Day One: I write because….

I enrolled in another Writing course that WordPress offered. They are actually on Day 3 now, so am a little behind, but that is OK. You can enroll anytime, so to my blogger friends if you want ideas for posts go and sign up! 🙂

Why do I write? I write for its part of me, its in my soul. I have stacked up journals from the time I was 13. I wrote Family Newspapers when I was 8years old. Writing has been something I have always enjoyed doing, and that has come naturally. Writing is a way for me to speak my heart. A way for me to put my thoughts together and a way to be surprised. I am surprised at times when I follow a prompt, to see what comes out. For I don’t always think about what I am going to write. In fact with the short short stories that I have posted at times on my blog the story forms as I type. I am surprised at times to see how it ends up. I now understand my favorite author, when she says how she cries at times over her novels, and some of the things that happen to the characters. I would think, But you made it happen?? I understand more fully now how our heart takes over when writing and yes even the Author can be surprised.  Do you fellow writers relate?

I write to inspire others. To help lift others up. I feel its one gift that I have, and we should never waste our gifts. Use them the best we can. This is one reason why I have decided that I really want to make it a goal to go to a Writer’s Conference this summer. I have always got flyers about them in the mail and been intrigued, but never went. Now is the time. I want to further my writing and  learn what I can. I have enjoyed writing as a hobby for so long, but I am feeling more drawn now to see if I can make it more. No matter what happens, I won’t give up writing. It is a part of me as much as breathing and I don’t plan on giving up on breathing for a LONG time yet!!

Thank you to all who have encouraged me in my writing, we all need encouragement and affirmation. Take a moment to really let that person know how much you enjoy their gift. For you would be surprised probably by the number of people out there who don’t see what they do as a gift. Who may not think its as great as what others think. I feel its because they compare a lot to others. I know that I compare to my favorite authors and to other bloggers and then I look at my posts and are like, Hmmmm…I am not as impressed 🙂 But we can’t do that. We each have our own personal way of writing and tho our style might be different doesn’t mean it is not as good. But that is humans for you. We live in a world of comparisons. The neighbor’s house is better, their lawn is better, their clothes are nicer and the list goes on and on and on. STOP! You were made YOU and all you have to be is the BEST you can be. I don’t plan on being another J.R.R. Tolkien or J.K. Rawlings or Karen Kingsbury, etc.  but I do want to be the BEST I can be and that is all that matters! And my timer just  went off so I am done. You were supposed to set your timer for 20 minutes and just write.


9 thoughts on “Day One: I write because….

  1. My belief is that the value of writing is in the response of the reader. It would seem to be a rather redundant process if, ultimately, nobody is reading it. Writing style therefore should be simply a way of presenting information in an attractive format, and if two people with totally different styles both attract readers, then they are successful in their art! I see nothing wrong with comparing different styles because there are always things to learn that could improve your presentation (as well things not to do), but the key is to not get “hung up” because you cannot replicate a famous author’s style.

    Leo Buscaglia was my favorite public speaker for many years and he related a story about a woman who he had helped to get her life “back on track”. When expressing her appreciation for his help, she said “I really appreciate you for just being you.” His response was “That’s just as well because I can never be anybody else!”

    As in writing, and every other endeavor… celebrate who you are because you really are unique, as are we all. There can never be another person who has experienced what you have experienced; who grew up in your environment; who has laughed and cried over the silly and serious events in your life. We should never compromise our “uniqueness” just because of some one else. Have a wonderful day!

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    • Yes the response of the reader is very important! Why blog if no one reads what I blog and to publish a book and have no one read it would feel futile also. BUT now in the form of journal writing there is no readers, but it helps me express my innermost thoughts. Things that readers wouldn’t really care about, stuff that is personal to only me.
      I also really enjoyed Leo Buscalia!! And yes you are so right, there is no one else that has experienced everything you have!
      Thanks for your comments, always appreciate them! And so far it has been a great day, hope it has been for you as well.

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    • Yup 🙂 Try it sometime, just set the timer and see what comes. You should join the class! And yes you are right about the characters, I knew I would have people that understood 🙂


  2. Love this. That you write to inspire. I can totally relate to that and to starting writing a prompt and not knowing what is going to come out. It’s fun to surprised sometimes where your characters end up. Great piece. Keep writing.

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