Cherish the Moments!

Thanks to Jodi from her

blog, I am writing about her favorite quote today. She often mentions this quote in her wonderful blog.

We all have heard it, but do we take it to heart? Its much too easy to let the days quickly pass and as the days pass the months pass and years fly by. STOP! Count your blessings, and Cherish the Moments!

“Mommy please read to me!” ( I am glad to say that books line the shelves of the ones  I have read to my girls, especially my youngest! We have read several  series, and no they weren’t little books!)

“Mom, come swing with me on the porch swing.” (Oh if our porch swing could talk, what memories would it share.”)

“Ready for a date my love?” (ALWAYS! Don’t have to ask me twice :)) One of the best things we can do for our kids, is to love our spouse and take time out for each other. I still remember our kids asking why we are going out on a date when we already are married. I said that is the very reason! )

“I’m so glad you are here!” ( her arm is around me as we walk up the beach together, when our family made a beach getaway week-end to welcome home dear hubby after 3 months away due to work)

“I think I could swim in that!” ( My 6 year old’s comment when seeing Niagara Falls for the first time. Hey she had just finished swim lessons, so  yup feeling confident!)

“I love you Mom!” ( Followed by tight hug)

“I’m rich cause of having you in my life! I love to hear you laugh! Do you know what I have planned for our 50th anniversary?” (comments from my sweet hubby and being that we just celebrated our 20th in December he has a long time to plan for the 50th! He is just trying to get me curious, as I may have shared before, I am a VERY curious person!) Even cherish the times when he puts a spider picture on your computer for the screen saver to help you WAKE UP in the morning! For you know he was thinking about you! Right honey! 😛 HA!

The tight hugs when there are no words, the I love you texts from your teens and special texts from your spouse, the cherished moments with your parents, your siblings , extended family and all your friends! Moments of rib aching laughter and even the moments of shared tears. Cherish the moments cause no day is exactly the same! Don’t go through this week in a typical rush or thinking its just going to be the same as any other week. Open your eyes and look for the moments that you don’t want to ignore. Like beautiful butterflies, don’t let their beauty fly right by you without noticing!

Happy Monday my friends!

Beautiful Butterflies: Pastel pink "Spring breeze" by Tatiana Krylova on 500pxPeacock Butterfly, beautiful.. this alone shows me how much God loves us to give us something so amazing to see!  Wow..Transform yourself into a thinner new you.Stay lean and healthy with a shake for lunch. Meet the newest member of the IsaLean® Shake family: Natural Berry Harvest. Made from natural plant-based protein, this nutritionally complete dairy-free meal replacement shake boasts a bevy of health benefits and is perfect for the whole family.  <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>Day 11: I kinda forgot how pretty purple is... but I chose this because I love purple butterflies. I think when butterflies are purple they are the prettiest they can be..Every time I see a butterfly, in my mind and spirit, it's my MOTHER visiting me. I hope to have my bank covered in butterfly bushes by next year! So I can have more and more!:

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