If we were to have coffee…

Hi Friends! The SUN is shining beautifully and its a great day! Summer vacation for my teens has officially begun! They got out earlier this year than they ever did, being that last summer they started earlier! Started in mid-August which they did not like, but now are reaping the rewards 🙂

WordPress suggested that you do a post on inviting people into your life. Doing with them what you do with friends, chat over a cup of coffee. I would literally LOVE to be able to chat face to face with the wonderful bloggers I have met on here, but for now this will have to suffice. Come have a coffee date with me!

If we were to have coffee…I would first greet you with a hug, for a warm, tight hug is some of the best therapy you can get! We then would sit out on the nice patio at one of our cozy coffee shop/restaurants. For today is much too nice to spend indoors.

If we were to have coffee…I would ask what your summer plans were? Vacation plans? Would share how I plan to RELAX this summer how last summer that just did not really happen! Would tell you how we want to go on day trips, hiking, boating and other fun things. How a beach trip is in the plans for sure!! My HAPPY PLACE is waiting to greet me with open arms and I am ready to feel the sand between my toes and the ocean water on my feet. Ready to hear the sound of the waves and see their power and throw my cares into the ocean; letting the waves carry them away!

If we were to have coffee..I would talk about my precious children, for they are very important to me and they are on my heart. I would share the way they make me laugh and the unique traits that each one has, ones that I am so thankful for. I would share memories of when they were little and wonder how time passed so quickly!

If we were to have coffee… I would slowly begin opening up to you more about my struggles and the things that have made my bright eyes cry. I would share because its always good to get things off your chest, and healing to share with someone who you know cares. I would share to encourage you, for we all have struggles, but there are times we are convinced that we are the only ones. Times that we are sure everyone else has the perfect life and think that no one could possibly understand the troubles we have had. Many times we would be surprised at what the other is going through, and our eyes would be open to the fact that  they may understand more than we think. We only  need to open our hearts.

If we were to have coffee…I would want to know about you as well. What are the things that make you smile and the things that tear your heart? What were you like as a child? I was the youngest of 4 and the Best one of course;  just ask my parents. LOL! If we were face to face and you heard me say that, you would almost spit your coffee out. Either due to the face I would be making, or due to the fact that you know me to well in order to believe that 🙂  I would ask what your dreams are.  I would try to encourage you to keep pursuing them, don’t always think it is too late!

If we were to have coffee.. we would most definitely be laughing,  to be my friend you must enjoy humor and wit!  I would most likely have some recent tales I could share of something crazy I did, due to being flustered, discombogulated or twitterpated (see my last post called Feeling Twitterpated…for more info on that :)) or it could be something that was done just because I am me!  As the ones who know me real  well like to say, “Only you.. that only could have happened to you!”

If we were to have coffee… the sun would start to set and we would have to go.  We could not leave tho without scheduling another time.  For to get through this crazy life coffee dates are a must! We would share another hug and I would leave with a smile on my face, lost in thought,  hoping you were as graced and touched by our time together as I was. My heart would be warm…and OOPs….guess the light is green and that is why the horns are honking. You would drive by me shaking your head saying to yourself , “Only you…only you!”

PS. So this was not planned, but as I click post on this post I am getting ready to leave for a actual “coffee date” 🙂 Texted my friend halfway through this saying my daughter had a hour appt, do you want to meet at Wendy’s?  And hey it suited! Love spur of the moment things like that 🙂 May not be having coffee, but in all honesty in my book Frosty’s are even better!

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