Feeling Twitterpated :)

In case any of you wondered where I got my word Twitterpated for last night’s post, here is the inspiration 🙂 I watched this many times when I was young and when my girls were little. So have you felt Twitterpated lately? 🙂 And what crazy things have you done when that feeling has struck?

I will share one thing. It was early in the morning and as I have shared more than once I am NOT a morning person. But I had a job that started at 6:30. What was I thinking?? Anyway my thoughts were on my boyfriend who was 500 miles away in Indiana! Thoughts of him were helping make my morning better, that is until I backed out of the garage right into my Dad’s vehicle. OOPS!!  Yeah feeling Twitterpated can cause you to do crazy things, as the Wise Old Owl says 🙂

19 thoughts on “Feeling Twitterpated :)

  1. I think twitterpated is the one that directly relates to 😍 feelings. At least that’s what I’m going with! Nothing’s cuter than a guy who gets a little out of sorts over a girl – shows just how much he likes her! (and vice versa of course!)
    On a side note, I loved watching this clip. I used to watch this w/my mom all the time but haven’t seen it in years. It is Spring time (most places) so it’s the perfect warning *ahem* reminder! 😊

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    • YES, guys can definitely get Twitterpated too! I knew someone would agree with me 🙂 And as women we know we are always right, sooo…LOL! Thanks for commenting and glad you love Bambi too! Yeah I almost put the Springtime song on for yup its the perfect time!


  2. Haha. I missed this post. Sorry it was a good one. I liked Bambi as a girl and I always felt the owl was being so silly in this part. Then, later you grow up and see why Bambi liked his friend doe, I forget her name.

    When I worked a had crush on a guy at my office at first. I thought he was some old guy on vacation and he came back and was the hottest guy I had ever seen. My friend introduced us and I tripped over the stairs. That seemed to become a thing I did around him even though my legs were quite stable around everyone else. I tripped going down the stairs by his office several times, when I ran into him at the gym my running she would suddenly catch on the rubber gym floor, when he came up to talk to me about work, I tripped over some tubes at my desk. Let’s just say he saw me as a little twenty-something and wasn’t much interested beyond liking the fact I liked him. In the end, he really turned out to be a jerk actually but I was certainly blown away by his looks and acting twitterpatted when I first met him. Thanks for sharing the clip. And yes the comments are funny. And in my story I think the girl was definitely twitterpatted when she met Cale 🙂

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    • LOL! Aww thanks for sharing! I knew I wasn’t the only one that has done things! At least you didn’t trip going UP the stairs 🙂 Glad you found out who he really was before you went beyond Twitterpated!
      Glad you enjoyed seeing Bambi again and the Doe’s name is on the tip of my tongue, but I guess its too early for me to remember it. Ha!


    • Yeah PJ it was slightly embarrassing, was glad tho it was my Dad’s car and not someone else’s!! That would have been worse. And I am kinda used to embarrassing things, its my make up. LOL! I take it you saw my husband’s comment about the other thing I did. For the record that only happened once and it was over 20 years ago! 🙂


  3. Alright . . . I will share something here that I never shared before. There was a certain young man (when we were 19 years old) whom I admired. One day our youth group was sitting around a table at a cheap diner and I was sitting next to Mr Amazing. We were having the most interesting conversation . . . and (probably due to my heightened nerves) I was unconsciously playing around with one of those little packets of ketchup. I was squeezing it (using it like a stress ball — I should have patented it!) so that the ketchup moved from one side of the packet to the other and then back again. Suddenly the packet opened at one end and the ketchup squirted out, all over Mr Amazing’s shirt. Sigh.
    Definitely due to being “twitterpated” (infatuated or in a state of nervous excitement) not “discombobulated” (confused or upset the progress of). I think being twitterpated can cause you to be discombobulated!

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    • LOLOL!! Aww, thanks for sharing 🙂 I can well imagine how embarrassed you must have been! Like maybe crawling under the table or perhaps running to the restroom 🙂 But hey it was technically Mr.Amazing Guy’s fault! If he wouldn’t have been so amazing, you wouldn’t have been twitterpated 🙂

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    • I had to think of you when I was at Wendy’s with a friend just a little bit ago! There I was chatting away when SPLAT the little cup that you put ketchup in to dip your fries in just dumped itself on my lap!! I was like REALLY! Big red splat! But hey at least I didn’t squirt my friend 🙂 Haha!

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