Thank you Mom!

There is no love or devotion like that of a mother for her child. <3 More beautiful family quotes on Joy of Mom - please do drop by to visit! <3: SO glad we decided to start trying to have a baby in November 2012! We were blessed to get pregnant so quickly, and we are so excited to welcome our son into the world this October!:   Happy Mother’s Day to my dear MOM! No words will be enough to say how much she means to me! How can I thank someone who has always been there from the very beginning. Someone who didn’t even plan on me! The Dr.s had told her she couldn’t have more kids, welllll…shows what a Dr knows 🙂 And come to think of it, maybe that is the reason I still baffle Dr’s. today! I did it from the very beginning!

My precious Mom has been through a lot this past year as far as medical things go and I am just so happy that she has made it through them and is still shining! For the saying that “We are never too old to need a Mom”, is so true! I will always need you Mom and always always hold a special place in my heart for you! You helped make me the person I am today  and most importantly you gave me the best gift of all – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! I LOVE YOU MOM!!

Best Mother's Day QuotesSweet and Inspirational Mother's Day Quotes for DIY Gifts by DIY Ready at and I have to include this next one, for the benefit of my dear sisters who read this 🙂  Haha!

Mom's Favorite Child


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