Dear Worry,

Dear Worry,

You know you are really getting on my last nerve! I have had enough of you! Do you hear me? Probably not, cause for now you are sleeping. Keep it that way! Monsters are best left not disturbed. You really don’t serve a purpose, other than toΒ  make life more difficult.

I have never heard someone say. “I am so glad I was worried about that thing I couldn’t control! Sure helped me feel better. I got the rewards of no sleep, stomach ulcer and a constant headache!” Yeah, that really sounds like a tempting ad for WORRY doesn’t it? Yet people cling to you, why??

Why do we feel that we have to have you?? You make the water come out of our eyes more and you sure don’t bring any warm fuzzies with you. You cause concentration problems and make us more uptight, so that things are more quick to set us off. Draining the joy from life is what you do and its gotta STOP!

Life may give us many things that qualify us to own you, BUTΒ  we can DISOWN you whenever we want! Faith, Hope, Joy and Peace help me a lot more to get through the rough times. Yeah, I know you don’t like them, they are enemies of yours. BUT you are not the one who gets to call the shots! For now you are going out the door!! Goodbye Worry, don’t bother coming around anymore. The door is locked and bolted and I am the one who holds the key!


Your enemy!


8 thoughts on “Dear Worry,

  1. I remember somebody saying “95% of what we worry about will never happen to us. Insurance companies understand that which is why they make a lot money at our expense!” πŸ™‚


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