“Love is like a Violin….”

It is time for a story from a quote again. Quotes that were given by you, my great readers. This whole quote is “Love is like a Violin, All Stringy and covered with Varnish.” I had said I wanted to be challenged, sooo.  This would be from the same person that made the suggestion that I do a post on The Effects of Nuclear Physics on  Third World Countries Economies. See my post from earlier today called, “You asked for it, You got it!” and you will see how that turned out 🙂 I still am not sure how this will turn out, but unlike yesterday I promise I will give this one my best shot, tho yesterday’s post still makes me laugh.

“Love is like a violin..”

They were Sweet 16, fooling around one hot summer day. Washing the car, but getting each other soaked in the midst of it. Young and in love. He came from behind her, spraying Silly String all over her! They laughed and oh what a picture they made. Later that night they were dressed in their Sunday Best, for it was concert time. Time to go hear her play her violin. Her music sounded like a angel playing and he was always hypnotized by the melody.

They were 21 and she was in her stunning wedding dress walking towards him. He considered himself the luckiest guy in the world! They said their vows and she let go of his hand and walked over to play her  violin. His heart never had felt as full of love as it did at that moment.

They were 30 and he was holding her with all he his might as she leaned against him, quiet sobs shaking her body. They were sitting at the funeral of their 3 year old. Their bubbly, full of life, precious child was lying so still. Their hearts had stopped and didn’t know if they would beat again. He squeezed her hand tight and let go, she got up and walked to the front to play her  violin. The harmonious strings brought peace to his spirit as the tears were wet on his face.

They were 70 and her mind was going. Alzheimers had hit the Dr sadly said. Nothing to do. She will forget more and more each day. They held onto each other in the Dr.s office and walked out arm in arm. Rode in the car in silence, and when they got home she went into her room and played her violin. She was gazing out the window at her Weeping Cherry tree, when her husband came behind her feeling almost haunted by the melody. He did  not know how much longer she would be able to play.

They were 75, she forgot what they did together yesterday and no longer remembered their Wedding Day. She forgot his name, but would call him The Sweet Man. At times his eyes would fill with tears at what she had forgot, at what they had lost. Then he would hear it. He would hear the heavenly music again, for she was playing her violin. She never forgot how to play her violin, the music kept coming . And at that moment he knew. He knew that no matter what  tangles that life brought them. No matter how the strings of life seemed tied up in knots sometimes; that in spite of that, their love would shine! Their love would glisten just like the shiny varnish on her violin.

10 thoughts on ““Love is like a Violin….”

      • “Love is like a violin… all stringy and covered in varnish” is a line used by an English comedian of many years ago (he was old when I was young!). His act was based around his violin which, although I believe he was a very competent player, was never actually played. He would just start to play something and then get side tracked into a joke or one-liner etc. The violin was therefore his intro to this quote.

        Stringy is used in many contexts as a “slang” term for hair (unkempt/uncombed), and in meat (tough to eat).
        Varnish (Shellac here) can be used to “dress up” many things by covering a surface with a ice shiny finish.

        The overall message therefore (in a comedic context), is that while a violin does have strings and a varnish finish, love is stringy (tough to digest) and covered in varnish (you never know what is under the surface).



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