Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

A four photo collage of a person in the woods, a person in a church, a person jumping in to a lake, and Grand Central Station

Yes, it says a Single Image in the title and your eyes are not playing tricks on you, there are 4 images you see. But the computer was playing tricks on me and wouldn’t let me just post the 1 picture I chose, so here you go. You can pick which one you think I chose and then see if you are right in the captionΒ  below πŸ™‚


The Dare

What had she been thinking when she made that bet?? Seriously! Here it is way too early in the morning and she is about to dive into the lake! Which if it isn’t at least 80 degree water, it is too cold! She tried to wheedle her way out of the bet, by naming some other options, but her friends were so “stubborn”, Ha! Well the quicker she does it the better, before she gets pushed in! Two things she knows for sure; # 1 is that she will definitely be wide awake once she hits the water and #2 is the next time she makes a bet, it won’t have anything to do with water!

8 thoughts on “Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

  1. My initial choice was the “big splash”, but then I thought it too obvious! 2nd choice was the church/cathedral setting but, again, too obvious! The Union Station type concourse did not seem likely but…….. the walk in the woods! Yes! Subtle but still obviously the one you would choose. Why?
    Well the subject is a woman… the pose is pensive …. the trail is only just obvious, which invokes a sense of mystery, possible confusion and perhaps a hesitation to move forward… the end of the trail is unknown. The picture was your perception of life’s journey, and you were daring yourself to move forward.

    I guess I was wrong! πŸ™‚

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    • Wow!! I have called you wise before and guess I will have to again πŸ™‚ You honestly were not wrong! The woods picture was my first choice and for all the reasons you said! Way to make my jaw drop! Why didn’t I do it??? Well you are the wise one, you tell me. LOL! I felt like keeping it light today and surprising the ones who thought they had it figured out πŸ™‚

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      • One immediate thought as to why you picked the “big splash” rather than the wooded trail is because it was obvious, and nobody (except perhaps moi) would question it. The wooded trail would need explaining, which in turn means opening up publicly with some perhaps sensitive issues. Of course this whole dialogue is now public so…………… πŸ™‚

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  2. My first instinct was the water picture but then I changed my mind. Something about the woman looking into the forest drew my eye. It evokes a sense of mystery, thus there’s bound to be a story. Ah, well.

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    • Well if you see in the other comments I was actually going to do the Woods picture. I will be honest, it evoked a lot of feelings in me, but I passed it up this time for something simpler. If we get a picture to choose from again and it evokes those feelings I will do it next time!

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