Its not that I am so smart, its just I stay with problems longer.”Albert Einstein

10. “Out of difficulties grow miracles.”

11. “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there!”

12. “Just because your past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you ever imagined.”

Happy Tuesday everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again MY BELOVED!! ❀  Was gonna post a picture of you but technical difficulties, will have to try later! πŸ™‚

Explains it all!

Was thinking I wouldn’t have a post for today then I saw this and posted it on FB and thought I would share it on here to! And for your amusement would also post below what happened shortly after I posted this on Facebook.

Steps to making Cup of Noodles

1. Peel back lid from styofoam cup

2. Poke hole in cup from squeezing too hard.

3. Fill with water to line in cup.

Anyone see a problem with this:)Β  Yes I really did try to fill cup with water! That is why the above comic is SO TRUE!!